Friday, June 26, 2009

Caretakers Restaurant tonight, Blank Tapes @ Blue Six Sunday, Leaves of Life compilation out now, Yoga Inversion Workshop Sunday

dear friends,
a quick hello... stay tuned for details on a swap to happen in early july...


1) caretakers raw vegan restaurant info for tonight
2) leaves of life compilation out now to benefit world food programme and not on our watch
3) simple matters performances tonight & tomorrow
4) inversion yoga workshop w/ betty roi on sunday
5) summer walking tour w/ shake your peace, obo martin, sonya cotton, stitchcraft, & more (final 2 days)
6) events list!

1) caretakers raw vegan restaurant info for tonight

Happy Summer! Happy Pride! We've been waiting to make a colorful meal like this one for months and this seems the appropriate weekend. Cancel all your plans (or incorporate the restaurant into them!) and come on up to the Western Addition! TONIGHT!! We'll have sweets treats and colorful dishes to enjoy!


An introduction to summer and a rainbow weekend kickoff with
Taste the Rainbow
Colorful food for a colorful season

8-12 * * arrive any time * *
$12-25 donation *sliding scale*

the Caretakers
848 divisadero, san francisco

2) leaves of life compilation out now to benefit world food programme and not on our watch

hey friends hope you're all well,

just wanted to let everyone know that I have a track on this amazing compilation of current folk artists and all the proceeds go to The World Food Programme and Not On Our Watch charities. it's called 'Leaves of Life' and i've posted some info and a link so you can find it and support this swell cause.

"Leaves of Life is the essential collection of songs by some of today’s most creative Indie
Folk musicians. This record brings together unique and contemporary artistic voices to create an evocative and stunning collaboration; with all proceeds from the sales of this
record going to benefit important relief programs in Africa, and other communities in great
need around the world.

Curated and produced by Buck Curran of the Alt-folk duo Arborea, Leaves of Life features 19
exclusive songs by artists Alela Diane, Devendra Banhart, Marissa Nadler and Black Hole
Infinity, Fern Knight, Shanti Curran (Arborea), Rio en Medio, Larkin Grimm, Mi and L’au,
Starless and Bible Black, Silver Summit, Micah Blue Smaldone, David Garland, Citay, Big Blood,
Mica Jones, Eric Carbonara, Ora Cogan, Cursillistas, and Magic Leaves…along with the beautiful
art work of musician Hanna Tuulikki. This project hopes to further inspire people around the
world to join in vital artistic and social efforts to make a better life for all of us."

i personally think it's one amazing group of musicians and songs and i enjoy the album alot.
hope you do too.

Joshua Bruner
Magic Leaves
3) simple matters performances tonight & tomorrow

Hi everyone

I really hope that you can come out to see our great show, I can't wait to hear your laughter in the audience.
If you've seen the show and want to forward this along with a good word or two we would be so appreciative. You could also do so if you haven't, and just know that we are awesome and all your freinds wouldn't want to miss out on so much raucous laughter.


THAT'S RIGHT EVERYONE. IT'S TIME, once again, to LAUGH OUT LOUD TILL YOU ARE SORE WITH DELIGHT AND WONDER from SIMPLE MATTERS. YES, The rumor's are true about this show, and those that tasted it's elixir will be back again for another dose. Don't miss another chance to see this rare breed of refined absurdity. This will be SIMPLE MATTERS final show in SF for 2009. Two shOws Only ! Don't Miss It !

Simple Matters is a highly theatrical physical comedy that reflects the delicate absurdity of our current times through a stylized lens of slapstick surrealism.
"Without red noses, five clowns from four countries take you on a journey through the miraculous unraveling of everyday life, dancing on the ridge between the absurdity of our current reality and a really good time!"

WHO - Noah Veil, Vladimir Levitansky, Martina Oskarsson, Kate Gibson, Eleni Zaharopoulos

WHEN- Friday JUNE 26th 8:30 pm -- Saturday JUNE 27th 8:30 pm
WHERE - The MAGIC THEATRE (Fort Mason Center, BUILDING D, 94123)

HOW for only $12!
just search SIMPLE MATTERS and select which night you want to go.
At the door tickets will be $15



~See sneak peeks of Acts within the show

Once Undone -

pOrtal pOtty shOw -

A DreamAwake Prod.

