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SUNDAY: Winnie Byrd, Lindsay Clark, & Ed Masuga + Brass Menazeri's Chasing the Moon @ MAKE-OUT ROOM!

Sunday May 15th
A Very Folky SeaweedSway Showcase with
Winnie Byrd
Lindsay Clark
Ed Masuga
Brass Menazeri's Chasing the Moon video podcast
with your hosts
Jeremy Dalmas & the Absurdists

at the Make-Out Room

Address: 3225 22nd St. between Valencia & Mission Streets
Tickets: $7 at the door
Venue: http://makeoutroom.com
RSVP on facebook: http://bit.ly/may15rsvp
Time: 7:30-11pm
Press Inquiries, please contact Jessie Woletz, seaweedsway@gmail.com

Folk music is back in full force at the next SeaweedSway Showcase, Sunday May 15th. The night features Winnie Byrd, an electric folk ensemble featuring Davyd Nereo from BeatBeat Whisper and some ghost-believing best friends he's met along the way (see story below). We're happy to have Lindsay Clark stopping by on her way through from Portland, Oregon, gracing us with her ethereal voice and intricately fingerpicked guitar and banjo. Ed Masuga, a "finger-picking maniac", will woo us with his one-man folk and blues orchestra of beautiful clanks and calls.

In addition to this folky goodness, we are celebrating the full flower moon that falls on May 17th, with the release of Brass Menazeri's Chasing the Moon episode. Brass Menažeri is San Francisco’s original & hottest Balkan Romani (“Gypsy”) Brass Band. Chasing the Moon is a high quality local music video podcast that comes out every full moon. We celebrate it with a live show and screening of the new episode on or near the full moon each month. Don't miss out!!

Flyer hand-drawn by Julie Crossman (of the Absurdists)

Below are links and stories about the bands and the full moon podcast... Any help spreading the word is greatly appreciated.

Winnie Byrd
Electric Folk Ensemble w/ Davyd Nereo from BeatBeat Whisper, Brian Pfeiffer, Katie Colver, & Rene Carranza.

Like all great stories, our story begins in a graveyard with a group of best friends practicing black magic. But we didn’t know we were practicing black magic, or that it was a graveyard. We just thought we were playing Harry Potter Clue in Berkeley Bowl West’s new parking lot, when a real life ghost suddenly appeared in the middle of the board, knocked over all of the pieces, and shouted, “It was HERMIONE GRANGER in the GREAT HALL with the MUGWART!”

Before we could process what was happening, Davyd was already screaming, “Damn you ghost! And damn that fatal beauty for killing poor Harry. Everything is ruined. Go away, ghost. We don’t want you here anymore.”

The ghost looked pained, kind of like the time Casper first realized he had died, but ghosts need to get used to having their feelings hurt. No one likes them, so the ghost began to leave in a very ghostly fashion.

“I’m about to disappear completely and forever,” said the Ghost, who was already about 80% transparent. “But here is some unsolicited advice: you guys should start a band.”

“Okay Mister Ghost, but what should we call ourselves?” asked Rene.

But before the ghost could answer, he disappeared 100%, leaving behind only a garbage bill that fell out of his ghost pocket. That piece of ghost paper absolutely proves we’re not just making this up. We lost it somewhere, though, and now the payment is way past due, but we never forgot the name that was on the bill. And what was that name?

That name was Winnie Byrd.

Lindsay Clark
Lindsay Clark, a guitarist and folk singer based in Portland, OR, was born and raised in a small California mountain town in the foothills of the Sierras, to a forest ranger father, and a mother who teaches languages.  She began writing poetry as a child and spent years studying classical piano and violin, but was always drawn toward folk and traditional music, eventually coming to find her place as a songwriter.

After leaving Nevada City, Lindsay spent time on the coast of Santa Cruz, CA and in Boston, MA, where she performed with east coast friends like Nat Baldwin (of Dirty Projectors), Matt Bauer, and Casey Dienel (of the now Portland based White Hinterland), as well attending music school, before settling  in Portland in 2009.  Her music is steeped in images of nature, which she uses both as symbol and as a framework in which to place thoughts on relationships, love, family, and spiritual growth. They are sung over spacious and intricately finger picked guitar and banjo.

A collection of songs written during the end of her time in Boston became her latest record, "Home of the Brave", recorded with Sean Ogilvie (of Portland folk ensemble Musée Mecanique) at his & acclaimed songstress Laura Gibson's home in Sellwood, OR.  Taking almost a year to complete, the record has nine songs, featuring guitar, mandolin, alto flute, piano, and violin by Anton Patzner (who has performed with Bright Eyes and Mates of State, among others).

Lindsay is currently searching for a label but will release a small pressing of the record in mid summer (it will also be available digitally in June). She will be touring west coast cities in May and again in August in support.  Future plans include recording again later this year, attending an artist outpost with Signal Fire Arts (signalfirearts.org), growing a butterfly garden, and collaborating with other musicians.

Ed Masuga
Ed Masuga is a finger-picking maniac; a one man folk and blues orchestra of beautiful clanks and calls. At two years old he saw his dad compete on the game show "Name That Tune," and though the appearance netted just a jukebox and a trip to Puerto Rico, Ed's future as a traveling musician had been fully inspired.

Brass Menazeri's Chasing the Moon
We are premiering Brass Menazeri's episode of Chasing the Moon in honor of the full flower moon a couple of days later.

Brass Menažeri (pronounced “Menagerie”) is San Francisco’s original & hottest Balkan Romani (“Gypsy”) Brass Band. Our music cascades through Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia, Greece & even Rajasthan with wild rhythms, new sensibilities, innovative arrangements & original compositions, expanding the traditions while we remain rooted within them.

Chasing the Moon is a monthly local music video podcast that is celebrated with a live show and screening of the new episode near the full moon each month. See past episodes of Quinn DeVeaux, Thao & Mirah, Birds & Batteries, John Vanderslice, Sonya Cotton, Indianna Hale, Michael Musika, Silian Rail, Slow Motion Cowboys, Oona, Judgement Day, Lavay Smith, Foxtails Brigade, Steve Taylor, Kacey Johansing, TaughtMe, the Devotionals, Magic Leaves, Sea of Bees, Ever Isles, Sonny & the Sunsets, & Gojogo.

Full Flower Moon
"Full Flower Moon – May In most areas, flowers are abundant everywhere during this time. Thus, the name of this Moon. Other names include the Full Corn Planting Moon, or the Milk Moon." - from the Farmers Almanac website below.

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