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Flora&Fauna+Chasing the Moon Beach+Garden Show Saturday (CA Honeydrops, Il Gato, Castanets) + Farewell Shows for Fort & Blue6 + July 8 @ Cafe du Nord ++++!!

hello everyone,

here's another past-midnight edition of the seaweedsway events & announcements list, with some great new shows & events. thanks to all who came to the shows last week!! i encourage you to skim through & see if any of these upcoming events might be up your alley. here are some highlights to start things off:

*saturday is the full strawberry moon + a lunar eclipse, which means it's also the next chasing the moon show! this time it is in collaboration w/ zack vieria, combining forces w/ his {flora & fauna} summer solstice spectacle. for this auspicious day, we have a special array of music/nature/&movies lined up to celebrate. we are premiering the california honeydrop's chasing the moon episode, & featuring live music from raymond raposa of castanets, ohioan (yay!), wolf & crow, il gato, & the caps (all the way from pdx!), + a few more outdoor movies from prism index. but wait, there's more. the show is going to be outside in a garden at a seacliff house, starting at 6pm, and we'll start with a baker beach party at 3pm. (special request: if anyone has a PA we could borrow, that would be super - please let me know!!) here's the flyer w/ a map, more details/links below or go to . hope to see you there!

*thursday july 8th is going to be a big night at cafe du nord, with the beth custer ensemble, dina maccabee band, & allison lovejoy's cabaret nouveau. just want you to mark your calendar now for this one & get your ticket if you can go maybe even RSVP & invite friends!  if you want to help spread the word in any way shape or form, great! you can see the full details here & below:

*last shows for blue 6 and fort gallery this week:  on sunday, fort gallery in oakland is having a farewell show, w/ adam stephens & the wolfskin traders (graham patzner & friends)... on wednesday, blue six is having their last show w/ little wings & michael musika.  come say goodbye & show your support for these wonderful community venues, w/ two nights of seriously good music.

*there's a yoga class for teenager girls friday nights at the yoga loft. it's just starting though, so we're trying to spread the word. if you know any teenager girls who would be open to trying yoga, please let them know about the class! has details.

 *at the bottom of the events list, you'll find a few special announcements for friends who are using kickstarter to make new albums - henri rabbit & lindsay clark.  please check out the videos they made to  give a taste of their music & explain what they are doing - and please contribute if you can + pass on the videos. 

*last but not least, my friend samaki has asked for help raising $ for her dog cleo, who jumped out of their two story window, and now has very expensive medical bills, for which she is asking for any contributions. go to to donate & read a little more about what happened there or below...

thank you, happy full strawberry moon lunar eclipse, & perhaps will see you soon!

6-26 saturday.

Gentle Hatha Yoga @ the Yoga Loft! $10 community class. (yoga class details below)

3pm Baker Beach Party / 6pm Seacliff House Concert
** FLORA & FAUNA + Chasing the Moon Summer Solstice Spectacle **

featuring performances by:






*plus outdoor screenings of:

The full moon premiere of

short films by Mike Kuchar, Jay Rosenblatt,
Michael Langan, the Zellner Brothers and more...


Saturday June 26th on San Francisco’s northwest corner of for a party at baker beach and an outdoor house concert.

3PM Beach Party
6PM Musical Performances

beach to house trail map:

6-27 sunday.

restorative yoga at the yoga loft. 6:30-8pm. (details below)

the blank tapes, otto mobile, & mission 3 @ the make-out room. 3225 22nd St. between Valencia & Mission. 8pm.

farewell to Fort Gallery show w/ Adam Stephens & the Wolfskin Traders (Graham Patzner & friends). 683 26th St. @ MLK Oakland

From Vanessa (Queen of Fort):
Well, the time has come to say good-bye to yet another Fort. Not only does this mean a new venue in the near future (after summer break), but I see no lovelier way to say "I'll see ya when I see ya" than with the memorable performances of:

Adam Stephens (formerly Two Gallants)
The Wolfskin Traders (Oakland represent.)

doors at 9
show to start at 10 sharp.

****after party post-midnight with special guest band Protect Me from Los Angeles holdin' it down 'til the end of yet another era.

Thanks to all of you awesome music lovers and bands for the continuous support of Fort. You all make it very worthwhile.
Here's to the future!

6-28 monday.

