Wednesday, June 20, 2012

DRESSES + DAD + BABY & THE MACKS (ANNA ASH) + PHOEBE HUNT @ AMNESIA- THURSDAY! / restorative yoga workshop sunday / the lawlands, driftwood singers cd release, & chrystian rawk saturday 6/30 @ starry plough

happy solstice! 
with more time & space to be outside lately, it occurs to me that putting together shows is similar to gardening. the shows begin as a little seed, planted at a venue, then they need water and sun and love to grow! & pairing bands is like companion planting. seriously!! so this email is an attempt at helping these shows grow and travel into your days. the live performances are like the flowers that have taken time & patience (& band practices!) to sprout. i hope that you can take a moment to peruse the list and make a note of any that spark your curiosity. if you survived that metaphor, please read on!

another way to use this list is to learn of local to the bay area (& sometimes touring or visiting) bands. i'd love for you to click the links to listen, & if you're feeling adventurous, come to the shows to explore new bands you haven't yet heard. also, know that your presence is what completes these shows and thus, your effort to attend is much appreciated! you are supporting the artists & also the seaweed sway project each time you attend one of these shows!

on the topic of new music, i wanna give a shoutout about tomorrow night's show at amnesia. three best-friends, erica fink, anna ash, and christine hucal, are coming together to share their music in one night. michigan represent. their bands, dresses, baby & the macks, & DAD, respectively, are gonna rock your soul and probably make you laugh a little too. i'm excited to see what the night will bring. they've been known to sing all together at times*, and occasionally there's a dance contest. we've also added to the bill a touring artist, phoebe hunt, in town from nashville, to release her EP. by the way, baby & the macks is an R&B/soul cover band, and i think this is their first official performance, so get ready!!! 9pm the night starts, with DAD on first! (belated DAD's day celebration + bring your mom!)

*the high quality sounds of christine, erica, and anna singing together could not be fully captured by technological devices, and instead are much more audible in real life. 

you can win tickets too! at if you comment on this flyer by erica.

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scroll down to see how & to learn of lots of other fun happenings. sunday i'm hosting my first restorative yoga workshop. also, i have 5 dance classes to use up at ODC next week, so let me know if you wanna go!
thanks for your support & see you soon. -jessie

seaweed sway CALENDAR:

thursday june 21st
baby & the macks (anna ash R&B cover/soul band), dresses, phoebe hunt (on tour from nashville), & DAD (christine hucal) at amnesia

saturday june 23rd
gentle yoga at the loft sf.
321 divisadero st. @ page. ongoing saturdays.
11am-12:15pm. mellow movement, finding space and strength. wake up from the inside out. $10 community class. 

+ restorative yoga workshop at the loft. 
2-4pm. sign up at
enjoy time to rest and receive, de-stress and hit the internal restart button. we will do 3-5 poses + a long savasana. time to settle, observe & deepen the breath, & enjoy a time of deep relaxation.

monday june 25th
restorative yoga at the loft.
7:30-9pm. first class is $10 (tell the person at the front desk)! 

tuesday june 26th
gentle yoga at the loft.
321 divisadero st. @ page.
4:30-6pm. poses to find easeful movement. all levels welcome. mellow stretching & strengthening.

saturday june 30th
the lawlands, driftwood singers (cd release!), & chrystian rawk @ the starry plough

tuesday july 3rd
gentle yoga at the loft.
321 divisadero st. @ page.
4:30-6pm. poses to find easeful movement. all levels welcome. mellow stretching & strengthening.

sunday july 15th
seaweedsway showcase @ the make-out room!

friday july 20th
the blank tapes record release with collin ludlow-mattson & the folks, ash reiter, & pat hull at amnesia!

wednesday july 25th
passenger & pilot tour kick-off, annie girl & the flight cd release, nora toomey book release, & killabees (dina maccabee band + killbossa mashup) at the rickshaw stop!

saturday july 28th
t.v. mike & the scarecrows, brand new trash (a project w/ folks from buxter hoot'n), & vanessa verlee!

wednesday august 8th
fox & woman, the thoughts, & split screens (Jesse from DRMS side project) @ brick and mortar

friday august 17th
buxter hoot'n EP release show (2 sets!) + jugtown pirates at cafe du nord
special guest appearances on buxter hoot'n from quinn deveaux, kelly mcfarling, & members of fox & woman + jugtown pirates.
new video! kids these days:

sunday august 19th
idea the artist, mimes of wine, & waiting room at the make-out room, seaweed sway showcase

for updates on community shows, go to fbook and
submissions? email with a brief listing of your event.


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