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Winnie Byrd, Lindsay Clark, Ed Masuga & Brass Menazeri's Chasing the Moon Sunday! Panic is Perfect, Dina Maccabee, Indianna Hale, & Ava Mendoza Tues. May 24th!

hey everyone,
hope you all are well. this sunday is the third one of the month + the full moon is next week, so it's time for another seaweedsway showcase + chasing the moon episode premiere at the make-out room! we have an extra special folky lineup this time, with winnie byrd (featuring davyd nereo from beatbeat whisper), lindsay clark (in town from portland), and ed masuga + brass menazeri's chasing the moon premiere... jeremy dalmas & the absurdists are going to be reading lewis carroll poems in between! would love to see you there!!

tuesday may 24th is a special edition seaweedsway show w/ panic is perfect, dina maccabee, indianna hale, and ava mendoza (bob dylan's birthday!) @ amnesia.

then please save your memorial day evening for conspiracy of venus's season finale show at the rickshaw stop, opening for dustin o'halloran w/ the magik*magik string quartet, presented by seaweedsway & the songbird festival.

i'm in minnesota at the moment so the list is short... please & the calendar for regular updates on recommended events! 

recommended seaweedsway shows

May 15th - Sunday
A Very Folky SeaweedSway Showcase w/ Winnie Byrd, Lindsay Clark, & Ed Masuga + Brass Menazeri's Chasing the Moon @ the Make-Out Room! 
7:30 doors. show @ 8. 

Winnie Byrd!
Lindsay Clark
Ed Masuga
+Brass Menazeri's Chasing the Moon video premiere
and as always, THE ABSURDISTS who this month will be acting out the Poetry of the original Dada master: Lewis Carroll!
You can't wait!!
-Jeremy Michael
President of Presidents,

May 24th - Tuesday
SeaweedSway Presents, on Bob Dylan's Birthday: Panic is Perfect, Dina Maccabee, Indianna Hale, & Ava Mendoza at Amnesia9pm. come early if you wanna join in the weekly open mic! (7-9) ... $7

Incorporating afro – pop rhythms, retro synthesized sounds with well crafted song writing and pseudo-spiritual lyrical sensibilities Panic is Perfect has created their own brand of quirky eclectic indie dance pop.

Jeremy Belzer and Mike Hoffman officially started the group as an acoustic duo while traveling in south India together in the spring of 2010. Since then the San Francisco based group has evolved into the 5-piece band it is today. They are currently working on their debut album set to be released in the fall of 2011.
Dina Maccabee is a violist, violinist, vocalist, and songwriter living in San Francisco. Her new album of original songs was released on October 12, 2010 in collaboration with Toby Summerfield on Antephonic Records. In addition to her work with Ramon and Jessica and Real Vocal String Quartet, she performs in many styles and many bands, from Middle Eastern Psych Rock to 60′s Brazilian Tropicalia. Through the vehicle of the Dina Maccabee "solo" project -- which to date has incorporated many of her top-favorite fellow musicians including Summerfield, drummers Eric Kuhn and Ezra Lipp, guitarists Roger Riedlbauer and Josh Tillinghast, bassists Tom Edler and Joe Lewis, and cellist Jessica Ivry -- she aims to write and perform concise, expressive new songs that resonate like those she returns to over and over again as a listener. ("Driving is Fun" video)


While her greatest influence is a good friend Matt McCluer, Indianna’s writing style developed with notable inspiration from Hank Williams, the Staple Singers, and the Magnetic Fields.  She now plays with a supporting band and takes inspiration mostly from “…Sunshine, riding bikes and the salty wind of the beach. It’s California rock, filtered through a ‘lonesome gospel pedal', with a little country swing and a splash of rain.”  

“…a sweet caress of a voice that sounds like something from another era.  The way she warbles a tune is beautiful and mesmerizing, a soft creation you want to crawl inside and dream the day away with,”  Rich Kane, OC Weekly. 

Guitarist Ava Mendoza starts from old melodies already tattooed on your brain, then applies sufficient heat to peel that paint leaving you re-pinked and wondering what’s next. What’s next are original compositions, heavy, go
rgeous, oddly reverby, layers that build, blister and flake away to alight indelibly on your mind. Just as Mendoza reprises those traditional tunes, you discover she’s walked you far into a lost countryside. How, or whether, to get back will be your own business. 

May 30th - Monday
SeaweedSway & the Songbird Festival Present: Dustin O'Halloran w/ the Magik*Magik String Quartet + Conspiracy of Venus at the Rickshaw Stop!

extra bonus things.

YOGA CLASSES Saturday & Sunday: I teach yoga classes weekly on Saturdays & Sundays at the Yoga Loft. Saturday's Gentle Hatha class is now at 10:45-12pm. Sunday's Restorative Class from 6:30-8pm. Each class is only $10! Check out & for more details. I'd love to see you there! 321 divisadero st. @ page. (I

New Parlour to Parlour episode with Ash Reiter. Each month, contributor Michael Fortes is peeking into artists' homes and creative processes to discover a bit of what's behind the songs and what makes them tick, this year focusing on a snippet of the Bay Area music scene, with lots of Seaweed Sway favorites. You can see the full Ash Reiter musical report here: Also check out past episodes of the Beehavers, FpodBpod & the Blank Tapes, and stay tuned for future episodes! Thanks to Garrett Eaton for the awesome video footage. 

Seaweed for Sale! 
my friend Kacie Loparto is returning to Maine where she has lots & lots of seaweed that she hand-harvested, and she's going to be shipping me a big order of it. if you know you want some, please get in touch. either email Kacie Loparto @ or contact me @ to place an order. there are 2oz bags ($7) of kombu, nori, dulse, wakame, kelp & a special soup mix blend ($10). i intend to keep selling seaweed at seaweed sway shows too, so give a heads up if you want some!

il gato has a new video for the song "On Feathers & Arrows (on Burnt Pine)"! The B&W video is composed of archived video footage around San Francisco from he 1920s and 1930s.

Devotionals made a video for their song "Misericordia"! 

TINY ANTENNA HAVE LARGE RECEPTORS Radio Show with Elia Vargas on Pirate Cat Collective Radio every Monday 6-8pm. He's been having lots of SeaweedSway bands - Michael Musika, The Beehavers, Helene Renaut, Sugar Candy Mountain & Ash Reiter, Dina Maccabee, Ever Isles, Magic Leaves, il gato, & more. You can stream it live from anywhere and hear past shows at (new link).
LOST PURPLE CAMERA - I lost my new little purple camera at the Make-Out Room SeaweedSway show on my birthday February 20th! it was in a little purple case. did you see it?? let me know if you found it or have any leads! thanks! HOUSING LIST - post or sign up: if you're looking for housing in the sf bay, sign up to receive emails or browse recent posts at / it's a google group i started to help pass along rooms for rent. please post any good room openings to! JOB LIST - post or sign up: send me job announcements please!! this list is a little slow right now...

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