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SeaweedSway Show & Bday Potluck Sunday w/ Stitchcraft, Kirk Hamilton, Nice Guy Trio, & Jeremy Dalmas (+ events list)!

hey everyone,
i hope you all are doing well & enjoying your days.

as many of you know, there are three big shows coming up that i'm organizing or helping to put together, for seaweedsway, noise pop, and chasing the moon, so i'm writing about those first. please come to all of them!! or at least a couple. :) or one if possible. the whole list of events & some other announcements are below this.

This Sunday, tomorrow, February 21st is the next SeaweedSway Showcase at the Make-Out Room, this month featuring Stitchcraft, Kirk Hamilton, the Nice Guy Trio, with our favorite host Jeremy Dalmas. this is happening a day after my birthday (do the math - ha!), so i hope to celebrate w/ folks there, as well as for any other february birthdays, or for any reason really. yes, i'm using the birthday card, but it's for good reason. it's going to be a fun night of jazzy, folk-y, super music. also, it's also going to be a potluck! you get $2 off of admission (so $6 instead of $8 if you bring food). yum! & yes! (If you're feeling extra motivated, you can go hear Kacey Johansing at the Hemlock at 6:00, then head over to the SeaweedSway show w/ her!)

then, Friday February 26th is a crazy wonderful show for Noise Pop where the choir I'm in, Conspiracy of Venus, will be opening for John Vanderslice, Nurses (from Portland), & Honeycomb. there's a raffle with sweet giveaways for those who get tickets in advance. this will be the official Honeycomb EP release as well. oh yeah, and the choir is going to sing on a song with John Vanderslice. AND, perhaps most important of all, it is a Sønderkåsten Celebration - to mark the 156th anniversary of Sønderkåsten, the celebration of Sweden's independence from the tyranny of Danish rule. There will be complementary treats & sweets galore, featuring traditional Swedish goodies.

if you have any energy left, the next night, or if you have no energy and would like to recharge the night before the full moon, we invite you to come to the Chasing the Moon show, Saturday February 27th, w/ Silian Rail, Devotionals, & Rumspringa (LA), premiering the new podcast episode with Kelly McFarling's music, at Viracocha. details for all these shows are below.

last announcement/reminder for now, is that i'm teaching yoga regularly now on fridays & saturdays at the yoga loft. 11-12:30 on fridays is restorative yoga, and 12:45-2pm on saturdays is a gentle hatha yoga class. they are each $10 to attend. please do come if you can. caretakers house yoga is now on the 1st & 3rd tuesdays of the month. please check for details.

for those who are new to this list or haven't quite figured out what this email is all about, it is a semi-weekly email of SF Bay Area Community Music, Yoga, & Nature events & news.

note: i am attempting to transition to a google group. please sign up here & look out for an invite soon!
(you can set up how many times you'd like to receive emails as well.)

LINKS (for updates through the week, of everything i forgot to add here)!

2-20 saturday.

gentle hatha yoga at the yoga loft. this is a new class i'm teaching each week - all levels are welcome! 12:45-2pm $10.

2-21 sunday.

*alemany farm workday. 12-5pm, stop by anytime! workdays are 1st & 3rd sundays of the month & saturdays in between, as well as mondays from 1-5pm.

*SeaweedSway Showcase #5 w/ Stitchcraft, Kirk Hamilton, & the Nice Guy Trio. Potluck Discount! February Birthday Celebration!

Come to the 5th SeaweedSway Showcase with

"StitchCraft is a winding tale of chasing kites and sewing seeds in the soil and the stories that blow and grow life into our lyrical bodies. Our community creates the music that we absorb and reflect back with insistence and intensity. Our stories spin and sail into each other’s to create patchworks of meaning - like the quilts that comfort us in the face of inevitable loss - like the soup that feeds our hungry ghosts; we honor the participation of the player, the muse, and the audience in their dance with life, death, adventure and self realization. Music is a lover and a healer to all of us."

Kirk will be performing with a large acoustic group, featuring Dan Apczynski and Lindsay Garfield (from Or, The Whale) on vocals, Marguerete Ostro (Kugelplex, Pickpocket Ensemble) on violin, a full rhythm section and, of course, his trusty homemade Armelodica(TM). They'll be performing music from his debut album, "The Exited Door," harmony-laden chamber-pop that Incendiary Magazine calls "so impeccably put together and so effortlessly charming that you’ll be willing to follow it wherever the hell it wants to take you."

"This ragtag band of street poets would sound at home under a Montmartre streetlamp. Daniel Fabricant’s susurrant bass, Rob Reich’s apache dancer squeeze-box and Darren Johnston’s half-valve circus trumpet saunter through cobbled rambling see-saw ditties, mascara-ed and striking poses for a post-Godard film." - Fred Bouchard, Downbeat Magazine



3225 22nd St. between Mission & Valencia Streets
(right across from Revolution Cafe)

$8 (or $6 if you contribute to the potluck!)

*if you can, go hear Kacey Johansing at the Hemlock at 6pm before the SeaweedSway show, then head over to the Make-Out Room w/ her!

2-26 friday.

*restorative yoga at the yoga loft. 11am-12:30pm. help to ease your troubles through deep relaxation. refresh & renew energy & intentions.

