Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Michael Musika's Next Seance in the Series Thursday at the Rickshaw Stop, with Loyd Family Players, Quinn DeVeaux, & Indianna Hale

11-10 tuesday.

community yoga @ the caretakers house. http://caretakers-sf.org 848 divisadero st. 6:15-7:45. donations/trades welcome but not required. gentle all-levels class.

Raya at Yoshi's.

The Blank Tapes at the Hotel Utah.

Benefit Show at El Rio.

11-11 wednesday.

Stitchcraft at Ashkenaz (sp?) in Berkeley.

Pale Hoarse collaborating w/ another band at the Mezzanine.

11-12 thursday.

Michael Musika's next Seance in the Series... w/ Loyd Family Players + Quinn DeVeaux & the Blue Beat Review, at the Rickshaw Stop. please spread the word.

see/hear Quinn DeVeaux, Michael Musika, & Indianna Hale on Chasing the Moon: http://chasingthemoon.pdcst.com

"Michael’s sound is rustic, almost gypsy-like, but it maintains a sense of innocence that is unlike most everything you’ve heard before. His fellow bandmates, mostly friends who play in other projects as well (Matt Adams of Blank Tapes, Eric Kuhn of Silian Rail and Brian Gorman of Tartufi to name a few), helped shape the sound of the album. One senses from their involvement that Musika’s really trying to promote that music, both performing and consuming, is meant to be fun and communal, something to bring us together as performers and spectators. While writing the music for his new album, Musika handed each performer a script with an assigned character, from which each was to figure out the particular sound for their part." -- Bay Bridged

With influences ranging from Carlinhos Brown to Rage Against the Machine, the Loyds mix together a bevy of breaks and textures with great precision for a hot and furious dance party. Utilizing everything from sultry R&B covers to tongue-in-cheek punk rock singalongs, the Loyds will whip the dance floor into a frenzy and turn you into a dashboard drummer for days on end."Combining elements of samba, hip-hop, funk, heavy metal, dancehall & reggae, this 8 to 14 piece non-traditional bateria has quickly earned a reputation as one of Oakland California's most raucous and jubilant party bands." --SF Bay Guardian.

Quinn DeVeaux and The Blue Beat Review is the dance floor between the sweet old times and new hard times. It's New Orleans soul and early blues with the depth of cracked hands combined with the contagious dance rhythm you've been looking for all night.

"Sad true stories sung sweet and straight forward...a prodigious musical vocabulary veiled ever so slightly by a reverent fascination for ancient astrological superstitions rendered delicately surreal through the spooky lens of modern times."


11-13 friday.

They Might Be Giants @ the Fillmore. http://theymightbegiants.com

Diamond Dave's Birthday Party at the FlowerShop.

11-14 saturday.

Radical Women workshop on "fashion as protest & inspiration: queer, punk, & freak fashion" with rachel h. & rachel s. of pandora's trunk. 2-4pm at new valencia hall. 625 larkin st. suite 202 sf. second saturdays. email baradicalwomen@earthlink.net for more info.

11-15 sunday.

Make-Out Room monthly SeaweedSway showcase w/ Indianna Hale, "Windy-Gap" (Jeffrey Manson), & Slow Motion Cowboys. Jeremy Dalmas will be mc'ing and musically interacting. $7 Bring all of our friends & make new ones (if you want). 3225 22nd st. SFhttp://makeoutroom.com

11-20 friday.

next Living Room show at the yoga loft w/ Matt Adams of the Blank Tapes, Brick Thornton chanting, John Friedman, & Yuval Miller. http://theloftsf.com 7:30pm-10pm. $5-15 sliding scale. 321 divisadero st. @ page st. SF

11-22 sunday.

everything swap at the caretakers house, in conjunction w/ the Radical Women. 12-4ish. 848 divisadero st. we hope to have sewing machines available so you can make alterations at the swap. if you have one to lend or want to help with the mending, let us know.

11-23 monday.

the cat's pajamas at the make-out room. 8pm sharp. free! 3225 22nd st. SF http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=69037410223&ref=ts

The Cat's Pajamas is a monthly cabaret featuring spoken word, music, dance, and performance art acts that are an ode to the cultural aesthetics of the past.

11-24 tuesday.

honeycomb at the climate theatre. "We are playing the Music Box series. We will be the only band of the night, playing two sets. One of the sets will be all brand new, never before heard material! come please." The Climate Theatre is at 9th & Folsom, SF. $7-15 sliding scale.http://myspace.com/emilyritz

12-11 friday.

Dirty Snacks Ensemble @ Adobe Books. Dirty Snacks Ensemble features all original art jazz/rock compositions and tie performance art and dance into one experience. Andrew Maguire will be playing drums (& says this will be awesome). http://myspace.com/mousefacemacelroy

12-13 sunday.

Benefit Show for art space on Divisadero st. Rose & Jessie will be singing some songs!

12-19 saturday.

holiday formal w/ rupa & the april fishes, conspiracy of beards, & conspiracy of venus @ the rickshaw stop. tickets on sale today! (october 30th) http://rickshawstop.com

12-20 sunday.

seaweedsway showcase #3 with Kacey Johansing, Garrett Pierce, & Dina Maccabee @ the make-out room. http://makeoutroom.com


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