Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sunday: Enamored (Harrison & Paulie Ann), Magic Leaves, The Bears, & Casual Fog at the Make-Out Room! SeaweedSway & Songbird Fest Show

Sunday August 15th
SeaweedSway Showcase and the Songbird Festival Present:
THE BEARS (formerly Black Bear)
at the Make-Out Room
3225 22nd St. in San Francisco

Enamored (Paulie Ann, Harrison, & a friend)

Tickets: $7 at the door
Time: 7pm doors / 8pm sharp showtime
JESSIE WOLETZ: (415) 515-7604 or seaweedsway@gmail.com
Hello, it's time for another SeaweedSway showcase, in collaboration with the Songbird Festival! This time, we have 2 Nevada City bands opening ~ The Bears & Casual Fog... Magic Leaves hailing from Marin... and Enamored, a new collaboration with Harrison & Paulie Ann, both current SF'ers. I haven't heard this collaboration yet live but have heard such rave reviews, 3 people whose music taste I greatly respect have said that Harrison's music is their new favorite ... There are rumors of showtunes, and someone else said Harrison is like the reincarnated Jeff Buckley. For those who don't know Harrison, he's a native San Franciscan who can be found trainhopping, always wearing something gold, joining in on friends' bands when the moment allows, including singing a song or two with Jolie Holland long ago. He's a wanderer but knows his home well, and will be putting on a memorable show this Sunday, possibly in front of a tableau that he is building?? Who really knows, but please do not miss it!!!

*ENAMORED (Harrison & Paulie Ann)*
Harrison and Paulie Anne (Enamored) were two lost vagrant darlings singing songs separated from one another. Somehow, their songs reached across distant lands and were transmitted in familiar abandoned caverns, aphotic tunnels, freight trains, and magical mississippi circus ships to eventually be sewn together with golden thread to create this newfangled ensemble. Only recently have they started sharing their tender hearts with the new world. With haunting soaring vocals derived in the melancholy and tragic these songs will lull you into a dream. Between the moments of their sometimes dolorous opus they bring moments of glee and wild storytelling exposing glimpses of their magical lives.

Enamored is a newer underground collaboration which means they have no Myspace, Facebook, or Twitter!! But they are SO good that you'll be glad you got to see them even before they've acquired an internet presence. :)


Magic Leaves are an ever changing project fronted by Texas transplant Joshua Bruner who seems to find deep comfort in switching up genres from album to album and show to show. Psychedelia is the thread which loosely holds this always changing vibe together.

*THE BEARS (formerly Black Bear)*
"the bears began in 2000 and have been evolving ever since... we are inspired by the woods, the ocean, fire, natural disasters, plants & animals quietly taking over the world..." -thaddeus stoener

"Casual Fog is the name chosen to present my songs. Through various configurations, and different group line-ups, different possibilites for arrangement, dynamics and interpretaion of the ideas in this music can happen. Feeling personally influenced by different types of music, and musicians, I always like exploring new possibilites for what music can be, and how any song can have many identities." - Ryan Donnelly

The festival is a collaboration of diverse local talent celebrating their original unique expressions as well as honoring the famous songbirds of the past. The festival has featured artists performing Blues, Soul, Americana, Punk, Balkan, and beyond! The festival has also included tributes to Buffy Sainte-Marie, Patsy Cline, Nina Simone, Julie London, Joni Mitchell & Bessie Smith.

SeaweedSway is an evolving project to encourage, cultivate, & support community through music, movement, yoga, & nature events.  SeaweedSway started as a list of recommended events in the Bay Area and continues to be that, but now also presents music shows & events featuring musicians and artists who share similar creative intentions.
http://seaweedsway.blogspot.comThanks for supporting local music & hope to see you at the show!!

FOR PRESS INQUIRIES, please contact Jessie Woletz, 415 515 7604 or seaweedsway@gmail.com

For updates on this event, please check the facebook event page http://facebook.com/seaweedswayaugust15

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