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Botticellis & Aunt Martha @ Amnesia TONITE! FpodBpod, Karina Denike, Dina Maccabee Sunday @ MakeOut Rm! April 8th shows

hello, seaweedswayers!
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show highlights. special encouragement to go to amnesia tonight (tuesday) & the make-out room sunday night, seriously!

list of super-recommended shows & events. calendar marking time, or print it out! :)

announcements & bonus things. housing list info, seaweed buying, new parlour to parlour w/ the beehavers, new videos from devotionals & il gato, ezra's got a website, tiny antenna have large receptors, yoga classes, lost purple camera, submission info.

show highlights.
TONIGHT (tuesday march 29th), the botticellis are playing at amnesia. featuring Alexi Glickman w/ a new lineup of Jeremy Black (Apollo Sunshine), Steve Taylor, Kacey Johansing & Emily Ritz (Honeycomb), & special guests. not totally sure if they're going first or second (we think first), so please get there early and come ready to dance! a traveling band called Aunt Martha, from New Hampshire, that I liked from listening to their myspace, is playing too: http://myspace.com/auntmarthaband

sunday april 3rd, a bunch of locals are going to rock it at the make-out room. fpodbpod, karina denike, & dina maccabee. such a great combo. show starts at 8. and it's only $7.

list of super-recommended seaweed sway shows & events.
full list here: http://bit.ly/seaweedswaycalendar (click "agenda" for a list version) 
or go here http://facebook.com/theseaweedsway for regular updates on recommended events! 

March 29th - Tuesday
Aunt Martha & the Botticellis - dance party @ Amnesia.

March 30th - Wednesday
Amber Lee, Evil Diane, Jeremy Rourke, & Vanessa VerLee @ Milk Bar.

April 1 - Friday
Pink Party at the House of Love

The Family Crest at the Fox Theatre

April 2 - Saturday
Life/Art/Dance w/ Anna Halprin @ the Yoga Loft: A Workshop for All Bodies.
11-5pm. Sign up & get more info under Workshops at http://theloftsf.com Should be amazing! Hope to see you there.

Megan Keely, Port St. Willow, & Mojave Bird @ Viracocha

April 3rd - Sunday
Restorative Yoga at the Yoga Loft. 
6:30-8pm. 321 divisadero st. @ page. $10 community class. taught by yours truly! relax & restore your energy. every sunday.

FpodBpod, Karina Denike, & Dina Maccabee @ the Make-Out Room. 

April 5 - Tuesday
annie & her OSHEN, Erin Brazill & Love Axe @ Bottom of the Hill

April 8th - Friday - 2 highly recommended events!!
Buxter Hoot'n CD Release Show w/ Nick Jaina & Devotionals at Cafe du Nord
(Devotionals new video for Misericordia: http://vimeo.com/19547825) tix: http://cafedunord.com

Woven Screening (Elia Vargas's film release) featuring Emily Ritz & music from Honeycomb + live sets from Honeycomb & Ever Isles @ ATA. $6-10. 8PM.

April 9th - Saturday
The Cold War Kids & Sean Hayes at the Fox Theatre

April 10th - Sunday
CONSPIRACY OF VENUS + Mark Growden & his Tucson String Band @ Amnesia. 9pm. $10

April 13th - Wednesday
Girls in Trouble, Jascha Hoffman, & poets in the Mission @ Viracocha
The Blank Tapes Album Release, Little Wings, Rad Cloud, & Kacey Johansing @ the Great American Music Hall, Loving Cup Presents

April 16th - Saturday
Nailed It! A Comedy Show @ the Rusty Nail.
Hosted by Jake Weisman, featuring Chris Garcia, Kevin Camia, Caitlin Gill, Paul Cibis, & Joe Wengert. 8pm. $5-10. http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=191408404228412

**April 17th - Sunday- FULL MOON
SeaweedSway Showcase + Chasing the Moon w/ EFFT & Sabrina (pdx) & one more awesome band TBA @ the Make-Out Room!

April 23rd - Saturday
Dirdy Birdy, Young Hunters, & Waiting Room @ house show. Ronnie & Alan's Bday Party. $10. Inquire for details.

