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Thursday at Cafe du Nord! The Beth Custer Ensemble, Dina Maccabee Band, & Allison Lovejoy's Cabaret Nouveau! + events & news!!

well, it is officially summer & officially winter jacket season in SF. today, but who knows for tomorrow?? stay warm or cool, whatever temperature you prefer, w/ some excellent upcoming shows & events. there is a new quick list of shows below + announcements (yoga classes, kickstarter & fundraising efforts for henri rabbit, lindsay clark, raighne hogan, & cleo the pup, housing & job list, & event submission guidelines) at the bottom of the list. also - i am finally starting to use the seaweedsway google calendar - check it out, and link it to your own google account if you'd like!

this week, i'm writing with a big huge extra special reminder to come to this SeaweedSway show on Thursday!  hope to see you there!!


at Cafe du Nord
2170 Market St.
San Francisco, CA 94114

Doors 7pm, Show 8pm

RSVP on facebook:

besides having the joy of hearing Allison Lovejoy's Cabaret Nouveau to start off the night,  you will get a free Dina Maccabee Band air freshener if you arrive early to the show!!  read more about these awesome bands & listen to sample of their music below:

The Beth Custer Ensemble is a veritable crème de la crème of Bay Area musicians including long time collaborator Jan Jackson on drums, (Will Bernard's Motherbug; Chuck Berry), guitarist David James (Sila, The Coup, Spearhead) iconic pianist Graham Connah (Ted Brinkley), trumpet player Chris Grady (Mark Growden; Grassy Knoll); backup singer Diana Mangano (Jefferson Starship); Seth Ford Young, bass (Tom Waits, Sean Hayes) and BethCuster, vocals/ clarinets (Trance Mission, Club Foot Orchestra, Eighty Mile Beach).

BCE's latest release 'Roam' received the SF Chronicle's highest review rating Pink Section and Memory Select said "Roam... is about songs — Catchy stuff that AOR radio stations ought to take notice of. 
Custer’s voice takes center stage, a lightly silky sound that can dig deep into earthly soul, and a tone that lets you know you don’t have to be in a hurry."


Classical viola major 
Dina Maccabee and free-jazz guitarist Tobin Summerfield made friends in Ann Arbor in 1998. They joked about the pop record they would make one day, but didn’t realize the common musical ground they’d create until...

A dozen years later, Dina is the go-to string player for all kinds of creative and popular music in the San Francisco Bay. The resulting collaboration is a set of tunes from right now that also stands outside pop music's endless wandering from trend to trend. The songs are timeless, intertwining disparate influences with a contemporary stylishness. Maccabee’s credentials from a decade in the real School of Rock show up in the shape of her songs, concise, intelligent lyrics, and her direct, unaffected singing style. Tying the room together,Maccabee arranges a catchy and haunting carpet of strings to complete this remarkable set.

The Dina Maccabee Band on July 8th will be Dina Maccabee on violin/vox, Tobin Summerfield on guitar (Never Enough Hope, Larval), Roger Riedlbauer on guitar (Boxcar Saints), Eric Perney on bass (GoJoGo), & Eric Kuhn on drums (Silian Rail, Sean Hayes).
Concert pianist and first place winner of San Francisco's Best Modern Cabaret Competition, Allison brings to the stage the stylings of Marlena Dietrich, Nina Simone and Dresden Dolls. Original and classic. Stellar piano playing with sultry vocals and saucy stories. "Smart, mischievous fun," says the Pacifica Review. Allison will be joined by special guests Stoo Odom on bass, William Seekamp on sax, Marco Villalobos on drums, & Diana Mangano on vocals.
upcoming seaweedsway shows & events:
(this is of course a quick rundown, check http:/ for updates)

7-8 thursday. 
SeaweedSway Presents: Beth Custer Ensemble, Dina Maccabee Band, & Allison Lovejoy @ Cafe du Nord!
RSVP on facebook:

7-10 saturday.
San Francisco Arts Quarterly Release Symposium w/ music on the SF Art Institute Rooftop from Adam Stephens (two gallants), Young Prisms, & Rumspringa (LA). free!!!!!! & early!! 6-8pm.

7-13 tuesday.
early show at the rickshaw stop w/ mynabirds, honeycomb, & jeremy messersmith.

