Friday, March 18, 2011

Michael Musika's Album & Book of Spells, Release Show, TONIGHT @ Rickshaw Stop. SUNDAY Benefit for Japan w/ AudiaFauna, Au Dunes/Graves, & Ariel Eisen @ Make-Out Room EARLY

hello, seaweedswayers!

show highlights. special plea to go to rickshaw stop tonight and make-out room sunday (early) night 
list of super-recommended shows and events. to go to thru may, calendar marking time
extra bonus things. housing list info, seaweed buying, some new videos from friends, yoga classes, etc.

show highlights.

As many of you know, TONIGHT, Friday March 18th, is a big night at the Rickshaw Stop. Brass Menazeri, Michael Musika, and Toshio Hirano are playing songs, but there's a lot more to it. This show is incredibly special. Michael Musika's album and novella Spells are finally in the physical world, and they are true masterpieces - genius, magical, and mysterious. This seance will be a gathering of spirits near and far to celebrate the release of this important inspiring work into the world.

A night of legends and serious sorcery. dj Zelijko will be closing the show to continue the dance party. Oh yeah, and the Full Worm Moon is the next day, apparently the biggest full moon for a long time (awesome), so we're releasing a new episode of Chasing the Moon from Sonny and the Sunsets! Advance purchased tickets earn you extra appreciation, guaranteed entry, and probably less time waiting in line: 8pm. Early arrival strongly encouraged. Re-posting and RSVP'ing helps. Curiously timed, we'll have Maine hand-harvested seaweed for sale~ $7 for a 2 oz. bag of kelp, dulse, kombu, wakame, or nori - $10 for a special soup mix. (more seaweed info is at the bottom of this message.) Here are a few more details on the artists...

Brass Menazeri  
"...San Francisco's Powerhouse Balkan Brass Band..."

Michael Musika  
"...crazy like a fox, convicted like a criminal, determined like the sun..."   
Musika's band for the evening will include some of the same luminaries that initially saw a spark in him many years ago.  Ara Anderson will play trumpet and Dave Mihaly will play piano.  Also performing in the band will be Eric Kuhn (Silian Rail), Matt Adams (Blank Tapes), Indianna Hale, Sleepy Todd, Kacey Johansing, Emily Ritz (Honeycomb), Patrick Byers (Albino), Jeff Giaquinto (BLO), Mike Perlmutter (Zoyres), and Jesse Olsen. (Ramon and Jessica). Appropriately, this event is being billed as a seance.  The content to be celebrated is a meditation on the true place where magic exists within this world, as revealed by an emmissary from another. (Read the full intriguing story below.)

Toshio Hirano  
"...Jimmie Rodgers' train gets lost and finds a magical conductor..."

DJ Zeljko 
"...Serbian, Macedonian, Greek, Balkan Romani, Charms, Dance..."

Sonny and the Sunsets' Chasing the Moon episode premier in honor of the full worm moon the next day. Chasing the Moon is a monthly local music video podcast that is celebrated with a live show and screening of the new episode near the full moon each month.

SF Weekly writeup (thanks Hiya):

Sunday Night, please come out again for the SeaweedSway Showcase at the Make-Out Room! Some of the proceeds will go to benefit for Japan - so extra contributions are welcome and appreciated. Also suggestions of what the best organization to give to would be helpful. Show is early, 7:30-11pm. Audiafauna from Santa Cruz, Au Dunes /Graves from Portland, and Ariel Eisen from SF/Oakland are bringing and singing us through the night; you're in for a treat. Vernal Equinox and belated Full Moon celebration. Jeremy Dalmas and the Absurdists are going to entertain us throughout the night, between sets. 

list of super-recommended shows and events. 
you can find the fuller list here: (click "agenda" for a list version) 
or go here for regular updates on cool events! 

March 18th - Friday
 Musika Novella + Album Release seance w/ Brass Menazerie and Toshio Hirano + Sonny & the Sunsets' Chasing the Moon premier at the Rickshaw Stop, SeaweedSway Presents! 
Seaweed for Sale! ($7 for a 2 oz. bag, $10 for soup mix)  see above for super description :)

March 19th - Saturday
Jeffrey Manson and the Range of Light Wilderness at Eleanor Harwood Gallery (1295 alabama st. in SF)

also in SF...
little wings, tara jane oneil, and pale hoarse @ adobe books. $5 suggested donation

also that night, in the East Bay...
Joyce Todd McBride sings Bach at Good Shepherd Episcopal Church 
8pm. 1005 Hearst Avenue at 9th St, Berkeley. Players and Singers: Jennifer Torresen, soprano; Joyce Todd-McBride, contralto; Richard Stumpf, bass; Glen Shannon, flauto traverso; Alan Paul, oboe, oboe d'amore, oboe da cacci; Paula White, violin; Robin Easterbrook, violin; Michèle Voillequé, viola; Julie Morrisett, viola da gamba; & Dawn Kooyumjian, harpsichord, organ. $10 suggested donation; nobody turned away for lack of funds. Baroque Etcetera is an affiliate of the San Francisco Early Music Society.

