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SATURDAY FEB. 25TH - poster by vanessa maida of fort gallery - win tix - info below!

welcome to seaweedsway: bay area music, yoga, & nature announcements & news.

  • THANK YOU for last sunday
  • TICKET GIVEAWAY FOR SATURDAY mark matos & os beaches, katie clover, my second surprise @ starry plough. return tothe sea! seaweed 4 sale & flying fish!
  • seaweedsway & jeremy rourke in *ASTERISK MAGAZINE!
  • YOGA classes saturday & monday + help at the Loft this weekend
  • community calendar: upcoming shows & events... SWAP march 3rd
  • new albums: RAMON & JESSICA, SEAN HAYES
  • music videos: JASCHA, MICHAEL MUSIKA
  • winter mix
  • hear it local video + sign up!
  • housing & job lists
  • music blog survey: what are your favorites?
THANK YOU to everyone who came to the make-out room show last sunday and to the bands!! thank you Rachel Goodrich (feat. Geneva Harrison on drums), Slow Motion Cowboys, & Michael Musika (w/ Eric Kuhn) - you amaze me. thanks for all the kind bday notes as well. you guys are the best, and i had a wonderful weekend celebrating!! here's a video from the night, michael & eric covering jim carroll's punk rock song "people who died": watch til the end for some super dance moves. any other photos or video would be appreciated!

ticket giveaway for SATURDAY! return to the sea! 
come to the starry plough in berkeley to hear mark matos & os beaches (folk/psych/rock) making a comeback! hear their new songs! + yogi katie clover (spirited folk/pop) got her voice back & is ready to sing for us! + my second surprise's (indiepop, all-star lineup w/ ayal nayor, butron li, andrew laubacher, jimmy dewald/tim vickers, & danny cao) east bay debut! ~ there will be flying fish & seaweed for sale! GO HERE TO WINTIX: rad poster by vanessa maida of fort gallery!

A HUGE THANK YOU to JONATHAN HIRSCH of the local band PASSENGER & PILOT + JEREMY JOVEN for the profile in ASTERISK MAGAZINE!! such a wonderful gift to be featured: love for you to take a look... i talk a bit about this here project!! JEREMY ROURKE'S in there too!!!


gentle yoga saturdays: 10:45am-12pm, $10 community class. mellow movement.

restorative yoga mondays: 7:30-9pm, regular prices apply. relax & rest deeply.

help @ yoga loft needed this weekend: they could use some extra helping hands for cleaning & maintenance ~ work party!!! sat & sun 12-4:30ish. email for deets.**

the yoga loft is located at 321 divisadero st. @ page. off the 24 bus line, close to the 6 & 71 haight st. buses. (if you are traveling far, double-check it's on each week.)


tonight! bells & quinn deveaux @ viracocha!

saturday! east bay seaweedsway with mark matos & os beaches, katie clover, & my second surprise @ the starry plough. win tix! (see above)

saturday march 2nd! swap at the house of love, 2-4:30pm, write for details.

sunday march 4th! jascha's cd release @ viracocha w/ ramon & jessica (who also have a new cd) & the glasses

tuesday march 8th! early seaweedsway with jared saltiel (NY) at the revolution cafe. free! donations welcome. 4-7pm. 

sunday march 18th! seaweedsway showcase w/ kapowski, katie clover, & anna ash. east bay invasion!!! make-out room.

saturday march 31st! east bay seaweedsway with the lawlands, rachel goodrich (round 2!), & DAD (christine hucal, in town for a visit) at the starry plough

thursday april 5th, seaweedsway presents, a party at cafe du nord with il gato (folk/rock/pop, new songs!), passenger & pilot (folk/traditional/strings),red weather (folk), & drew victor (NY, acoustic/solo)

for more community shows, goto fbook and
submissions? email with a brief listing of your event.


don'tcha know, slow motion cowboys have a kickstarter! 40 something hours to go! to fund their new album, buzzard songs:
these guys are some of my favorite people & musicians in SF, & the songs for this album are superb. they've already done all the recording, over a year ago, in wisconsin. they just need the funding topress the albums & get them out into the world! help 'em out? 

jeffrey manson has a kickstarter too!!! to fund his new album & book, west county prowl:


ramon & jessica's new album "fly south" is available virtually at, on iTunes, or at any of their upcoming shows (i.e. march 4th at viracocha)

sean hayes new album, "outtakes & alternatives": 
hear "when we fall in" with frazey ford from the be good tanyas:
buy it at and/or via itunez. 
also, new parlour to parlour episode, made by michael fortes & garrett eaton!


here's jascha's new science-fiction music video from his new album The Future Limited! About a lonely computer searching for human love. 

i'm in a music video with michael musika & eric kuhn at the yoga loft! watch it here:

WINTER MIX: if you didn't get a copy of the autumn mix, let me know! thanks to REAGAN WILSON for the artwork & design!

HEAR IT LOCAL! bands & friends, friends-in-bandsplease make a hear it local page! here's an info video to give you a sense of what they're doing.  once you make a page on there for your band, let me know, and i can link it to my website so your shows will appear on the community calendar.

POST HOUSING ANNOUNCEMENTS TO: "looking-for-housing" <>

SURVEY: what are your favorite music blogs & why? please write back & let me know!!

thank you!
email to get on the email list or say hi!

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