Friday, October 28, 2016

tonight! Music from Baz Luhrmann's Romeo & Juliet, with The Old Grey Whistle Test, Surf Bored, + special guests Jordannah Elizabeth + Jessi Adele & the Starling Curve.

Special Halloween Seaweed Sway Show. The Old Grey Whistle Test (Juliet & Capulets) & Surf Bored (Montague boys) team up to sing songs from Baz Luhrmann's Romeo & Juliet (90's style, think Garbage, The Cardigans, Radiohead, and Everclear). Jordannah Elizabeth + Jessi Adele & the Starling Curve are both on tour, and will be playing their original songs first. Doors at 8, Show at 8:30. $10. at Amnesia. Pick a side! Costumes of any kind are encouraged, though not required. Co-presenting with Clay Eugene Smith. Read all about it here:

Next week we head back to Amnesia for Killer Whale's return, with Meernaa & Rose Droll supporting. / 8:30pm. $7-10. Co-presenting with Gaylord's Party Music. Gonna be an amazing night.

...More info for ToNight...
Friday October 28th
Seaweed Sway presents:
A Special Halloween Show
Music from Baz Luhrmann's Romeo & Juliet
Performed by The Old Grey Whistle Test & Surf Bored (with members of Vandella)
Plus Special Guests:
Jordannah Elizabeth (Baltimore)

Friday, October 28 / 8 PM doors/ 8:30 PM show until 12:30am
Where: Amnesia, 853 Valencia St. @ 20th St.
Tickets: $10 at the door

The Old Grey Whistle Test & Surf Bored are joining forces to each take on half of the iconic soundtrack to the 1996 Baz Luhrmann version of "Romeo+Juliet," for a special Halloween show on October 28th at Amnesia. Each band has their own distinct sound (OGWT's got the psychedelic/noir/ethereal rock thing going on, while Surf Bored's described as Southern surf rock) and both will be giving their own unique treatment to songs that are pure 90s goodness, from artists ranging from Radiohead, to Garbage, to Desree. Costumes are strongly encouraged (extra points for those in the vein of the film!), and sides (Capulet v. Montague, you know it) will be chosen upon entry. Supporting acts are two artists that lived in the Bay Area not too long ago, and they’re making their way back on tour. We’re pleased to present the deeply soulful singer/songwriter Jordannah Elizabeth, traveling from Baltimore, and folk artist Jessi Adele and the Starling Curve, driving down from Portland. While we don't want to unveil all the surprises, this evening will be one for the books: eclectic, gorgeous, and nostalgic.


The Old Grey Whistle Test is the pseudonym for the solo musical musings of San Francisco-based vocalist, songwriter, and frontwoman Tracey Holland. Described as something of a "beaker-full of Nancy Sinatra-noir, Linda Perhacs' psychedelia, Stevie Nicks-mysticism, and Kate Bush-esque power set to a score of Ennio Morricone", the resulting collection of songs on OGWT's debut, Ouroboros, is a small treasure trove of richness. Both personal and cryptic,Ouroboros is Holland's debut record as a solo artist (she's normally one-half of SF-based rock/soul outfit Vandella), released in May 2016 and celebrated accordingly with a sold-out staged funeral for a release show. Ouroboros revels in this same unshakable draw to the subtler, darker aspects of life which are explored intently throughout the album. The complexities of identity & intimacy, the dark corners of our own selves to be reconciled; breakdowns, messiness, and what it means to take ownership of - and ultimately stand in the power of - one's own demons, sexuality, and self; even the unseen, mysterious, and metaphysical are all dragged out and sifted through from a decidedly-feminist lens with an almost-defiant honesty at times. There’s an unmistakable potency and vulnerability to The Old Grey Whistle Test's sound that hovers between sounds & worlds: haunting, strange, and beautiful.

Surf Bored was conceived in the hot, sticky Athens, GA summer of 2013 out of a need for evolution and migration. Singer T.J. Mimbs sought a departure from the jangly, indie-pop tunes of his former band, The District Attorneys, in favor of a looser, stouter style. After writing and recording demos for two songs that would eventually make it on to Surf Bored’s debut album, The Rehearsal, Mimbs discovered that hints of surf rock were creeping into the fold.

In the fall of 2013, Mimbs relocated from the comfort of his Athens indie rock roots to the uncertain waters of the San Francisco Bay Area. Already knowing locals Daniel Blum (drums) and Jeremy Lyon (bass), both of the Tumbleweed Wanderers, Mimbs set about looking for guitarists keen on playing long and loud -- and quickly lit upon Avi Vinocur (Goodnight, Texas) and Chris Tye (Vandella).

With all but Mimbs involved in other touring bands, Surf Bored congealed into a home base for each musician -- an outlet for experimentation, and a reminder of why they began playing music in the first place. Surf Bored is an avenue for escaping the harsh realities of adulthood -- a celebration of carelessness, however fleeting. Surf Bored stares life in the face and offers a sardonic smirk.

The band uses this juxtaposition to craft its own unique brand of surf rock with a Southern twang. With the release of its debut album in March of 2016,Surf Bored is primed to spread its message to the masses: worry less, rock more.

Jordannah Elizabeth is an American ​author​,​ music and arts​ critic, editor, music promoter, and folk soul musician.

Jordannah is also the founder and director of, a literary nonprofit organization that helps musicians, arts and culture journalists and creative writers find jobs and internships. The blog has featured contributors like Pulitzer Prize winner, Mark Fritz, Cat Power music director, Gregg Foreman and film director, Lee Davis.
​ ​
S​he​ is the author of an anthology of 40 of her articles, "Don't Lose Track Vol 1: 40 Articles, Essays and Q&As” published by UK based publisher Zero Books"

Jordannah has written for 7 Alternative Weekly Newspaper & released 3 albums, along with two upcoming albums (a single and LP), and her second book all under the title, The Warmest Low.

Jessi Adele & The Starling Curve are a harmony-driven country/soul three piece from Portland, Oregon.

On her first record (Lone Valkyrie), Jessi, often sparsely accompanied, sings about love and loss, the devil and Loretta Lynn.  Jessi's second album, The Wake, was released in 2014 under her own name.  Here, musicians from the songwriter's adopted hometown of Portland, Oregon add touches of bowed bass, banjo, and piano, telling tales of travelers and misfits.  More recently, Jessi has been collaborating with fellow musicians Adam McBride-Smith, Paxton Scott & Eddie Rogers, creating Jessi Adele & The Starling Curve.  This show is part of their West Coast Tour.

SEAWEED SWAY is a collaborative community project, attempting to share good music and create memorable events, using sounds as a glue for bringing people together. Next show on the horizon after this one is Thursday November 3rd, starring Killer Whale, Meernaa, & Rose Droll at Amnesia.

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