March 20th - Sunday
Benefit for Japan w/ Audiafauna (Santa Cruz), Au Dunes / Graves (Portland), and Ariel Eisen (SF) + Jeremy Dalmas and The Absurdists @ the MakeOut Room, SeaweedSway Showcase!
 Early 7:30-11pm. $7. We'll also have some seaweed for sale at this show! ($7 for a 2 oz. bag, $10 for soup mix)

March 23rd - Wednesday
Community Music Forum - Dialogue on Fair Trade Music SF - Envisioning Another Way at Red Poppy Art House. 7-9pm

March 25th - Saturday
An Evening of Experimental Americana w/ O'deathArann Harris & the Farm Band, and Helado Negro @ the Independent, Shelby Ash Presents
628 Divisadero, SF. 415-771-1421. 8:30 doors, 9pm show, $12, 21+. Show info:

also that night...
Snob Theatre w/ Picture Atlantic and Debbie Neigher @ the Dark Room

March 30th - Wednesday
Amber Lee, Evil Diane, Jeremy Rourke, and Vanessa VerLee @ Milk Bar.

April 2 - Saturday
Megan Keely, Port St. Willow, and Mojave Bird @ Viracocha

April 3rd - Sunday
Karina Denike, Dina Maccabee, and FpodBpod @ the Make-Out Room

April 5 - Tuesday
annie & her OSHEN, Erin Brazill and Love Axe @ Bottom of the Hill

April 8th - Friday
Buxter Hoot'n CD Release Show w/ Nick Jaina and Devotionals at Cafe du Nord
(Devotionals new video for Misericordia:

also that night...
Woven Screening (Elia Vargas's film release), Honeycomb and Ever Isles @ ATA

April 10th - Sunday
Mark Growden @ Amnesia

April 13th - Wednesday
Girls in Trouble, Jascha Hoffman, and poets in the Mission @ Viracocha
The Blank Tapes Album Release, Little Wings, Rad Cloud, and Kacey Johansing @ the Great American Music Hall, Loving Cup Presents

April 17th - Sunday
SeaweedSway Showcase w/ EFFT and Sabrina (pdx) @ the Make-Out Room!

May 7-8th - Saturday & Sunday
Fundraiser for Zambaleta - New Music Venue & School in the Mission - Presented by Joe Lewis - Lineup TBA soon!


extra bonus things.

Seaweed for Sale! 
seaweed for sale tomorrow night @ the Rickshaw Stop and Sunday @ the Make-Out Room. if you know you want a bunch, email Kacie Loparto @ to place an order. 2oz bags ($7) of Kelp, Kombu, nori, dulse, wakame & a special soup mix blend ($10). she has 80+ bags to sell before moving back to Maine to harvest more seaweed - she's at Laguna and Hayes so pickups can be arranged there, but please get in touch w/ her soon!
YOGA CLASSES Saturday & Sunday: I teach yoga classes weekly on Saturdays and Sundays at the Yoga Loft. Saturday is a Gentle Hatha class from 12:45-2pm and Sunday is a Restorative Class from 6:30-8pm. (Third Sundays of the month, so this week, there's a sub for restorative so I can be at the SeaweedSway Showcase :) Each class is only $10! Check out and for more details. I'd love to see you there! 321 divisadero st. @ page. is a reality! Officially Reality- check it out!! he made it himself!
il gato has a new video for the song "On Feathers and Arrows (on Burnt Pine)". The BandW video is composed of archived video footage around San Francisco from he 1920s and 1930s. Here is the link, please take it in and pass it around if you wish:

Devotionals have a new video out!! For the song "Misericordia". The song and video are beautiful and profound - filmed on and around the decay and expanse of the shores of the Salton Sea. the song features Tyson Vogel, Anton Patzner, and Lewis Patzner instrumentally - and the video also features Emily Ritz of Honeycomb. here is the link, please take it in and pass it around if you wish:  Catch them playing on Friday April 8th at Buxter Hoot'n's album release show (Nick Jaina plays too)!! contributer Michael Fortes, has a monthly music video-interview series, Parlour to Parlour. Each month, Fortes is peeking into artists' homes and creative processes to discover a bit of what's behind the songs and what makes them tick, this year focusing on a snippet of the Bay Area music scene, with lots of Seaweed Sway favorites. The past episode focuses on FpodBpod - rock and roll with a psychedelic soul. You can see Fortes' full FpodBpod musical report here: and see a performance (w/ Joe Lewis on bass) of unreleased song "Annie": Also check out last month's episode of the Blank Tapes, and stay tuned for future episodes! Next one is w/ the Beehavers! Thanks to Garrett Eaton for the awesome video footage. Catch FpodBpod's next show April 3rd at the Make-Out Room w/ Karine Denike and Dina Maccabee.

TINY ANTENNA HAVE LARGE RECEPTORS Radio Show: check out past and future episodes of Elia Vargas's show on Pirate Cat Radio - every Monday 6-8pm. He's been having lots of SeaweedSway bands - The Beehavers and Helene Renaut were on a few weeks ago, and Michael Musika this past Monday. You can stream it live from anywhere and hear past shows at (new link). HOUSING LIST - post or sign up: if you're looking for housing in the sf bay, sign up to receive emails or browse recent posts at / it's a google group i started to help pass along rooms for rent. please post any good room openings to! JOB LIST - post or sign up: send me job announcements please!! this list is a little slow right now...


connect with Seaweed Sway in other realms.
Thank you for reading & participating in community events!! This is a weekly or so list of bay area music shows, with a few yoga and nature events mixed in. Please submit events in the format above a couple of weeks in advance to Thank you!

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