Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer Walking Tour NOW - join up! - w/ Shake Yr Peace, Obo Martin, Sonya Cotton, Stitchcraft, & more. (Bolinas, Mt. Tam, Mill Valley left to go...) !

oops, I meant to send this out earlier... if you can catch up w/ these folks, do! it will be worth it. excellent songs & company. they're in bolinas today, mt. tam tomorrow, & mill valley (probably) on saturday. call gabe if you want to confirm the location... and pass it on to people you know in those areas. thanks! -jessie

here are the details:

The Summer Walking Tour 2009
June 22-27
8 bands, walking for 5 days from San Francisco up the California Coastal Trail, carrying everything they need on their backs and in their hands: violins, guitars, flutes, even cellos, presenting free, unamplified concerts every night...

Obo Martin
Sonya Cotton
Cello Joe
Aslan Rife
Justin Ancheta
Ma Muse
+ more

*all shows are all-ages, 7-9pm
Mon. 22 ~ SF, Fort Mason Hostel
Tues. 23 ~ Marin Headlands Hostel
Wed. 24 ~ Muir Beach (TBA)
Thurs. 25 ~ Bolinas, Regenerative Design Institute
Fri. 26 ~ Mt. Tam, Cushing Memorial Amphitheater
Sat. 27 ~ Mill Valley (TBA)

Happy Trails,

Gabe Dominguez

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