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hi everyone~

we did it! somehow! made it to 2012. which i hear is a new era of peace, and that's how it's feeling already, so i'm convinced that's how it's going to be. also, happy national bird day! enjoy the sky & creatures in it. enjoy it all.

a gigantic THANK YOU to all who participated in the new years eve festivities at amnesia. we had a great time and hope you did too. wow. if that is any indication of how 2012 will go, we're off to a good start. any documentation via photos or videos would be appreciated. also, we're doing another round of t-shirt orders if you'd like one. 

and - back at amnesia TONIGHT, for the first seaweedsway show of the new year!!!kicking it off!!! with folk-rockers, super harmonizers, lovely people, whose music all works really well together - a magic line-up of FOX & WOMAN, THE DRIFTWOOD SINGERS (from LA), & THE TRAVELING KIND (formerly uncle rebel, with members of family folk explosion)! you probably know by now, amnesia is at 853 valencia st. @ 20th, in the mission district of SF. close to BART! 8:30 doors, 9pm show, $7 (worth it)

here's the full rundown on each band, if you want it.
(if you're already convinced, scroll down for some more news & shows.)

Fox & Woman is a female fronted folk rock explosion. 
Very excited to feature them in this show; they wonderfully seeped into my life in 2011 & quickly became one of my new favorites in SF. Their live show continues to blow me away. The group consists of Jess Silva on ukulele and vocals, Emily Haltom on violin and vocals, Julie Indelicato on guitar and vocals, and Andrew Paul Nelson on Mandolin. Tonight they'll be joined by Will, who drummed on their EP, and just returned from England! They predict it'll be cold outside and HOT inside. The band formed around a street poetry scene in the Mission district and started writing songs walking home from bars. 

Did you know? They just released a new EP! LISTEN TO IT here:

Additionally, their song "Break Into My Heart", is featured on the SeaweedSway Winter Mix, second to last song (download it for free): http://seaweedsway.

A nice video from their bottom of the hill show, Janeiro ~

by michele rider

Los Angeles-based old-time folk duo. If you were at Amnesia on Tuesday for the Family Folk Explosion, you may have seen Pearl Charles of the Driftwood Singers up there singing with Matt Adams of The Blank Tapes. She's got an incredible voice, and combining forces with Kris Hutson's vocals, they've got it going on. The close harmony duo have toured extensively over the past two years behind a self-released EP and are recording their follow-up album with Grammy-nominated producer/musician David Mayfield (set for release early this year).

Traveling through, here's a video that gives a good idea of what they do:
One more:

“There’s something magical about The Driftwood Singers.”
- LA Record

“They pen originals, but upon listening, one might think it’s music that originated in Nashville in the ‘30s.”
- Sticky Magazine

“A true Americana sounding band and based out of Los Angeles! Fantastic male/female harmonizing throughout. Beautiful.”
- KZSU Stanford Radio

“…Both basic and complicated, ancient and hyper modern. It seems to say, “OK, so we’ve gone this far with rock and roll and everything, but what if we went the wrong way? Let’s look back and see if maybe we missed something.”
- The Point

We are happy to have them on the bill, you may recall their past incarnation as Uncle Rebel. Folk rock, but perhaps more on the rock side of things. You may also see some of them in the Family Folk Explosion, as they are all collaborators & conspirators in this Bay Area music community. Lucky to have them on board for what promises to be a great night of friends & music.

Annie Lipetz - Vocals, Guitar
Matthew Welde - Vocals, Guitar
Joe Lewis - Bass
Jesse "Lemme" Adams - Synthesizer, Noise
Danny DeMento - Drums

As always, thanks for any help spreading the word. These shows are a grassroots DIY effort, so inviting friends, reposting, blogging about, and of course attending are so very appreciated. And keeps these gatherings going.


SUN. JAN. 15TH: TRAILS & WAYS, ASSATEAGUE, & SUZANNE VALLIE @ the make-out room, seaweedsway showcase.
rsvp to help others know about the show:

SAT. JAN. 28TH: DRESSES, THE RANGE OF LIGHT WILDERNESS, & EIGHT BELLES (jessi phillips) at the starry plough! seaweedsway in the east bay!

+ there are a few "friends of seaweedsway" shows this weekend - FRIDAY, SATURDAY, & SUNDAY- go to to hear all about 'em and check for a community calendar of shows.


*gentle & restorative yoga classes, schedule updates!
-saturday gentle yoga at the loft sf is not happening the 7th or 21st due to a yoga video being filmed in the studio, it is happening the 14th. 10:45am-12pm. $10.
-monday restorative yoga, 7:30-9pm, regular class prices apply. ongoing.
-today, i may be subbing a gentle class at 4:30 for britt fohrman. this is a new weekly class she's teaching, tuesdays & thursdays, that i will be assisting & subbing at times, to add to your calendar.
-another class or two may be added + i intend to sub more, so stay tuned!
-the loft is located at 321 divisadero st. @ page.

*winter mix! listen for free @ it is graced with lovely snowy art from reagan louise wilson! & songs from assateague, ramon and jessica, bob thayer & indianna hale, jeremy rourke, devotionals, arborea, sleepy todd, tiny home, vanessa verlee, waiting room, fpodbpod, obo martin, erica fink & pierce siebers, foxtails brigade, DAD (christine hucal), buxter hoot'n, yesway, collin ludlow-mattson & the folks, passenger & pilot, steffy sue, fox & woman, & jascha.

*sean hayes new album!!!!!!!!!! listen to two awesome songs from it, "new years day", and "when we fall in" (a duet with frazey ford of the be good tanyas) at  the album is called "outtakes and alternatives", a compilation of old tracks and almost-lost or forgotten songs. bringing 'em back!! get it all at and/or via itunez. also see his new parlour to parlour episode, made by michael fortes & garrett eaton!

*work ideas welcome. my job at earthshare california is ending in march. i am exploring new ways to earn $; suggestions welcome. top interests are music (promo & booking), yoga (teaching gentle & restorative classes), dance, healthy sustainable food & farming, & hanging out with kids (i.e. nannying)! am in giant brainstorm mode, so thanks for any ideas, leads, & support!!!

*website + hear it local! - it has a community calendar as well as a listing of seaweedsway's upcoming shows!! & songs from local bands! if you're in a band, create a page to have your songs & shows listed:! thanks to hear it local for making the site.

thank you for reading & for sharing!

**seaweed sway music, nature, & yoga gatherings** !!!!!!!
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