Sunday, December 6, 2009

Vedanta Meditation 5pm Today, 2cFree: From Behind the Walls Art Show Tuesday, Slow Motion Cowboys on Chasing the Moon, Valerie Orth Show Thursday

hello out there~
hope you all had good thanksgivings & are staying warm wherever you are!

as usual, i have (very exciting) announcements, then a list of highly recommended upcoming bay area events, which i hope you'll consider attending:

1) save the dates (going in backwards order):

*sunday december 20th - seaweedsway showcase #3 at the make-out room w/ kacey johansing, garrett pierce, ramon & jessica, & jeremy dalmas! holiday party, birthday party for dina maccabee (of ramon & jessica), & community musical gathering...

*saturday december 19th - holiday formal at the rickshaw stop w/ rupa & the april fishes, conspiracy of beards, & conspiracy of venus! collaborations galore!

*also, next sunday, december 13th, i'll be singing a few songs w/ rose johnson at a benefit for big umbrella art studio on divisadero. catered by rose as well (apothocurious)!

details for all these below. hope you can make it!!

2) Sean Hayes is releasing a new album, Run Wolves Run, very soon. you will get a free EP, Honeybees Fallin', if you purchase the album in advance. check for details in the next few days!

3) Slow Motion Cowboys are on the new episode of Chasing the Moon! Check it out. This is a podcast of local music recorded live at Hyde St. studio, released every full moon.

4) the eco-craft fair at the yoga loft (mentioned in the last message) is going to happen in the middle or end of january instead of december 19th. please let me know if you'd like to participate then.

5) we have a room opening at my house. see for details on that room & other housing announcements.

6) next everything swap & sewing party will be mid-january sometime, at the caretakers house. save your swappables/sewables!

EVENTS - time to get a 2010 calendar
(w/ a new lack of color coding! ;)

12-6 sunday.

Alemany Farm Workday. 12-5pm. Workdays are on the 1st & 3rd Sundays of the month, and the Saturdays in between. hard rain cancels.

Vedanta Meditation/Philosophy w/ Ravi at the Yoga Loft. 5-6:30. $10. Come if you're interested & you'll see what it's all about. We read a chapter from "I Am That" every week, but even if you haven't read, the discussion is still applicable.

12-8 tuesday.

2cFree: From Behind the Walls. 6-7:30. SF Main Library, Koret Auditorium.
Art show of Kathy Rose's students!
"This event, "2cFree: From Behind the Walls" will showcase artwork, poetry, film, writing, and voices of formerly incarcerated students as guest speakers. Our goal is to build bridges of humanity between the SF jails and the SF community. Five Keys Charter Schools (Charter School, Adult School and Independence High) are high schools for adults inside the County Jails and at post-release sites throughout San Francisco- the first of their kind in the nation. The schools serve over 480 students every day, but it is usually only the teachers who get the privilege of hearing the voices and appreciating the work students produce behind bars. " See flyer above!

community yoga @ the caretakers house. 848 divisadero st. 6:15-7:45. donations/trades welcome but not required. gentle all-levels hatha class. let me know if you have requests/questions! rsvp if you're new.

12-9 wednesday.

Slow Motion Cowboys @ Simple Pleasures Cafe. 7:30pm. Free! Check out their just released podcast on Chasing the Moon (new episode of local music released every full moon!) at (now on facebook too! just search "slow motion cowboys")

12-10 thursday.

Opus Music Ventures Presents....
John Craigie, Valerie Orth, and Cyndi Harvell


101 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley (next to La Pena, and by Ashby BART)

Show: 9pm
Cover: FREE!

12-11 friday & 12-12 saturday.

Restorative Yoga at the Yoga Loft (Friday). 11-12:30. ongoing Fridays. $10 if you tell the front desk you saw the price here... (a savings of $7 from regular drop-in price) 321 divisadero st. @ page st. relax fully & renew your energy for the weekend!

"Book Club" at the Yoga Loft (Friday). around 7pm. spectacular viewing of a tv episode (such as "Life on Mars"). email "Josh" for details and if you want to be notified of future "book club" nights.

Asada Messiah at Retox Lounge (Friday). 9pm. bar is in the dogpatch.

Jascha vs. Jascha Shows. (both days) See or for details!

Dirty Snacks Ensemble at Adobe Books (both days) (3166 16th, between Guerrero and Valencia). FREE. Music and Dance collaboration with choreographer Samantha Stone on a piece based on Borges' short story "The Library of Babel". Andrew Maguire on percussion.

