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WIN TIX! DRESSES, RANGE OF LIGHT WILDERNESS, & 8 BELLES saturday STARRY PLOUGH + blaze foley tribute AMNESIA tonight + HOUSE OF LOVE cabaret at yoga loft SUNDAY~

hello again!!

news summary: ticket giveaway for saturday's starry plough show, other amazing shows tonight thru monday, gentle yoga's back on this saturday, made a music video with michael musika & eric kuhn, sean hayes new album, winter mix, deli sf emerging band of 2011 contest, slow motion cowboys kickstarter & songs at my birthday show, job & housing list. i think that's it? here goes!


to enter, go to the SeaweedSway facebook page at & leave a comment, preferably where you see the contest. ends at 11pm tonight. (if you won recently, yay! and please wait two weeks before entering again.)

seaweedsway in the east bay! this is the kickoff to a new series, 4th saturdays of the month! eight belles is jessi phillip's new project with henry aloysius nagle; they will open the night. dresses is a newish project with erica fink, indianna hale, bob thayer of rad cloud, and sean olmstead of fpodbpod. fun songs that you can dance to. they go on late, midnight til 1am, so if you're in SF carpool organizing is encouraged. (and i am looking for a ride for two people if you have one to offer.) the venue is close to the BART if you don't have a ride. the range of light wilderness are going to have a surprise special guest drummer. you wanna be there! i wanna see you there!

rsvp, repost, & invite friends pretty please:
hear more songs:

poster by erica fink



1) blaze foley tribute tonight at amnesia featuring a crazyamazing lineup:
-big mountain city (adam stephens of two gallants, andrew kerwin of trainwreck riders, & mystery person from holy ghost revival)
-the unforshaven, members of conspiracy of beards
-will sprott of the mumlers
-paula frazer
-grace sings sludge (g.c. of the sandwitches)
-shawn magee of the barbary ghosts (aka amnesia's owner!)
-brendan thomas (you often see him behind the bar of amnesia!)
9pm sharp & only $7 for all this goodness. 

2) conspiracy of venus is opening for 9th annual cheshire rock opera at oakland metro operahouse friday. we are on around 8:30. wear a costume! (you get a discount if you do, and will feel sillier if you don't)

3) house of LOVE cabaret fire relief fundraiser at the yoga loft sunday
another incredible lineup. what???! with old school cabaret-ers michael musika, andrew bancroft, kenny taylor, vanessa morrison, brian gorman, and eric maskol. + new schoolers like ginger murray, blythe foster, dave mihaly, & allison lovejoy. + surprise guests! this brigade is led by olive mitra, betsy miller, blythe, & friends... to raise $ for zachary & leta, who lost nearly everything in a recent house fire. 7:30-10:30. bake sale too! let us know if you want to help in anyway.

4) hot club of cowtown (hot jazz & western swing from austin texas) + aaron harris & the farm band monday at amnesia. START YOUR WEEK OFF RIGHT. 

(to find out about ongoing "friends of seaweedsway" shows- go to and

Music Video! Michael Musika & Eric Kuhn kindly invited me to be in a music video with them at the Yoga Loft. It was a learning process for me, superfun, and I'm really grateful for the experience. We bonded with the demo skeleton, despite cutting off his/her head in the shot. Thanks to Brick Thornton, who teaches on Wednesdays, as he let us use the studio with the light! Thank you to Meg & Josh at the Loft for letting us use the space!

Gentle and Restorative Yoga!

*Saturday Gentle Yoga at the Yoga Loft is back on this week! It's happening every Saturday in February as well. To be on the safe side, please double-check each week: Let me know if you have requests. Beginners welcome. 10:45am-12pm. $10 community class.
*Monday Restorative Yoga, 7:30-9pm, regular class prices apply. ongoing. Relax and rest deeply.

*The Yoga Loft is located at 321 divisadero st. @ page. Please leave a little extra time for parking. Located right off the 24 bus line, close to the 6 & 71 haight st. bus lines.

Another class or two may be added + I intend to sub more, so stay tuned!

SEAN HAYES NEW ALBUM!!!!!!!!!! listen to two awesome songs from it, "new years day", and "when we fall in" (a duet with frazey ford of the be good tanyas) at  the album is called "outtakes and alternatives", a compilation of old tracks and almost-lost or forgotten songs. bringing 'em back!! get it all at and/or via itunez. also see his new parlour to parlour episode, made by michael fortes & garrett eaton!

*WINTER MIX! listen for free @ it is graced with lovely snowy art from reagan louise wilson! & songs from assateague, ramon and jessica, bob thayer & indianna hale, jeremy rourke, devotionals, arborea, sleepy todd, tiny home, vanessa verlee, waiting room, fpodbpod, obo martin, erica fink & pierce siebers, foxtails brigade, DAD (christine hucal), buxter hoot'n, yesway, collin ludlow-mattson & the folks, passenger & pilot, steffy sue, fox & woman, & jascha.

The Deli SF has this contest every year, to determine the Bay Area's favorite Emerging Artists from the year before. I got to nominate a few people, and encourage you to vote for them!!! Assateague, Michael Musika, and Slow Motion Cowboys are my top picks! Help them win?! 

Speaking of SLOW MOTION COWBOYS, they made a Kickstarter page to help fund their new album, Buzzard Songs. These guys are some of my favorite people and musicians in SF, and their songs for this album are superb. They've done all the recording, over a year ago, just need the funding to press the albums and get them out into the world! Help 'em out? 

Also! They're playing my birthday show at the Make-Out Room Sunday February 19th.Save the date?? The next day is President's Day, so maybe you have the day off and have more of a reason to go out the night before.

POST HOUSING ANNOUNCEMENTS TO: "looking-for-housing" <>, 

thank you for reading & for sharing!

**seaweed sway music, nature, & yoga gatherings** !!!!!!!

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