Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010 events - free yoga, full moon & seaweedsway shows, swap & craft fair


1-3 sunday.

free yoga classes for 2010 at the yoga loft. check for the schedule!

1-5 tuesday.

community yoga @ the caretakers house. 848 divisadero st. 6:15-7:45. arrive by 6:10pm to set up. donations/trades welcome but not required. gentle all-levels hatha class. let me know if you have requests/questions! rsvp if you're new. NOTE: THIS CLASS WILL BE HAPPENING 1ST & 3RD TUESDAYS OF THE MONTH NOW.

The Blank Tapes @ Cafe du Nord.

1-9 saturday.

free gentle hatha class @ the yoga loft. 12:45-2pm. this class will officially start on january 30th, but i'll be teaching this week so people can try the class out before then. hope to see you there!

1-10 sunday.

free classes at the yoga loft all day in honor of 2010. check for the schedule!

mid-january, date TBA.

everything swap & sewing party. at the caretakers house. email if you want to be part of the planning committee!

1-17 sunday.

Emily Jane White, Foxtails Brigade, & Devotionals + Jeremy Dalmas (mc extraordinaire) at the Make-Out Room for the 4th SeaweedSway Showcase. rsvp/details:

1-21 thursday.

WomenRock Showcase at Dolores Park Cafe with Vanessa VerLee hosting. Singer-Songwriters in the Round. Corner of dolores & 18th st. $7.

1-26 tuesday.

silian rail, white cloud, & boomsnake @ the hemlock tavern.

1-29 friday. FULL MOON

chasing the moon music show featuring kacey johansing's episode & two bands TBA. check or for details soon. this is a new show series happening on every full moon, showcasing the newest chasing the moon episode! chasing the moon is an SF based music podcast.

2-6 saturday.

indianna hale @ the yoga loft. 321 divisadero st.

february, date tba.

eco-craft fair at the yoga loft. (email if you want to take part in this! more info will go out soon to those who already expressed interest!)

2-21 sunday.

SeaweedSway Showcase #5 w/ Kirk Hamilton, the Nice Guy Trio, & one more band TBA.

2-26 friday.

Noise Pop Presents: John Vanderslice, Nurses, Honeycomb, & Conspiracy of Venus at the Swedish American Music Hall.

2-28 sunday. FULL MOON

Chasing the Moon Show - check - stay tuned for details.


Sean Hayes' new album, "Run Wolves Run", comes out. Mark your calendar! He also just released a new EP, "Honeybees Falling", that is free if you pre-order the album. You can do this on his website (and hear the Honeybees song) at And there's a sale on all of the past albums, for the holidays (still going), so you can get them for friends as (belated) gifts. Also!! Check out this video teaser of the song "Garden" that will be on the new album. Please pass it on if you like what you hear/see.

thanks for reading!

if you'd like to submit an event, please write to seaweedsway@gmail.comand send a short description (2-5 lines please) 2 weeks or more before the event. my apologies if i forgot to submit your event. i always leave off a few things due to forgetfulness & time limitations!

*if you'd like to be added to this email list, just let me know! it's a weekly email of SF Bay Area Music, Yoga, & Nature events.


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