Saturday, January 23, 2010

SATURDAY! Songbird Winter Festival Presents: The Annual Cheshire Rock Opera + Fuzzpod, Barbary Ghosts, & Triffles at El Rio

Songbird Winter Festival Presents: An evening of Bay Area Music and The Annual Cheshire Rock Opera.

Costumes strongly encouraged…. Cover - $6 in Costume – not mandatory $8 dollars without costume. Think Alice and wonderland….

Fuzzpod – Electronica / Ambient / Down-tempo

Electronic trio with live vocals and music featuring Marco Vialoboson drums (Brothers Grave), Jeff Giaquinto on Bass (Brass Liberation and Kaizoku), Jessie Woletz back vocals (Seaweed Sway, Blue Rabbit and Conspiracy of Venus)and Natalia Miner on back vocals (Tabernacle and Conspiracy of Venus) and Andy Lane fine artist/singer/songwriter on Bass.
Fuzzpod music that promotes intergalactic peace and spatial harmony through vocal auras, space harmonics, electronic beats, lapses of time and mystical flutes. Organic-electronica with the music flowing from electro beats to downtempo breaks over lush vocals.

Barbary Ghosts – Folk / Roots Music / Acoustic

Three castaways washed up on the shores of San Francisco telling tales of whiskey, women, and mutiny on the high sea. Having no boat and no money, they took to playing the dives, dance halls, and street corners of the Barbary Coast. The rest is history...

The Triffles – Rock Comedy Punk

1manbanjo Presents: Cheshire Rock Opera – Psychedelic / Classical Opera and Vocal / Melodramatic Popular Song The Annual Cheshire Rock Opera

7th annual "trials & transformations" at El Rio 3158 mission, 1-23-2010 9pm untill... come in layered costumes of wonderland characters. prizes will be awarded for the best alice, hatter, fantastic animal, ect. we'll be celebrating L.C.'s birthday on saturday this year, though in truth it falls on the "hump" day (wednesday) so, have a tea party in his honor, if you will. culminated from an early love of the writings of Lewis Carroll (who was also a favorite literature of my household ), into a rock opera which features his effect on popular music & some of the poetry from the book set to music of my own device as well of the efforts of many other prominent song writers in the community.

There is going to be a break in the rain tomorrow whoohoo! Hope to see some of ya at the Cheshire Rock Opera and Winter Songbird Festival Show at El Rio on Saturday....

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