Thursday, September 29, 2016

Making Americana Great Again (at Amnesia Tonight) + Lava Mae donations drive + Register to Vote + Lea's Bday

My friend and Seaweed Sway collaborator Joe Deakins booked this one, and thus we've got an incredible line-up. If you are just hearing about it now, I've gotta say, it's prooobably worth changing your plans. Poster below by Pete Fields, who is on first tonight!

Making Americana Great AgainSeaweed Sway Presents: Hardly Strictly Warm-Up Sessions
with TV Mike & the Scarecrowes
Eight Belles
& Slow Motion Cowboy(s)

at Amnesia
plus plus plus
Lea Troeh is celebrating her birthday this evening, which is an honor, as she's one of the best people in the world.
In Lea's true altruistic spirit, she invites you to REGISTER TO VOTE (8:30pm is when we'll start) + donate toiletries or socks to SF's homeless via LAVA MAE*. & there are cookies for earlybirds!

Learn more about LAVA MAE IN THIS VIDEO:
*For the Lava Mae hygiene drive, they could especially use:
Travel Shampoo**
Soap Bar
We'll have "C'mon Give a Sh!t" stickers for those who donate!
**preferred new/unopened, but clean&gently used socks + mostly full big bottles of shampoo will find good homes**

RSVP here: // $7-10 admission


On the new album "In Exile/On the Mesa" Pete Fields of the Slow Motion Cowboys has written songs to try and put down the feeling of a place changing before his eyes . Speaking the truth about the old neighborhoods and the vanishing characters of the bands home town of San Francisco, the album takes you on a tour with the folks who know it best.  Written in Field's new home of Oakland, CA and recorded live in an Airstream trailer in Taos, New Mexico, the songs ride between the two worlds, and lope with a rhythm that contradicts the fast changing world we live in today. As the name might suggest, the Slow Motion Cowboys push back against the money and technology disconnecting us from our communities and the creative bonds that create a feeling of place. Songs such as "Foggy Moon" and "Golden Gal" describe the wandering thoughts and nostalgia of someone looking and longing for someone or something that is not visible anymore, asking for a second chance to make it right.  In "Georgie" the traditional melody is layered with words sung only to the sleeping, an admission of dedication and love that could never be said during the light of day. On "In Exile/On the Mesa" SMC capture the infectious energy and good will that has come to define their live shows.  The lap steel dances behind the wavering vocal melodies, the rhythm section seizing the past with its traditional country music tempos, showcasing the cohesion of musicians polished from extensive touring throughout the South West U.S.  The pertinence is clear listening to the record, the Cowboys are inviting you to peek through the key hole and open up a feeling that has come to define Pete's songwriting.  Bearing the torch from the bottom of the Bay to the tip of the Mesa, these are country songs, story songs, desert shanties kicking up the dust before it settles into something none of us recognize.
Americana duo Eight Belles was formed in 2010 when guitarist Henry Aloysius Nagle met singer-songwriter Jessi Phillips at a backyard party in Oakland, California. Eight Belles creates inspired, subtle Americana music that pays respects to its influences but sounds like nothing but itself. If Harry Nilsson and Patsy Cline had a love child and left it in the forest to be raised by wolves, its cries would sound very similar to this music. 

Listen to Eight Belles new, self titled album here:
T.V. Mike and the Scarecrowes are a Cosmic Twang Stomp band hailing from the West Coast via Indiana.  Their songs follow the aesthetic of the Great American Songbook.   The core of the group moved to California in 2007 and have been rolling up and down mountains and deserts since.
TV Mike aka Mike Klinge began playing music in Bloomington, IN in 1999 under The Pious Companion.   The group went on a tour and had the pleasure of opening up for The Constantines and My Morning Jacket.  In 2005, TV Mike met Andrea DelaRosa and gathered a backing band called the Scarecrowes. The group then moved to California and has rotated through a lot of members with the core of TV Mike, Andrea DelaRosa, Matt Lundquist, and Aaron Deer staying consistent.
TV Mike and the Scarecrowes have shared the stage with: The Avett Brothers, The Blank Tapes, Austin Lucas, Rev. Peyton's BDB, Horse Feathers, Beachwood Sparks, The Fruit Bats, Jessica Lea Mayfield, The Easy Leaves, Dead Winter Carpenters, Hillstomp, Rose Windows, Love as Laughter, tUnE-YarDs and many more.

10/28 FRIDAY:
Halloween Show:
The Old Grey Whistle Test & Surf Bored play the songs of Romeo & Juliet
Jordannah Elizabeth on tour (Baltimore)


co-presenting with Gaylord's Music Party:
with Meernaa
& Rose Droll

at Amnesia

Also, KIDS YOGA at ROCK BAND LAND for ages 2-6 continues.
One more Friday in September 9/30 + new sessions in October, November, & December.
Tell all the weird silly kids and parents you know!
Sign up here:

Thanks to all who made it to our last show on 9/9, with Anne Carol Mitchell & Emily Shumway, Jeremy Rourke (with Vanessa Verlee & Dave Mihaly), & Lost Comet. We had a speaker on behalf of the Dakota Pipeline Resistance, Luta, as well as on Yes On Prop 64 - the Adult Use Marijuana Act and raised $150 for them!

Thanks for reading!! See you soon,
Whether you live near or far, I encourage you to listen to all the bands listed here!

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