Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Thursday: Little Wings, Michael Musika, honey.moon.tree, Sleepy Todd at Cafe du Nord. Wear your best disguise.

dear friends,
i'm passing on this memo about a very important and special show tomorrow at cafe du nord. most of you already know about it. thanks so much to those who plan to attend. please be sure to arrive early, as sleepy todd goes on right at 8pm. bring a pillow to sit on if you'd like. the rest of the bay area music, yoga, eco events list is below and will be updated soon. i hope to see you tomorrow! xoxo, jessie


Coyotes have a long history in San Francisco, hunting its once expansive dune fields, streamsides, prairies, scrublands, and oak forests. Absent from the city for decades, the trickster returned to San Francisco in 2003, a sign of hope for a new era and order of beautiful wildness.

This Thursday Michael Musika will channel the Coyote spirit with a special performance at Café du Nord. Michael has put together a fantastic 11-piece band of strings, keys, percussion, and horns for the occasion. Wear your best disguise, real or imagined. Let us cause some troubles to the troubles.

the coyote

watch/listen a sneak peak of the band:

Thursday, June 11, 2009
Cafe Du Nord

2170 Market Street, SF, CA, 94114
Tickets $12, available via

little wings "...crazy, congenial, wayward song and story paintings..."

michael musika
" magic music for dancing to cause trouble to your troubles..."

"...psychedelic fairy tales, forgotten birdsongs, remembered wisdom..."

sleepy todd
"...spectral harmonies, maudlin humor, luminous soul...."

Michael Musika will wear a costume designed by Fati Beloved of missing piece:

Three unique posters for the event were designed by Kyle Field, Pua Logan, and Michael Musika respectively.

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