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audiafauna, au dunes/graves (pdx), ariel eisen @ march 20 equinox seaweedsway showcase, make-out room! early!

Sunday March 20th
SeaweedSway Showcase on the Equinox! 
with music performances by
au dunes / graves (pdx)
ariel eisen
and your hosts Jeremy Dalmas and the Absurdists
at the Make-Out Room

Flyer by Krikor of audiafauna

Address: 3225 22nd St. between Mission and Valencia
Tickets: $7 at the door
RSVP on facebook:
Time: 7:30pm doors / 8-11pm showtime
Press Inquiries (including ticket giveaways), please contact Jessie Woletz, (415) 515-7604

Equinox SeaweedSway Showcase with AudiaFauna, Au Dunes (Graves), and Ariel Eisen!! Come see AudiaFauna while they're still playing small venues; it's an honor to have them headline this show. With their talent, they are soon to be selling out the Great American Music Hall or comparable places; but perhaps because they are residents of Santa Cruz, they are keeping it real, and growing authentically yet rapidly. Au Dunes is a new project from Greg Olin of Graves; and we're excited to have them as a feature of this month's SeaweedSway Showcase. Greg, a part of the Bay Area folk family (i.e. friends & sometimes sharing bandmembers w/ Kacey Johansing, the Blank Tapes, Magic Leaves, FpodBpod, the Range of Light Wilderness, etc.), happens to be traveling through from Portland just in time for the monthly showcase. We know it will be good. Ariel Eisen will open the show with her skillful folk-jazz vocals and artistic glowing presence. Jeremy Dalmas and the Absurdists will make us laugh and probably get at least a few people to come up on the stage with them, in between sets... An early Sunday evening showcase, every third Sunday of the month!

Audiafauna is an emerging band that combines powerful female vocals with soaring strings and hints of electronica to create a refreshing sound that is soulful and sublime. Their music is a true collaboration of minds and hearts. Combining the genres of indie-folk, pop, hip-hop, and soul, they can be likened to the powerhouse vocals of Florence & the Machine, the impassioned hunger of Cat Power, and the curiosity of Cocorosie. What they've created is uniquely their own however, and they deliver music with striking sincerity, transcending whatever personal preferences listeners might hold.
Front-woman Kelly Koval is enrapturing, and her heartfelt words are matched by the powerful sound that springs forth from her lips. The band provides a dynamic canvas for Kellys magic. Violin and cello deliver both rich melodies and chunky chops, upright bass solidly fuses melody and groove, reverb-drenched keys and gritty guitar flush out the sound, while a motley mix of drums and electronics flow as a single instrument. The resulting sound is uncharted yet nostalgically familiar; it speaks directly to our human experience, arriving like a long-awaited breath of fresh air.
au dunes / graves
Greg Olin of Portland's folk-pop-rock group Graves, has new and exciting project Au Dunes, with friends Sam Farrell and Zac Barbery. The group is so new, there is no bio yet for them, but here is info on Graves and Olin that is still applicable:

Olin specializes in a songwriting style which can be reduced to its minimum components — vocal and guitar — and still work. But life is too short and friends/musicians are too plenty not to enhance the writing with a more traditional band sound: drums, bass, keys, horns, etc. Olin has discovered a perfect synthesis of intimate songwriting with enhanced, rule breaking instrumentation that one usually associates with the likes of Wilco and others. Perhaps more than ever, Olin’s music sounds like the man behind it: utterly sincere, slightly off kilter, instantly likable. 

ariel eisen
“Why be a critic when you could be starring in the play?” Ariel Eisen has given and gathered pieces of her life in many different places, from Florida to Seattle, New York to Brazil, California to Hawaii. She seeks to exist in playful harmony with the earth and carefully mend holes in the fabric of our society. “I have used art and music as tools throughout my life to stay in touch with my true nature and to uncover the essence of whatever I am focusing on.”
Ariel draws inspiration from a vast spectrum of artists and styles. From folk geniuses, Paul Simon and Bob Dylan, to jazz greats Billy Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald to the breezy bossa nova of Antonio Carlos Jobim. She also credits an array of fellow artists and friends as equally important sources of inspiration. Her music is reminiscent of an earlier era, while her messages examine the personal and universal realities of our times. Ariel merges unique, potent and insightful lyrics, with an angelic voice and jazzy guitar. Her cross-generational style inspires listeners to rexamine reality with hope and honesty.

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