Saturday, June 16, 2012

dawn of the universe sunday! *enamored w/ harrison & paulie anne +pete fields & the invisible stars +shadow puppets +tarot readings +free advice


here's an array of upcoming shows and yoga classes. the next show is tomorrow!!! sunday. it's the seaweedsway showcase, and it's gonna be off the hook! harrison & paulie anne are back in town, crooning enamored songs; pete fields & the invisible stars will sing us some sweet sweet tunes; and there will be lots of surprises and shenanigans, free advice, shadow puppets, tarot readings (by Ginger Murray) plus some great touring bands (vness wolfchild & daniel lutz).scroll down to learn of lots of other fun happenings. thanks for your support & see you soon. -jessie

seaweed sway CALENDAR:

sunday june 17th
dawn of the universe tour comes to sf!
seaweedsway showcase with enamored (harrison & paulie anne)pete fields & the invisible stars(members of slow motion cowboys & trainwreck riders), vness wolfchild, daniel lutz, at the make-out room
shadow puppets, free advice, shenanigans, interactive performances, and projections (the visual kind)
photos from the tour thus far!! 


shadow puppet stills by amanda stone

a show in the basement of an LA parking garage

VNess WolfChild & Harrison singing at the Music Box in New Orleans

daniel lutz

tour poster!

more shadow puppet stills by amanda stone

vness wolfchild

vness wolfchild outfit change ;)

monday june 18th
restorative yoga 
(ongoing) 7:30-9pm. regular prices apply. relax & rest deeply. all levels.

thursday june 21st
baby & the macks (anna ash soul band), dresses, phoebe hunt, & DAD at amnesia

saturday june 23rd
restorative yoga workshop at the loft. 
2-4pm. sign up at
enjoy time to rest and receive, de-stress and hit the internal restart button

saturday june 30th
the lawlands, driftwood singers (cd release), & chrystian rawk @ the starry plough

friday july 20th
the blank tapes record release at amnesia!

wednesday july 25th
passenger & pilot tour kick-off, annie girl & the flight cd release, nora toomey book release, & killabees debut at the rickshaw stop!
*killabees is a combo between the dina maccabee band & killbossa

saturday july 28th
t.v. mike & the scarecrows, brand new trash (a project w/ folks from buxter hoot'n), & vanessa verlee!

wednesday august 8th
fox & woman, the thoughts, & split screens (Jesse from DRMS side project) @ brick and mortar

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