Tuesday, June 1, 2010

PeoplePeople & FpodBpod Friday @ Thee Parkside, Blank Tapes Thursday @ Grant & Green, Obo Martin @ Viracocha Thursday, Jeremy Rourke Stencil Art Opening & Music Performance Saturday!

6-3 thursday.
Obo Martin, Harrison, & more at Viracocha in SF. Valencia & 21st. Donations! http://myspace.com/obomartin

The Blank Tapes & more @ Grant & Green in North Beach. FREE!!! http://myspace.com/theblanktapes

6-4 friday.
people people, monarques (from portland), & fpodbpod (just moved back from portland) at thee parkside! 9pm. music starts at 9:30, get there on time!! $7

6-5 saturday.
4-7 PM*
> *
jeremy rourke's stencil art opening, kaleidoscope, 3109 24th St., near
jeremy rourke will be showing several new stencil pieces, with
refreshments and live music by dave mihaly and others.  check out his art,
music and stop motion animation videos at:  
7-10 PM*
directly following 
jeremy's opening, jeremy and his wife vanessa verlee
will be performing as part of a storytelling night at "casa cuentos".
this will be a house concert hosted by martina castro of KALW.  
jeremy will be one of many storytelling performers sharing their
stories thru spoken word, song, video and more.  the event will take place
at: 1467 Florida Street, SF.  
jeremy and vanessa will be performing in the
second half of the evening.  both events are free and open to all.

6-11 friday.
Mariee Sioux, Foxtails Brigade Album Release, & fashion show by Isabelle & friends at the Swedish Music Hall. Silhouette. http://myspace.com/lauraweinbach  RSVP/ DETAILS: http://bit.ly/marieesiouxjune11  TIX: http://bit.ly/june11lyreslacetix OR email lweinbach@gmail.com to get one w/out the service charge for $12! 

6-16 wednesday.
WomenRock's 4th Anniversary Show w/ Conspiracy of Venus (our season finale!), Stripmall Architecture, Bernadette Bohan, & Ziva Hadar! GET TIX NOW or you can buy them in person from me w/out the service charge http://bit.ly/womenrockjune16 http://womenrockmusic.com http://conspiracyofvenus.com this is a big show for us, and we appreciate your support by buying your tickets in advance!! please help us spread the word! http://theindependentsf.com

6-20 sunday.
SeaweedSway Showcase w/ Little WIngs, Aaron Novik's Thorny Brocky, & NoHow On at the Make-Out Room! Jeremy Dalmas mc'ing!
tix available at http://brownpapertickets.com details at: http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=122004044501096

7-8 thursday.
Beth Custer Ensemble, Dina Maccabee Band, & Allison Lovejoy @ Cafe du Nord. 



if you're up for it, sign up to get yoga email updates (once a week or less) at http://groups.google.com/group/seaweedsway-yoga

Ongoing Yoga Classes:

Gentle Hatha Yoga Saturdays at the Yoga Loft. $10 Community Class. 12:45-2pm. 321 Divisadero St. @ Page. http://theloftsf.com

Restorative Yoga Sundays at the Yoga Loft 6:30-8pm. (except on 3rd Sundays because of the SeaweedSway showcase, then there is a substitute!)

Community Yoga @ the Caretakers House 1st & 3rd Tuesdays of the month. 848 Divisadero St. @ McCallister. 6:15-7:45pm. http://caretakers-sf.org


HOUSING LIST: if you're looking for housing in the sf bay, you can sign up to receive emails or browse recent posts at http://groups.google.com/group/looking-for-housing it's a google group i started to make it easier to pass on housing announcements that i see. please send me any good room openings you see so i can pass them on to everyone who's looking! if you join the group, you can post your housing opening directly to the list.

JOB LIST: I also have a job list - let me know if you have job announcements that I should forward. this list is just getting re-started so will hopefully be more active soon. http://groups.google.com/group/looking-for-jobs-in-sf-bay-area

EVENT SUBMISSION: if you'd like to submit an event, please write toseaweedsway@gmail.com and send a short description in the format above (2-5 lines please) 2 weeks or more before the event. if i left your event out of this list, it usually just means i ran out of time to re-format it & add it. please remind me of it and i'll try to add it or possibly promote it in other ways...

thank you for reading & participating !!



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