7-18 sunday.

clothing/everything swap at caretakers house... afternoon-ish - details TBA, save the date & save your swappables!  my Mom will be in town so may bring a few things to swap too. :)

early evening
july seaweedsway showcase @ the make-out room w/ salt minds (dearest+mariee sioux) & lucky cloud (amanda harper, zack ehrlich from the botticellis, michael landis, & friends). one more band TBA. jeremy dalmas is doing a performance piece that spans the whole length of the show, so who knows what that will entail, but we do know you'll want to be there for it. oh yeah, and my MOM will be there too! 7:30 doors/ 8pm sharp show. $7

7-24 saturday.
fuzzpod cd release party @ amnesia. 6-9 w/ ableton andy, df tram, amalgamation, freedy maguire

asada messiah show (i forget where - check or blog for updates)

7-25 sunday.
fpodbpod & michael musika @ sf marathon 16th & guerrero rest stop - early in the morning til 11?

chasing the moon w/ adam kirk, obo martin, & bart davenport's chasing the moon episode release.location TBA.

7-26 monday.
the cat's pajamas cabaret @ the make-out room - sin & sass - with mr. lucky, romeo romeos, the 7 deadly sins

7-28 wednesday.
jascha vs. jascha & more @ the blue macaw.

7-29 thursday.
michael musika, zoyres, & the blank tapes @ viracocha.

7-30 friday.
little wings & breathe owl breathe. location TBA. (let me know if you have a good spot to host it.)

7-31 saturday.
bike music festival. all day! (this year they have permits! :)

8-1 sunday.
dark dark dark at amnesia.

8-7 saturday.
the beehavers & john heart jackie (from portland) + one more TBA at the hotel utah



*there's a yoga class for teenager girls friday nights at the yoga loft. it's just starting though, so we're trying to spread the word. if you know any teenager girls who would be open to trying yoga, please let them know about the class! has details.

These are the Ongoing Yoga Classes that I'm teaching these days. I would love to see you there!
Gentle Hatha Yoga Saturdays at the Yoga Loft. $10 Community Class. 12:45-2pm. 321 Divisadero St. @ Page.
Restorative Yoga Sundays at the Yoga Loft. $17 drop-in, or $10 if you ask for the friend price. Also, new student passes are 3 classes for $35. 6:30-8pm. (This class happens weekly, but there will be a very wonderful sub on the 3rd Sundays because of the SeaweedSway showcase!)
Community Yoga @ the Caretakers House 1st & 3rd Tuesdays of the month. 
848 Divisadero St. @ McCallister. 6:15-7:45pm. RSVP if you can make it. Suggested donation of $5-10 but no one turned away for lack of funds, trades are welcome too.

if you'd like, sign up to get my yoga email updates (once a week or less) at

If you're in the East Bay, check out yoga classes w/ Reagan at Square One Yoga Collective! or email her to get details... "Reagan Wilson" <>

fundraising efforts for cleo the pup (jumped out a window & has expensive $$ medical care)+ kickstarter for new albums from henri rabbit & lindsay clark + for raighne who makes comics:

henri rabbit (in washington recording a new album):
deadline is july 20th

lindsay clark (in portland, oregon recording a new album):
deadline is july 14th

raighne hogan (in minneapolis, making rad comic books)

cleo the pup, needs $$ for medical care because he jumped out of a window :(
From Samaki (of Fuzzpod)
Please donate at !

Cleo's Story (by Samaki):
Cleo and I have been best friends since she first appeared (literally) at my patio in Hollywood 4 years ago. Her separation anxiety lead her to breaking out of her owners house and since I was unemployed at the time, she would spend her days with me. Soon I would adopt her.

With many long walks and lots of attentions she has overcome her anxiety but with our move to a new neighborhood (and city) on June 11th she lept out of the 2nd story window of our apartment only to break her foot and bust her face. Pretty minor injuries considering the circumstances but on the following day she attempted this feat again.

Having a cast on her leg and a cone on her head, her landing was not nearly as graceful and she suffered a bad blow to the head, hip and internal damages to her bladder. She has spent many nights in the emergency room and will soon return home. She may be confused and broken, but her spirit is not broken! She is looking forward to celebrating her 10th birthday on the4th of July. She is not going to let that stop her from celebrating despite her injuries. Cleo looks forward to stealing your heart as soon as she gets better.



HOUSING LIST: if you're looking for housing in the sf bay, you can sign up to receive emails or browse recent posts at it's a google group i started to make it easier to pass on housing announcements that i see. please send me any good room openings you see so i can pass them on to everyone who's looking! if you join the group, you can post your housing opening directly to the list.

JOB LIST: I also have a job list - let me know if you have job announcements that I should forward or join it if you'd like to get job announcements.

EVENT SUBMISSION: if you'd like to submit an event, please write to me at and send a short description in the brief format above (2-5 lines please), 2 weeks or more before the event. if i left your event out of this list, it usually just means i ran out of time to re-format it & add it. please remind me of it, and i'll try to add it or possibly promote it in other ways...

thank you for reading & participating in community events !!


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