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vanessa verlee variety show sunday; indianna hale, buxter hoot'n, trans van santos 11-11-11; collin ludlow-mattson, casual dolphins, waiting room, & sleepy todd 11-20

hello everyone,
i hope you all are well. a lot going on in the world, the earth is shaking and the revolution is happening. also a good time to try and stay low to the ground and connected to those things that nourish us.

i'm writing to tell you about the 3 seaweedsway shows this month, starting this sunday. trying to pare it down, get a mini-break, though i will continue to post lots of recommendations at 

at the bottom of this message, there's a little note about this whole project, as it slows down a bit for revisioning & refocusing into the new year. i learned today this is what the black bear does as well, a semi-hibernation, for kidney restoration, with a little bit of work still.*

additionally, below, if you wanna get political, there are a few links related to the occupy wall street movement: a synopsis of the occupy oakland gatherings & general strike, a way to protest postage-paid via junkmail credit card offers, encouragement to switch your bank tomorrow if you haven't done so yet, & overhead footage of the thousands of people walking together on wednesday. this seems like a holy shit moment in history. + tuesday -vote! i think john avalos is the way to go in the mayor realm. i will post the kate slate on fb if you want some suggestions for the specifics...

& as a reminder, as a contrast to the outward pull, there is yoga & meditation. if you want to travel out to travel in, i'm teaching gentle yoga saturday morning 10:45am-12pm & restorative yoga monday evenings 7:30-9pm.  at the loft sf. 321 divisadero st. @ page. hope to see you there! -jessie

3 seaweedsway shows of november:

1) sunday at viracocha, is the vanessa verlee variety show!! THE OCCASION: vanessa is releasing her new cd "life is oh so" & thus we get to hear the songs that grace it (with an early & late set). you're in for many treats in addition to vanessa's songs, as we will get to experience stand-up comedy from michael musika, stories from obo martin, music & movies from jeremy rourke & aaron kierbel, charades (hopefully) & songs from the dreamers, songs & haiku (perhaps) from dave mihaly, surprises from kenny taylor, & who knows what else.
tickets are only $9 in advance at they are $13 the night of the show.
EARLY. 7-10:30pm. (reminder: gain an hour & set your clocks back in the morning!)

2) friday 11-11-11, a serendipitous date. what better way to enjoy it than with buxter hoot'n, trans van santos, & indianna hale?? at the brick & mortar music hall. co-presented by heartsleeve productions. on mission @ duboce (kind of by rainbow grocery, between mission & soma)... **full moon**... last binary date for 89 years (or something like that), someone at mojo's cafe pointed out... a wonderful night to celebrate, following the occupy music festival in the daytime... only $5 in advance online (actually $7.14 w. service charge, but still pretty cheap) at or $10 at the door, a unique coming together of musical styles. also, lately i hit the internal "reset" button when it's 11:11, so this date to me signifies a time where we all can do that, a time to start again, clear away the old, & bring in the new. what will happen at 11:11 on 11/11/11?? come & find out!

poster by jeff milton

3) sunday november 20th at the make-out room, the monthly seaweedsway showcase, with collin ludlow-mattson & the folks, casual dolphins (c'mon you gotta love that name), waiting room (ronnie's band!), & sleepy todd (coming back! with a short early set at 8pm, don't miss it). $8 for a wonderful night of songs. doors @ 7:30, show is 8-11 for reals. make it out! :) this show is a great gathering of friends, from different circles but overlapping, exciting & intriguing to see how it unfolds. 

poster by ronnie bush of waiting room

4) also, this Tuesday Nov. 8th, come if you can: 

Hear It Local Launch Party w/ Ramon & Jessica, Con Brio, & the Family Crest. 7-10pm at BeatBox, 314 11th Street. it's free, but they ask that you register here in advance: / Pasword: local

and/or, there's a great show happening at the revolution cafe, with assateague & bob thayer

occupy info... 
thanks to all those who have been participating in every way to make this what it is (WOW).

*synopsis of 8 days at occupy oakland, footage of the general strike (incredible):

*keep wall street occupied, postage-paid protest + creative use for junkmail:

*switch banks - TODAY!!! IT'S BANK TRANSFER DAY! ONE MILLION Americans have moved their money out of big banks and into local, community banks and credit unions over the past FOUR WEEKS! 
find a credit union: 
if you are in SF, i recommend the San Francisco Federal Credit Union, which I've been a part of for 7 years.

*up in the air footage of @100,000 people at oakland general strike (count 'em):

a few december seaweedsway shows:

thursday december 15th with the choir at the starry plough. the 21st century, conspiracy of venus, & the northerlies. in berkeley right off the BART line.

sunday december 18th at the make-out room with jascha vs. jascha... holiday surprises.

NYE december 31st at amnesia. this show is a collaborative effort, and will be the seaweedsway end of the year party. will be announced soon...

seaweedsway project news:

starting in january, for the new year, seaweedsway will travel to the east bay once a month, on fourth saturdays. 
so that's third sundays at the make-out room in sf on 22nd st. & fourth saturdays at the starry plough in berkeley, if you want to pre-mark your calendars.

for those who have contacted me about booking shows, thank you. as a general update: i'm slowing down in that arena, at least for the next couple of months, til 2012. i may have suggestions of people to contact if you'd like them. i am overwhelmed with the maintenance of daily life & needing to clean my room & house & practice yoga & music & have fun & take care of logistics of living in sf, so need to step back a little & get perspective on it all. :) i still will help out where & when i can, & intend to promote the shows i hear about that float through & i know enough about to endorse. am hoping to focus a bit more on the monthly shows at the make-out room & starry plough, amnesia, chasing the moon, conspiracy of venus, & fun collaborations. 

everybody: please make a page on if you haven't yet, and if you are in a band, add your shows... then we can all more easily keep track of what's happening when... some shows will show up on once it's done.

am looking for help with making the autumn treasury mix cd's as well. if you have extra old-fashioned cd cases (the big bulky plastic kind) that you'd be happy to recycle & donate, or if you have ideas of how to cheaply & effectively make lots of mix cd's in the future, please let me know...  thanks to brian & elijiah at rough house for helping me burn more cd's today! thanks to everyone who has helped!

in the future, may look for more help with flyering & promoting in all ways, in exchange for tix to shows or yoga classes or that sort of thing.

thank you to everyone who has contributed, come to shows, played in shows, supported in any & all ways the project that is seaweedsway. the focus continues to shift, but the intention remains the same. let's see where we end up. 
thank you

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