Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dustin O'Halloran w/ Magik*Magik String Quartet & Conspiracy of Venus -Monday, May 30th - Memorial Day @ Rickshaw Stop- SeaweedSway & the Songbird Festival Present

Monday, May 30, 2011
SeaweedSway & the Songbird Festival Present:
and Conspiracy of Venus (Season Finale)

Address: 155 Fell St, SF, CA 94102
Tickets: $15, available via
RSVP on facebook:
Time: 8pm
Press Inquiries (including ticket giveaways), please contact Jessie Woletz, or Ms. Momo,

This acclaimed modern classical artist, film composer and Devics co-founder performs with the local ensemble. "All haunting, minor key strings and moody, softly tinkled piano melodies, on first listen composer Dustin O’Halloran’s latest release seems to have little relation to the optimism-hinting light of the title. Bleak and soaked in introspective emotion, Lumiere is a record that seems to brood and wallow, with a cinematic scope that builds upon the introspective minor key melodies of the two solely-piano records that preceded it. This penchant for the filmic is no accident. O’Halloran cut his teeth creating music for advertising and the silver screen – his impressive résumé includes credits for Sofia Coppola’s decadent fuchsia-fest Marie Antoinette and the seemingly obligatory Teutonic car advertising. This cinematic background is clearly apparent on Lumiere and makes the album a fantastic catalyst for the imagination. Indeed, Lumiere does at times sound like the soundtrack to a post-apocalyptic world – all slow motion billowing smoke and grey skied desolation. At times it’s a harrowing listening experience but a strangely rewarding one all the same. Dig a little deeper however and you’ll find a warmer heart hidden away amongst the ruin and rubble - nuggets of optimism not apparent at first. Whilst the strings may be perennially stirring and strained, O’Halloran deliberately minimises the solace and despair of the lower stringed instruments. On Lumiere, he opts for violins where others may have chosen cellos - herein lies the intelligence and many layers of O’Halloran’s work." --Drowned in Sound


The Magik*Magik Orchestra is founded by artistic director Minna Choi. Its mission is to simplify the collaborative process between independent rock musicians and classical artists. The Magik*Magik Orchestra is the official studio orchestra of Tiny Telephone founded in 1997 by local Dead Oceans artist, John Vanderslice. The Magik*Magik String Quartet is an off-shoot ensemble of the Orchestra.


Last show of the season, until fall! This season we had a whirlwind of shows, one of the highlights being the Pixies UnderCover Tribute, where Conspiracy of Venus covered "Monkey Gone to Heaven" off the album Doolittle. Conspiracy of Venus is a women's community a cappella group based in SF. CoV sings original arrangements of contemporary music. Under the artistic direction of Joyce Todd McBride, the 40 women of CoV interpret her daring and inventive arrangements of songs ranging from the classic (Joni Mitchell's Big Yellow Taxi) to the cutting edge (Bjork's Possibly Maybe) with dazzling technical verve and tons of personality. The group's repertoire also includes works by Bill Withers, Rufus Wainwright, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, and Roger Miller. Conspiracy of Venus has played to sold out crowds at many San Francisco venues, including The Great American Music Hall, The Palace of Fine Arts, The Independent, The Swedish American Hall, The Rickshaw Stop, The Make-Out Room, and others, sharing bills with John Vanderslice, The Mountain Goats, The Mother Hips, Blame Sally, Emily Jane White, and Rupa and the April Fishes, to name a few. 

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