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welcome to seaweedsway: bay area music, yoga, & nature announcements & news. note: lately we've been giving away tickets every week for shows, if you're into that sort of thing. scroll down to learn how to win 'em.

  • TONIGHT: Fox & Woman, Petoskey (pdx), & River Whyless (north carolina) @ Viracocha!!
  • WIN TIX to Women's History Month Celebration Thursday at Amnesia with the Emily Anne Band, Valerie Orth, & JRo Project (+ my last day of work party)
  • WIN TIX to East Bay SeaweedSway next Saturday at the Starry Plough with The Lawlands, Rachel Goodrich, & DAD (Christine Hucal)
  • YOGA: restorative mondays + gentle yoga saturdays
  • Vocal Technique Class with Joyce Todd McBride (director of CoV) starts Wednesday at Viracocha, sign up now
  • calendar: upcoming shows!
  • kickstarter: Little Heart: A Comic Anthology for Marriage Equality
  • other news: asterisk article, housing & job lists

hey everyone! first things first:
3 super really good bands are playing at viracocha tonight fox & woman, petoskey (pdx), & river whyless (north carolina). since two of them are touring, it may be your one-time chance to see them (i.e. who knows when they'll be back), and they could use the support as they've been on the road and would appreciate a nice SF audience! you know how that is. plus it's at viracocha so you can't go wrong there. so cozy & quaint & beautiful. also, locals fox & woman are astonishing and will blow you out of the water, or the rainy day mood, or whatever it is you want to escape...
take a listen (they all have bandcamp pages too, thank the music internet gods):

thursday! we are celebrating women's history month, honoring the efforts and progress of women, at amnesia. + i'll be celebrating my last day at my job of 7.5 years and would love your company. with music from the emily anne band, valerie orth, & the jro project. 

and hey, guess what? you can win tix here! if you answer the question "Who is the most influential woman (living or historical) in your life and why?" 

here's a swell video, featuring the bands, speaking about women's history month (gave me a few chills):

and here are a couple more rad videos from valerie orth: (new video for "blinding") (singing at the occupy music fest, w/ pedal powered amplification)

see you there!!!!!! 

saturday march 31st is the next east bay seaweedsway at the starry plough! featuring the lawlands (songs by shaun lowecki), rachel goodrich (with geneva harrison on drums), &DAD (christine hucal in town from michigan!) check for a ticket giveaway this week.

see & hear: 

The Lawlands (live! black dog & forests)

(one of her hit songs & an adorable fun video - light bulb)

DAD (corner store dance video for $itting at the Gang$ter Table)

near the BART for those of you in SF!

Coming up: Vocal Technique Class Taught by Joyce Todd McBride, director of Conspiracy of Venus. Wednesday nights at Viracocha, 8:15-9:30, March 28th -June 6th (missing May 16th), so that's 10 sessions for $175 (materials provided).

I've been learning from Joyce since 2007, and I love her way of explaining sound - it's a full body experience ! I'll be taking the class too so am especially encouraging others to join.

Class will cover...
*Technique: tone, strength, breathing, support
*Repertoire: students will be given some material in a variety of styles and will also be invited to bring in a pieces of their own choice, in any genre.
*Musicianship: rhythm, intonation, listening

Please email Joyce at if you'd like to sign up ASAP.



restorative yoga mondays: 7:30-9pm, regular prices apply. relax & rest deeply.

gentle yoga saturdays: 10:45am-12pm, $10 community class. mellow movement.

the yoga loft is located at 321 divisadero st. @ page. off the 24 bus line, close to the 6 & 71 haight st. buses. (if you are traveling far, double-check it's on each week.)


tonight sunday march 25th: fox & woman (SF), petoskey (pdx), & river whyless (n.c.) @ viracocha, 8pm

thursday march 29th: valerie orth & the JRo project + Emily Anne Band at amnesia - honoring women's history month, 9pm

saturday march 31st: east bay seaweedsway with the lawlands, rachel goodrich (round 2!), & DAD (christine hucal, in town for a visit) at the starry plough

thursday april 5th, seaweedsway presents, a party at cafe du nord with il gato (folk/rock/pop, new songs!), passenger & pilot (folk/traditional/strings), red weather (folk), & drew victor (NY, acoustic/solo)

saturday april 14th, i'm singing a few songs to open the night at the next vanessa verlee variety show. the night will also include stories from Michael Musika, comedy from Jes MarieDave Mihaly having a conversation between his muse & our laughter, Jeremy Rourke with his magic videos & music, & Vanessa herself hosting the night & reinterpreting other people's songs with stories from her own past.

sunday april 15th, seaweedsway showcase with the blank tapes (LA/SF), this frontier needs heroes (ny), & levi strom (big sur) at the make-out room

for updates on community shows, go to fbook and
submissions? email with a brief listing of your event.


ok, so i dropped the ball on sending this out sooner, but i still wanted to feature it cuz it's a really cool project being created by my friend raighne in minnesota. here's his description of the project:

"Little Heart is a comic anthology created to show support for marriage equality, produced in partnership with 2D Cloud & [MN]Love and YOU.

Love strikes all walks of life and it is as normal as it is diverse, as universal as it is unique. The definitions of love and marriage aren't something that can be mandated through the passage of laws; rather they develop individually for each and every one of us.

This project was spawned by the very urgent need to fight the 2012 referendum that seeks to instill discrimination and hate in the Minnesota state constitution. Since Little Heart’s inception, the project has grown. The reason for the growth is that the issue itself is bigger than Minnesota. Which is why we have enlisted artists across the US, Canada, and a small sampling of international artists. "

if you have ideas where raighne's book can be showcased when done, or to order one, contact him at: "raighne hogan" <>, 


A HUGE THANK YOU to JONATHAN HIRSCH of the local band PASSENGER & PILOT + JEREMY JOVEN for the profile in ASTERISK MAGAZINE!! such a wonderful gift to be featured: would love for you to take a look... i talk a bit about this here project!! JEREMY ROURKE'S in there too!!!

POST HOUSING ANNOUNCEMENTS TO: "looking-for-housing" <>

thank you!
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