Wednesday, February 17, 2010

NOISEPOP: John Vanderslice, Nurses, Honeycomb, & Conspiracy of Venus! Friday February 26th. Sonderkasten Celebration, Pre-Sale Raffle, Treats, & More!

Noisepop 2010 / Sønderkåsten Celebration / Pre-Sale Raffle

Friday February 26th at Swedish American Music Hall with
John Vanderslice, Nurses, Honeycomb, and Conspiracy of Venus

To mark the 156th anniversary of Sønderkåsten, the celebration of Sweden's independence from the tyranny of Danish rule, we'll be throwing a party at the Swedish American Hall. There will be complementary treats and sweets galore, featuring traditional Swedish goodies:

- Spiced Popcorn
- Rain Dog Cookies
- Krisøpen Ris (an 18th C dessert very similar to our "Rice Krispies")
- Black Crow Brownies

Everyone who buys a pre-sale ticket will be entered into a free raffle for band swag and prizes.

They include:
- A custom voicemail greeting from Conspiracy of Venus
- Honeycomb one-of-a-kind totebag
- A signed copy of Apple's Acres from the Nurses
- Signed test pressing of John Vanderslice's LP, Romanian Names

Please RSVP, invite friends, & share this event!


Okay, now our trivia question. The correct replier gets their name inserted into Leonard Cohen's "Suzanne" by Conspiracy of Venus. (We will send you an mp3 of it!)

Two late 60s films of Ingmar Bergman share an important location. What are the films? Why does the location have special significance to Bergman's life and work?

Music, event, venue: (all the way from pdx)

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