Great White Buffalo Show on FCC Free Radio. Final show! w/ Josh Bruner on Monday 4-6pm. check out the blog to hear past shows & get a preview of the final show:

Tiny Antenna Have Large Receptors on Pirate Cat Radio w/ DJ Words (Elia Vargas)  on facebook:

Whore! Magazine Launch ~the Cats Pajamas~ Noire Montmartre at the Make-Out Room featuring Backlit, Gabrielle Ekedal & Angus Martin, Dusty Horn, & more. 3225 22nd st. @ mission.
From Ginger (Cat's Pajamas Host & Whore Magazine Founder)
At Last!!!! The long-awaited yearning for the first issue of WHORE! MAGAZINE will be sated. Don't know what Whore! magazine is? Well it is a quarterly print women's culture publication exploring who women really are as opposed to what they are expected to be. So come and join us for a night of celebration, performance, and the first issue ready to be put in your hot hands. In honor of our Aesthetic and that marvelous explosion of art, sex, fashion and wildness that was the 1920's Red Light District of Paris the theme is "Noir Montmarte". Think sheer black stockings and wicked red shoes. Absinthe and CanCan dancers. Anais Nin and and Kiki Montparnasse. We will be living it high and we want you to come slink around with us!
“La vie est belle, voila le quadrille” – Toulouse Lautrec

6-29 wednesday.
Little Wings & Michael Musika play songs, at the last Blue Six show ever. 3043 24th St. @ Treat St. "Little Wings (Kyle Field) and Michael Musika make songs for mid summer and leave the world of earth. birds. crickets. forest. all the fairy tales destroyed and grown over by the great wilderness." - michael musika /

7-1 thursday.
SF Art & Politics Newspaper Release Party w/ Thrips, Quite Polite, & Translators, + Political Puppetry by Emily Butterfly.  @ Submission Gallery. 2183 Mission @ 18th.  Free but donations are accepted for the FREE newspaper available to all who come.

7-3 saturday.
Sean Hayes + Arann Harris & the Farm Band in Sonoma
make a weekend of it. show details are here!

7-6 tuesday.
Caretakers House Yoga! 848 divisadero st. @ mccallister. rsvp requested. 6:15-7:45pm.

7-8 thursday.
SeaweedSway Presents: Beth Custer Ensemble, Dina Maccabee Band, & Allison Lovejoy @ Cafe du Nord!
RSVP on facebook:


if you'd like, sign up to get yoga email updates (once a week or less) at

These are the Ongoing Yoga Classes that I'm teaching. I would love to see you there!
Gentle Hatha Yoga Saturdays at the Yoga Loft. $10 Community Class. 12:45-2pm. 321 Divisadero St. @ Page.
Restorative Yoga Sundays at the Yoga Loft. $17 drop-in, or $10 if you ask for the friend price. Also, new student passes are 3 classes for $35. 6:30-8pm. (This class happens weekly, but there will be a very wonderful sub on the 3rd Sundays because of the SeaweedSway showcase!)
Community Yoga @ the Caretakers House 1st & 3rd Tuesdays of the month. 
848 Divisadero St. @ McCallister. 6:15-7:45pm. RSVP if you can make it. Suggested donation of $5-10 but trades are welcome too.

If you're in the East Bay, check out yoga classes w/ Reagan at Square One Yoga Collective! or email her to get details... "Reagan Wilson" <>

fundraising efforts for cleo the pup ( jumped out a window & has expensive $$ medical care)+ kickstarter for new albums from henri rabbit & lindsay clark:

henri rabbit (in washington recording a new album):
deadline is july 20th

lindsay clark (in portland, oregon recording a new album):
deadline is july 14th

cleo the pup, needs $$ for medical care: 
From Samaki (of Fuzzpod), please donate at !

Last Friday my dog Cleo decided to test the laws of gravity – not once but twice – and jump out of our 2-story apartment window. After a vet visit and two ER visits Ms. Cleo had to have bladder surgery yesterday and is still at the hospital. She is stable considering all that she’s been through. Hopefully she will make progress from drinking to eating and being able to keep food down today.

She’s a strong, spunky pup and we can't wait till she can come home!

Andy and I made a blog for her and our fund raising efforts to cover what we’ve spent in only the last few days for her care. Our goal is 7k. Please repost our link to folks to donate and/or pass our URL to any and all friends, animal supporters, crazy cat ladies, angel investors etc.

AND, we're having a karaoke fundraiser 6/26 at the Dovre club. There's a tab on the webpage about it.



HOUSING LIST: if you're looking for housing in the sf bay, you can sign up to receive emails or browse recent posts at it's a google group i started to make it easier to pass on housing announcements that i see. please send me any good room openings you see so i can pass them on to everyone who's looking! if you join the group, you can post your housing opening directly to the list.

JOB LIST: I also have a job list - let me know if you have job announcements that I should forward. this list is just getting re-started so will hopefully be more active soon.

EVENT SUBMISSION: if you'd like to submit an event, please write to me at and send a short description in the format above (2-5 lines please), 2 weeks or more before the event. if i left your event out of this list, it usually just means i ran out of time to re-format it & add it. please remind me of it, and i'll try to add it or possibly promote it in other ways...

thank you for reading & participating in community events !!


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