4) inversion yoga workshop w/ betty roi on sunday

Core Awakening in Inverted Poses
Sunday, June 28, 2009 9:30 AM-1:00 PM

This workshop is an opportunity for students who lack experience and confidence in practicing these essential poses to break through their resistances, and make friends with the world being upside down. The fundamentals will be covered, and more seasoned students can explore more challenging variations.

We will start the practice by examining how to access our internal power of steadfastness, stability and strength. From the deep connection to our core, optimal alignment and innate intelligence of the body will be established. A feeling of inner toning, openness and serenity will unfold, allowing us to savor the wonder of these poses.

Then we will explore headstand and shoulder stand, as well as forearm and full arm balance. Using props and modifications we will work on poses and actions which stabilize and strengthen the shoulder girdle and arms, and increase the mobility of the upper back while understanding how to align the neck and head in a safe, pain-free way.

Headstand and shoulder stand are the Father and Mother of all asanas. Regular practice of these two poses nourishes all the vital organs, strengthens the nervous system, and clears the mind, creating radiant well-being from the inside out. Inversions are an essential aspect of a balanced yoga practice. Not recommended for women on their menstrual cycle.

Where: Yoga du Soleil located at 224 Divisadero St.
Cost: $75 Pre-registration call Betty at 415-861-3055
or email

5) summer walking tour w/ shake your peace, obo martin, sonya cotton, stitchcraft, & more (final days)

this is almost over, but you could still meet up w/ them today at mt. tam or tomorrow in mill valley. call gabe to confirm location...

The Summer Walking Tour 2009
June 22-27
8 bands, walking for 5 days from San Francisco up the California Coastal Trail, carrying everything they need on their backs and in their hands: violins, guitars, flutes, even cellos, presenting free, unamplified concerts every night...

Obo Martin
Sonya Cotton
Cello Joe
Aslan Rife
Justin Ancheta
Ma Muse
+ more

*all shows are all-ages, 7-9pm
Fri. 26 ~ Mt. Tam, Cushing Memorial Amphitheater
Sat. 27 ~ Mill Valley (TBA)

Happy Trails,
Gabe Dominguez

6) events list!

6-26 friday.

caretakers restaurant. vegan and mostly raw (or all raw upon request). it may be the final one. whether or not that's true, come eat and be merry. bring a date or share a table. 848 divisadero st. @ mccallister st. (right next to little star pizza).

6-27 saturday.

Rummage Sale on 14th St (near Church). 12:05-6:05pm. Musical Instruments, records/cds, clothes, furniture, & more. Time to purge!

6-28 sunday.

the blank tapes & lots more at blue six. 24th & treat streets in the mission. it's their first bay area show in over a month! welcome them back.

6-29 monday.

Cinema Revolution: Wonderland and the Hard Knocks. film screening at revolution cafe. An evening of shorts by local filmmakers: Camille June Gregoire, Ryan Alexiev, Wyatt Batty and more. Come down and join us for an evening of good times peppered with entertainment and food for hungry hearts and minds! 9pm-12am.

6-30 tuesday.

Geographer @ the Hemlock w/ Jared Mees & Photons.

7-7 tuesday.

yoga at the caretakers house. 6:15-7:45pm. come early if you haven't been to class before. rsvp if you remember to do so. i teach this class. it is on ongoing tuesdays. has details &

7-8 wednesday.

stitchcraft @ hotel utah.

7-12 sunday.

foxtails brigade @ the make-out room for the songbird festival.

7-29 wednesday.

songbird festival show at bollyhood venue in SF... details to come.

7-30 thursday.

helena handbasket (members of conspiracy of venus) & brass liberation orchestra at el rio for songbird festival. all joni mitchell songs! check for future details.

7-31 friday.

sonya cotton cd release + devotionals (tyson of two gallants, anton of judgement day) & honeybodymoonbee @ noe valley ministry.

8-9 sunday.

foxtails brigade 7" release w/ devotionals, agent ribbons, & garrett pierce @ cafe du nord. foxtails brigade:
9-3 thursday.

conspiracy of venus season opener show, with kirk hamilton and blue rabbit at the rickshaw stop. ,


please check these sites for updates!



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