April 29th - Friday
The Beehavers & more TBA at Amnesia

May 7-8th - Saturday & Sunday
Fundraiser for Zambaleta - New Music Venue & School in the Mission - Presented by Joe Lewis - Lineup includes Zambaleta Gypsy Jazz Ensemble, afrolicious, glitter snatch, Michael Musika, Jugtown Pirates, fpodbpod, Mark Matos & Os Beaches, Buxter Hoot'n, Honeycomb, the Blank Tapes, Kacey Johansing, Classical Revolution, Loose joints, The Hypnotist Collectors, japanized elifants, foxtails brigade, huge wisper, annie bacon's folk opera, & Quinn DeVeaux
extra bonus things.

Seaweed for Sale! 
my friend Kacie Loparto is returning to Maine where she has lots & lots of seaweed that she hand-harvested, and she's going to be shipping me a big order of it. if you know you want some, please get in touch. either email Kacie Loparto @ she.sells.seaweed@gmail.com or contact me @ seaweedsway@gmail.com to place an order. there are 2oz bags ($7) of kombu, nori, dulse, wakame, kelp & a special soup mix blend ($10). i intend to keep selling seaweed at seaweed sway shows too, so let me know if you want some!

YOGA CLASSES Saturday & Sunday: I teach yoga classes weekly on Saturdays & Sundays at the Yoga Loft. Saturday is a Gentle Hatha class from 12:45-2pm & Sunday is a Restorative Class from 6:30-8pm. (This Saturday's class is canceled for Anna Halprin's workshop, but pretty much every other week it's on! :) Each class is only $10! Check out http://theloftsf.com & http://seaweedswayyoga.blogspot.com for more details. I'd love to see you there! 321 divisadero st. @ page.

EzraLipp.com is a reality! Officially Reality- check it out!! he made it himself!

il gato has a new video for the song "On Feathers & Arrows (on Burnt Pine)". The B&W video is composed of archived video footage around San Francisco from he 1920s and 1930s. Here is the link, please take it in & pass it around if you wish: http://www.vimeo.com/18936235

Devotionals have a new video out!! For the song "Misericordia". The song and video are beautiful and profound - filmed on and around the decay and expanse of the shores of the Salton Sea. the song features Tyson Vogel, Anton Patzner, & Lewis Patzner instrumentally - and the video also features Emily Ritz of Honeycomb. here is the link, please take it in & pass it around if you wish: http://vimeo.com/19547825  Catch them playing on Friday April 8th at Buxter Hoot'n's album release show (Nick Jaina plays too)!! http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=205318579483343

Popdose.com contributer Michael Fortes, has a monthly music video-interview series, Parlour to Parlour. Each month, Fortes is peeking into artists' homes and creative processes to discover a bit of what's behind the songs and what makes them tick, this year focusing on a snippet of the Bay Area music scene, with lots of Seaweed Sway favorites. The latest episode features The Beehavers!! All 10 of 'em! You can see the full Beehavers musical report here: http://popdose.com/parlour-to-parlour-episode-28-the-beehavers/ and see a performance of them in North Beach! At a hat store that asked the band to play on the spot, and gave them all hats in exchange! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2e1XaJ2TZjk Also check out past episodes of FpodBpod & the Blank Tapes, and stay tuned for future episodes! Thanks to Garrett Eaton for the awesome video footage. 

TINY ANTENNA HAVE LARGE RECEPTORS Radio Show: check out past & future episodes of Elia Vargas's show on Pirate Cat Radio - every Monday 6-8pm. He's been having lots of SeaweedSway bands - Michael Musika, The Beehavers, Helene Renaut, Sugar Candy Mountain & Ash Reiter, Dina Maccabee, Ever Isles, Magic Leaves, il gato, & more. You can stream it live from anywhere and hear past shows at http://pcrcollective.org (new link).
LOST PURPLE CAMERA - hey everyone, I lost my new little purple camera at the Make-Out Room SeaweedSway show on my birthday! it was in a little purple case. did you see it?? let me know if you found it or have any leads! thanks! HOUSING LIST - post or sign up: if you're looking for housing in the sf bay, sign up to receive emails or browse recent posts at http://groups.google.com/group/looking-for-housing / it's a google group i started to help pass along rooms for rent. please post any good room openings to looking-for-housing@googlegroups.com! JOB LIST - post or sign up: http://groups.google.com/group/looking-for-jobs-in-sf-bay-area send me job announcements please!! this list is a little slow right now...

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Thank you for reading & participating in community events!! This is a weekly or so list of bay area music shows, with a few yoga & nature events mixed in. Please submit events in the format above a couple of weeks in advance. Thank you!

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