*Noise Pop Presents: John Vanderslice, Nurses, Honeycomb, & Conspiracy of Venus at the Swedish American Music Hall.

Please RSVP, invite friends, & share this page:

NOISE POP 2010 / Sønderkåsten Celebration / PRE-SALE RAFFLE

FRIDAY FEBRUARY 26th at the Swedish American Music Hall with

To mark the 156th anniversary of Sønderkåsten, the celebration of Sweden's independence from the tyranny of Danish rule, we'll be throwing a party at the Swedish American Hall. There will be complementary treats and sweets galore, featuring traditional Swedish goodies:

- Spiced Popcorn
- Rain Dog Cookies
- Krisøpen Ris (an 18th C dessert very similar to our "Rice Krispies")
- Black Crow Brownies

**Everyone who buys a pre-sale ticket will be entered into a free raffle for band swag and prizes.**

They include:
- A custom voicemail greeting from Conspiracy of Venus
- Honeycomb one-of-a-kind totebag
- A signed copy of Apple's Acres from the Nurses
- Signed test pressing of John Vanderslice's LP, Romanian Names

*As part of the celebration, Honeycomb will be officially releasing their new EP, and John Vanderslice will be joined by Conspiracy of Venus on a song.*

Please RSVP, invite friends, & share this event!

Buy TICKETS now to be entered into the raffle!

Music, event, venue: (all the way from pdx)

2-27 saturday. night before the FULL SNOW MOON

Chasing the Full Snow Moon Show w/ Silian Rail & Devotionals & Rumspringa (LA). 7:30-11:30pm.

we know it's on a super busy night for shows, but still hope you can make it!!


FEBRUARY FULL SNOW MOON SHOW ~ a night of mostly instrumental music, of varying spectrums in volume ~ with



and RUMSPRINGA (traveling up from LA)

"Full Snow Moon - February Since the heaviest snow usually falls during this month, native tribes of the north and east most often called February's full Moon the Full Snow Moon. Some tribes also referred to this Moon as the Full Hunger Moon, since harsh weather conditions in their areas made hunting very difficult."

we will show the new Chasing the Moon episode with KELLY MCFARLING before it's seen anywhere else! (it will probably be shown during the first part of the show, so arrive early to see it.)

check out current & past episodes at

Matt Adams (The Blank Tapes) at Bazaar Cafe for Bazaar Stock. no cover charge. Blank Tapes (Matt Adams) is on from 6-645.

3-2 wednesday.
Sean Hayes' new album, "Run Wolves Run", comes out. New EP, "Honeybees Falling", is free if you pre-order the album. You can order the album w/ free EP (and hear the Honeybees song) at There's a sale on all of the past albums too, so you can get them for friends as gifts. Video teaser of the song "Garden" that will be on the new album: & new video Please pass it on!!

3-4 friday.

adam stephens & rocky votolato @ bottom of the hill.

3-6 saturday.
vanessa verlee, jeremy rourke, & more TBA at the living room - acoustic music night yoga loft.

3-8 tuesday.
foxtails brigade @ cafe du nord.

3-12 saturday.
Shelby Ash Presents, Trainwreck Riders & more @ Cafe du Nord.

Sean Hayes at the New Parish in Oakland. with Kacey Johansing! please rsvp, get tickets (, & spread the word.

4-2-4-4 friday - sunday.
yoga retreat with Marni Sclaroff, Geoffrey Roniger, & Meg Whitbread at Westerbeke Ranch.



HOUSING LIST: if you're looking for housing, you can sign up to receive emails or browse recent posts at it's a google group i started to make it easier to pass on housing announcements that i receive. please send me any good room openings you see so i can pass them on to everyone who's looking!


*Flash Recipes by Ellen Goodenow: quick & healthy recipes w/ a little bit of humor mixed in!

*New Album, New Videos, New Tour Dates for Sean Hayes: pre-order the album (out March 2nd) & get the Honeybees Fallin' EP for free. go to for details. "When We Fall In" video just released: New tour dates, please spread the word!

*Chris & Courtney blog about their Bike Trip, & request your help in getting home:

Message from them:

Chris and Courtney of: the Caretakers Events Space, the Bike Kitchen, SFBC, Caretakers Restaurant, SFChalkboard moderators, Bike!Bike! etc etc, are in Buenos Aires. and are embarking on a journey through Uruguay, Argentina, Bolivia and Peru BY BIKE!

We need your help getting home. We won't bore you with details here, we made a blog for that. It's so full of detail it took us 6 days to write, recounting the past 6 months of adventures.

BUT NOW WE'RE COMING HOME. Our next hurdle in making it to our plane on May 6th, is help with Travel Insurance and Bolivian Visa Fees. A total of $610.

Support us in our efforts in Organic Farming, Bike Advocacy, Alternative Transportation, History and Sharing Knowledge. Donate on the blog or spread the word to your friends (or both!). Come to Sunday Streets in May and pick up our zine which we hope will spread the word about human strength asserting itself in the form of a bike tour.
thanks for reading!

if you'd like to submit an event, please write to and send a short description (2-5 lines please) 2 weeks or more before the event.

to continue getting these updates by email, please join the Seaweed Sway google group at

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