Wednesday, February 17, 2010

SeaweedSway SUNDAY: Stitchcraft, Kirk Hamilton, Nice Guy Trio, & host Jeremy Dalmas + Birthday Potluck Discount! 7:30-11pm.

Dear SF Music Connoisseurs,

You are so lucky!! This Sunday is the third of the month, so you have the chance to come to another Seaweed Sway Showcase! This monthly show is your chance to create community in San Francisco by meeting new people and hearing the city's best music. As a special treat, you get $2 off getting in if you bring a delicious item to add to our potluck.

This month you can:
Take a musical journey trip with the multi-instrumental wonder of StitchCraft(
Feel the energy of Kirk Hamilton's joyful and kinetic songwriting (
Hear the mysterious old world jazzy charm of Nice Guy Trio (
and, as always, see Me (jeremy dalmas - hosting and knitting the evening together.

Come by the
SeaweedSway Showcase

this Sunday (February 21st) from 7:30pm to 11:00pm
at The Make Out Room
3225 22nd Street between Mission and Valencia
just $8! (Or $6 if you add to our potluck)

You can't wait!!

-Jeremy Michael
Winter Sage, Assistant Surgeon

For Press Inquiries, please contact:
Jessie Woletz
415 515 7604
(ticket giveaways & reviews encouraged - guest list spots happily exchanged)



"StitchCraft is a winding tale of chasing kites and sewing seeds in the soil and the stories that blow and grow life into our lyrical bodies. Our community creates the music that we absorb and reflect back with insistence and intensity. Our stories spin and sail into each other’s to create patchworks of meaning - like the quilts that comfort us in the face of inevitable loss - like the soup that feeds our hungry ghosts; we honor the participation of the player, the muse, and the audience in their dance with life, death, adventure and self realization. Music is a lover and a healer to all of us."

Kirk will be performing with a large acoustic group, featuring Dan Apczynski and Lindsay Garfield (from Or, The Whale) on vocals, Marguerete Ostro (Kugelplex, Pickpocket Ensemble) on violin, a full rhythm section and, of course, his trusty homemade Armelodica(TM). They'll be performing music from his debut album, "The Exited Door," harmony-laden chamber-pop that Incendiary Magazine calls "so impeccably put together and so effortlessly charming that you’ll be willing to follow it wherever the hell it wants to take you."

"This ragtag band of street poets would sound at home under a Montmartre streetlamp. Daniel Fabricant’s susurrant bass, Rob Reich’s apache dancer squeeze-box and Darren Johnston’s half-valve circus trumpet saunter through cobbled rambling see-saw ditties, mascara-ed and striking poses for a post-Godard film." - Fred Bouchard, Downbeat Magazine


3225 22nd St. between Mission & Valencia Streets
(right across from Revolution Cafe)

$8 (or $6 if you contribute to the potluck!)

PS - This show is a day after my birthday, so we'll be celebrating all February birthdays here!! -Jessie


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