Monday, June 8, 2009

Leaves of Life compilation to benefit World Food Bank & efforts in Darfur

hey everyone,
as many would probably agree, music is great and amazing - and can be a cause on its own, but music shared or played for an additional cause can be even better.  music for a meaningful cause (i.e. ending world hunger) from good musicians, is probably one of the best things i've ever known... one of those great things in life that we could use more of.

that's why i want to let you know about this special compilation, 'Leaves of Life', that will benefit the World Food Bank and efforts in Darfur as well. it's due to be released the week of june 23rd, so look out for it.  magic leaves, a local bay area band, have a track on the album, as well as a plethora of other talented and soulful musicians, listed below...  

there won't be a lot of advertising for the album in the states-- so i'm trying to spread the word and hope you will take a look, buy the album, and pass it on. here's some online press and the track list.

Leaves of Life Track List
1. Alela Diane with Mariee Sioux, "The Cuckoo"
2. Rio en Medio and Israel Cilio, "Mary"
3. Fern Knight, "Our Mountain the Mother"
4. Marissa Nadler and Black Hole Infinity, "Dead Wives Club"
5. Devendra Banhart, "Hotel St. Sebastian (demo)"
6. Arborea, "Son of the Moon, Daughter of the Sun"
7. Micah Blue Smaldone, "The Clearing"
8. Larkin Grimm, "The Butcher"
9. Mi and Lau, "The Funeral, The Pray"
10. Mica Jones, "Best Life"
11. Starless and Bible Black, "All the Finest Beams"
12. Cursillistas, "Mothers Taught"
13. Silver Summit, "Oaks"
14. Big Blood, "Sick With Information"
15. Eric Carbonara, "Sundown at Parakeet Park"
16. David Garland, "Splinter Heart"
17. Magic Leaves, "Lasso Reason"
18. Citay, "Little Kingdom"
19. Ora Cogan featuring Anni Rossi, "My Belle"

thanks, and hope you pick up a copy when it's out!

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