Thursday, August 5, 2010

Saturday: The Moanin' Dove & The Beehavers @ Hotel Utah, Devotionals CD Release Friday, Summer Walking Tour in Bolinas Tonight

below is a list of some highly recommended music shows & other events. please check it out & pass it along.

*show highlights this week: 
summer walking tour will be in bolinas tonight! (see the lineup below)
devotionals album release on friday at bottom of the hill (with kacey johansing & sean hayes!)
saturday is a special seaweedsway show at the hotel utah, featuring the moanin' dove, john heart jackie (from portland!), and the beehavers!
tuesday is another seaweedsway show at the blue macaw w/ mariee sioux, salt minds (dearest, mariee sioux, & friends), & windy gap (jeffrey manson & friends). 
please please do come if you can. 

*also, i am teaching yoga this saturday (gentle hatha) & sunday (restorative) at the yoga loft... see below for details. all levels are welcome. i'd love to see you there.   

*and, if you are into pilates or want to try it, please check out karen's saturday pilates mat group class, for only $10! she says, "This class is for the newcomer, for those recovering from injury or for the advanced student who would like to deepen their practice and return to the beginners' mind." here are more details, tell your friends!


ps - yay for the overturning of Prop H8!!!


Today until 8-7 saturday.
Summer Walking Tour with Music by (in merry disorder):
Obo Martin
Tiny Home (Sonya Cotton & Gabe Dominguez’ new duo)
Emily Ritz (Honeycomb)
Justin Ancheta
Kelly McFarling
Laura Weinbach (Foxtails Brigade) & Anton Patzner (Judgement Day)
Blake Henderson & Aubrey Trinnaman (Taught Me)
Kacey Johansing
Lindsay Clark
…and more

On the morning of Monday, August 2nd, a group of San Francisco’s most adventurous musicians and their friends and fans embarked on a walking tour across the Golden Gate Bridge and along the California Coastal Trail, and they are performing free concerts each night (see schedule and line-up below.)

Come and join them on their walk. You can meet up with them for an hour, a day or two, or come along for the whole week!

***All shows are 7pm-9pm, Free, and All-Ages.
Aug 5, Thurs ~ Bolinas @ bonfire at Andrew Brennan’s: 226 Ocean Parkway
Aug 6, Friday ~ Olema @ TBA
Aug 7, Saturday ~ Pt. Reyes Station @ TBA

Filming by:
Elia Vargas (One Night Music)

8-6 friday.
DEVOTIONALS (CD release) with SEAN HAYES and KACEY JOHANSING at Bottom of the Hill.

Slow Moving Lions (of the Vegetable World) and TMAP (most awesome protagonist) house show
348 Shotwell, SF @ 8 pm

8-7 saturday.
9pm doors / 10pm show
RSVP & invite friends please!

John Heart Jackie is on tour from Portland and will be releasing their new album, We Are Gold Mounds, at this show. The Beehavers = Bryant Denison & friends & The Moanin' Dove = Joshua Korr, James Riotto & Robert Shelton.

John Heart Jackie featured on NPR's All Songs Considered, Second Stage Blog

Second Stage: John Heart Jackie

by Robin Hilton

Download "Women and Money" by John Heart Jackie (Right-click or control-click to save to your computer)

Add Peter Murray and Jennie Wayne to the growing list of artists to watch from Portland, Ore. The two singers, who write and record together as John Heart Jackie, recently released a glowing EP of acoustic, folk-flavored songs called Women & Money. The duo manages to pack a lot of beauty into about 14 minutes of handmade music, largely because of the enchanting two-part harmonies. John Heart Jackie say they recorded the songs in their shed and that "the learning curve was steep" because they originally intended to make a bunch of Sam Cooke covers. But, Murray assures listeners, "You'll like them. We do. Jennie likes to fall asleep to them."

8-8 sunday.
Jeremy Rourke @ THE HOTEL UTAH!  opening for Clouds Rest (CD Release)

8-10 tuesday.
SeaweedSway presents Mariee Sioux, Windy Gap (Jeffrey Manson & friends), & Salt Minds (Dearest, Mariee Sioux, & friends) at the Blue Macaw
8pm, $8-10  2565 Mission St. @ 21st/22nd  (formerly 12 Galaxies)

8-15 sunday.
SeaweedSway Showcase & Songbird Fest Present: ENAMORED (HARRISON & PAULIE ANN), BLACK BEAR, & CASUAL FOG (from Nevada City) @ THE MAKE-OUT ROOM. 
7 doors. 8-11pm show. $7 
(Harrison says that they are the true underground and have no music links yet... and I say to that, you'll have to come and hear how good they are live!)

8-27 friday.
SHELBY ASH presents the Old Time Southern Murder Hour with... TRAINWRECK RIDERS, Pine Box Boys, Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit, & Virgil Shaw @ the GREAT AMERICAN MUSIC HALL /
9pm $14 a/a.
Great American Music Hall =859 O'Farrell Street, San Francisco, CA

8-28 saturday.

9-9 thursday.

MOSQUITAS IN YO' GRILL: Buxter Hoot'n, Emily Bonn & the Vivants, Brown Chicken Brown Cow, & Kamp Camille at the RICKSHAW STOP! 
8PM. $10. FREE DOWNLOAD of songs from all the bands for early ticket purchases.



9-10 friday.
GRASS WIDOW album release show at CYCLONE WAREHOUSE.
 illinois & cesar chavez.
grass widow is gathering a choir to sing on their songs for this show. let me know if you're interested in joining it!

9-23 thursday.



These are the Ongoing Yoga Classes that I'm teaching these days. I would love to see you there!

Gentle Hatha Yoga Saturdays at the Yoga Loft.
 $10 Community Class. 12:45-2pm. 321 Divisadero St. @ Page.

Restorative Yoga Sundays at the Yoga Loft.
 $17 drop-in, or $10 if you ask for the friend price. Also, new student passes are 3 classes for $35. 6:30-8pm. (This class happens weekly, but there will be a very wonderful sub on the 3rd Sundays because of the SeaweedSway showcase!)

Community Yoga @ the Caretakers House 1st & 3rd Tuesdays of the month. 
848 Divisadero St. @ McCallister. 6:15-7:45pm. RSVP if you can make it. Suggested donation of $5-10 but no one turned away for lack of funds, trades are welcome too.

if you'd like, sign up to get my yoga email updates (once a week or less) at

If you're in the East Bay, check out the East Bay Yoga Collective. They are a donation based community yoga collective and have classes almost everyday of the week. Their website is and their email is


, needs $$ for medical care because he jumped out of a window! :(
Please donate at !

HOUSING LIST: if you're looking for housing in the sf bay, you can sign up to receive emails or browse recent posts at it's a google group i started to make it easier to pass on housing announcements that i see. please send me any good room openings you see so i can pass them on to everyone who's looking! if you join the group, you can post your housing opening directly to the list.

JOB LIST: I also have a job list - let me know if you have job announcements that I should forward or join it if you'd like to get job announcements.

EVENT SUBMISSION: if you'd like to submit an event, please write to me at and send a short description in the brief format above (2-5 lines please), 2 weeks or more before the event. if i left your event out of this list, it usually just means i ran out of time to re-format it & add it. please remind me of it, and i'll try to add it or possibly promote it in other ways...

thank you for reading & participating in community events !!


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GOOGLE GROUP! please join it to get weekly updates, & tell your friends! (i will take you off this email list if you join, so you don't get duplicates.)

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