Alemany Farm Workday. (Saturday) 12-5pm. Workdays are on the 1st & 3rd Sundays of the month, and the Saturdays in between.

12-13 sunday.

men of the Loft Yoga class - donations go towards the Women's Building - with Marni, Lauren, KT, & Carlin. 5-7pm. check for details.

"Please join us for a fun and creative yoga-collaboration with Carlin, KT, Marni & Lauren on Sunday, December 13th. ALL proceeds from this class will be donated to The Women's Building in San Francisco's mission district. Please donate $20 or bring what you can to the class!"

Sound... in Search of a Word. Benefit Show for Big Umbrella Studios (art gallery)
906 1/2 Divisadero st. @ McCallister.

featuring performances by:

eric noonan
jennifer barone (with daniel heffez)
even taylor (with lisa foster)
justin tisdale
rose johnson & jessie woletz
& the one and only rock shaman - anne carol mitchell

***bring a pillow or lawn chair if you have one as we're taking over an art gallery! there will be wine, beverages, and some local, organic food made fresh by apothocurious!

check out some of the performer's sites:
anne carol:

suggested donation: $5-10 to support the performers and keep the gallery going. no one turned away for lack of funds.

first act starts at 7:15.

doors open at 3pm.. it is an art gallery after all.

12-16 wednesday.

adam stephens, two sheds, & honey at the rickshaw stop.

12-18 friday.

blue rabbit @ bottom of the hill.

12-19 saturday.

holiday formal w/ rupa & the april fishes, conspiracy of beards, & conspiracy of venus @ the rickshaw stop.
$12. DRESS UP. collaborations galore! tickets on sale now at

12-20 sunday.

SEAWEEDSWAY SHOWCASE #3 with Kacey Johansing, Garrett Pierce, Ramon & Jessica, & Jeremy Dalmas @ the make-out room.
7:30-11:30pm. holiday party & celebration of Dina Maccabee (of Ramon & Jessica)'s birthday, community music gathering. $8

Come to the 3rd SEAWEEDSWAY SHOWCASE at the Make-Out Room... a new show series happening 3rd Sundays of the month

This one falls during the holiday season, so it will be a little more festive - perhaps a holiday party! Also, it's Dina Maccabee (of Ramon & Jessica, the opening band)'s birthday -come celebrate!


"i am a freebird sing songs for my supper and i want to roar as loud as thunder like i know i can."

"He manages a mix of the delicate, the folky, and the starry eyed" (SF Weekly)

"Ramon and Jessica is the alter-ego duo of songwriters Jesse Olsen and Dina Maccabee. The R&J collaboration has continued to evolve since its viola-and-casio-keyboard driven inception in 2003, but at the center of the RJ sound remain two constants: intertwining vocal harmonies and unmistakably quirky tunes."

Interactive music & MC'ing
"Absurdity... is creativity unburdened by meaning." -

at the
3225 22nd St. in SF (right across from Revolution Cafe)

12-30 thursday.

blue moon!!

1-2 saturday - 1-8 friday.

/ / 2010 t i p p i n g p o i n t s / /
new years dance intensive at KUNST-STOFF arts (downtown SF)

January 2 – 8

frey faust -axis syllabus
sara shelton mann-movement alchemy
kira kirsch-axis syllabus
special guests from alternative conservatory


limited participants!

go to: for details & information on:


-->for more dancing and phenomenal teachers to make it a two week intensive --> check out the Alternative Conservatory Intensive with Kathleen Hermesdorf, Albert Mathias, Yannis Adoniou & Keith Hennessey Dec 28 - Jan 1!!!

mid-january (dates TBA)

everything swap & sewing party. at the caretakers house.

eco-craft fair at the yoga loft.

1-17 sunday.

seaweedsway showcase #4 w/ devotionals, foxtails brigade, & jeremy dalmas at the make-out room.

1-21 thursday.

WomenRock Showcase at Dolores Park Cafe with Vanessa VerLee hosting. Singer-Songwriters in the Round. Corner of dolores & 18th st. $7.

1-26 tuesday.

silian rail, white cloud, & boomsnake @ the hemlock tavern.

end of january or early february (date TBA)

Indianna Hale at the Yoga Loft.


thanks for reading!

if you'd like to submit an event, please write to seaweedsway@gmail.comand send a short description (2-5 lines please) 2 weeks or more before the event. my apologies if i forgot to submit your event. i always leave off a few things due to forgetfulness & time limitations!

*if you'd like to be taken off or added to this email list, just let me know! it's a weekly email of SF Bay Area Music, Yoga, & Nature events.



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