Monday, June 29, 2009

Caretakers House Yoga Rescheduled to Thursday this Week, FREE Class for Total Beginners @ The Yoga Loft Tuesday

dear seaweedsway yogis & yoginis:
i'm sorry to report that i have to reschedule tomorrow night's yoga class @ the caretakers house... sorry if you were planning on coming!  i am happy to report, however, that the caretakers house is kindly letting us use the space on thursday night instead!  and there is a free class at the yoga loft for total beginners* that you could go to on tuesday in exchange.  (*i know you are all not total beginners, but if you consider yourself to be new to yoga still this would be a good class to check out. Marni is an excellent teacher, and I'll see you at the front desk to check you in!)

tuesday, june 30th:
FREE class for total beginners @ the yoga loft
321 divisadero st. @ page st.

yoga class this THURSDAY (instead of tuesday)
at the caretakers house
848 divisadero st. @ mccallister
6:15-7:45pm ...arrive by 6:10pm, or earlier if you haven't been to class there before...
details at and
rsvp if you get a chance... donation or trades welcome but not required

also, starting july 10th, i'll be teaching
 restorative yoga every friday at the yoga loft from 11-12:30.  (though i'll be away for two weeks after that, so really starting in august!)  please come if you have that time free.

thanks for your support. hope to see you tomorrow at the yoga loft and/or thursday at the caretakers house.

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