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Sugar Candy Mountain, Pancake Breakfast, Full Hunger Moon, Bday Potluck! SUN. Feb. 20th - SeaweedSway Showcase!

Sunday February 20th
SeaweedSway + Chasing the Moon Present:
SUGAR CANDY MOUNTAIN (Debut Show! Feat. Will Halsey of the Blank Tapes & Ash Reiter's band)
ALAMEDA (from Portland)
Mike Midlo of PANCAKE BREAKFAST (from Portland)
EVER ISLES' Chasing the Moon premier for the FULL HUNGER MOON
~at the Make-Out Room~
Address: 3225 22nd St. between Mission & Valencia
Tickets: $7 at the door - $5 if you bring a potluck item
RSVP on facebook:
Time: 7:30pm doors / 8-11pm showtime
Press Inquiries (including ticket giveaways), please contact:

The next SeaweedSway Showcase has even more than usual going on, and it's my birthday!! So it's going to be a February birthday party potluck, which fits well with the food name bands and full hunger moon on Feb. 18th! Next Sunday promises to be an extra special and fulfilling night for all who attend. Here are the bullet point reasons of why you should go:

*Sugar Candy Mountain's Debut Show! featuring Will Halsey (drummer for the Blank Tapes & Ash Reiter) ~ the band includes members of the Blank Tapes and the backing band for Ash Reiter and Anna Ash!
*Portland Invasion w/ Alameda & Mike Midlo of Pancake Breakfast! *Birthday show & potluck!!! on Jessie's Bday + for other February bdays ~ Raw Vegan Organic is encouraged, but bring what you like!
*Chasing the Moon featuring Ever Isles' episode premier! in honor of the Full Hunger Moon (Feb. 18th)!
*Jeremy Dalmas & the Absurdists hosting the night away! Will Jeremy bring cookies? *Too good to be true! (but it is)
*President's Day is the next day, so many people have the day off - easier to stay out late!
SUGAR CANDY MOUNTAIN Sugar Candy Mountain is the vehicle for Will Halsey's flights of pop fancy. When he's not drumming for Ash Reiter or The Blank Tapes, Will is concocting his own Grade A ear candy, drawing from an inspirational well filled with Beach Boys-style vocal harmonies, electronic dance-pop, sunny good vibes and songwriting that recalls the golden era of fun-in-the-sun 1960s pop music. Will and his great big band of friends and co-conspirators - featuring members of The Blank Tapes, fpodbpod, and the backing bands for Ash Reiter and Anna Ash - are plotting to win your heart with irresistible sweetness. They plan to succeed. This show will be the live debut of Sugar Candy Mountain! ALAMEDA Alameda is a five piece band composed of guitar, violin, cello, clarinet, and drums w/ members of AgesandAges, Crooked Fingers, and the Portland Symphony. They have been compared to the likes of Nick Drake and Low. They're touring in support of their upcoming debut album. Their average national draw is: 50 people. Their myspace is: "Alameda, sports a fluid lineup that crafts melancholy, atmospheric songs that teeter between folky simplicity and chamber-music lushness. Besides stepping up to the microphone, [Stirling] Myles has switched from bass to guitar; Alameda's debut EP, The Floating Hospital, reveals his hushed and tranquil songwriting, a solid core around which revolves the outfit's baroque yet stark multi-instrumentalism." - Jason Heller, Westword "You have your acoustic guitar singer-songwriter backed by a lush group of musicians. This is a formula that when done well, I do not tire of. There are a few people who do this around town, most notably Horse Feathers. But I assure you there is no Horse Feathery occuring in this music. It is its own thing. Perfect for the current cold and rain filled atmosphere that has take[n] Portland over." - Ben Meyercord, Crappy Indie Music Blog "Alameda's luminous, spare melodies suggest solitude without loneliness and the peace of fruitful introspection. Like the work of early Low, the latest songs from Alameda are soothing yet haunting and possessed of a delicate immediacy." - Thomas Murphy, Music Editor "...currently enjoying the release of their EP The Floating Hospital, a stoic four-song set of moving, minimalist acoustic-based tunes. Vocalist/guitarist Stirling Myles (also of Autopilot is for Lovers, also a contributor to The Deli Portland) stirs lush melodies with ample yet subdued accompaniment from bass clarinet, violin, viola, cello and other various effects-laced gadgets that, when dialed in correctly, evoke a melancholy, though cathartic kind of slow-burn orchestral-folk." - Ryan Prado, Deli Portland Mike Midlo/ PANCAKE BREAKFAST Pancake Breakfast is a nine-member roots machine from Portland, Oregon. Most of these songs were made-up on a little farm, far away from the big city. Mike Midlo wrote them. He tested each one by singing it to the dog and chickens before playing it for the band. That seemed to work out pretty well. The members of Pancake Breakfast like to have a good time. You can hear that on their debut full-length record. Sometimes they holler and make loud noises. You can hear that on the record, too! All the tracks were recorded by Mike Coykendall (She & Him, Blitzen Trapper, M. Ward) in a comfy house near a dormant volcano.

San Francisco based dream folk duo of Kaitlyn Smith & Jeremy Harris.

"Since the heaviest snow usually falls during this month, native tribes of the north and east most often called February’s full Moon the Full Snow Moon. Some tribes also referred to this Moon as the Full Hunger Moon, since harsh weather conditions in their areas made hunting very difficult."

Chasing the Moon is a monthly local music video podcast that is celebrated with a live show and screening of the new episode on the full moon each month. See past episodes of Quinn DeVeaux, Thao & Mirah, Birds & Batteries, John Vanderslice, Sonya Cotton, Indianna Hale, Michael Musika, Silian Rail, Slow Motion Cowboys, Oona, Judgement Day, Lavay Smith, Foxtails Brigade, Steve Taylor, Kacey Johansing, TaughtMethe Devotionals, Magic Leaves, & Sea of Bees.

SEAWEED SWAY (Co-Presenter) (google calendar of events)
SeaweedSway is an evolving project by Jessie Woletz & friends, with an intention to encourage, cultivate, & support community through music, yoga, & nature events. SeaweedSway presents music shows & events, featuring musicians & artists who share similar creative intentions. SeaweedSway was a term first used by Karl Blau & Jessie to describe the awesome way people danced during BrightBlack Morning Light at a Great American Music Hall show, and now SeaweedSway is a collaborative project presenting shows and spreading the word about great music and beyond. Get updates of future events & stay connected through the links above.

next UP:
Tomorrow, Monday Feb 14th - Valentine’s Day!
8pm - 11pm   
SeaweedSway on Valentine's Day! Chloe Makes Music Album Release Show w/ Honeycomb & Magic Leaves
Where: Café Du Nord, 2170 Market St., San Francisco, CA
Description:  Honeycomb
Chloe Makes Music (Album Release Show!!! New cd produced by Chris Chu of the Morning Benders, new lineup, new songs!) 
Come spend Valentine's Day with us. Kissing booth at the merch table! Valentine's card-makingstation! If you don't arrive with a date, we'll make sure you leave with one! 8pm sharp / tix:

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