Friday, April 4, 2008

वायस टू सलेब्राते थे एअर्थ इन माय.

dear friendly people,
here are some plugs of things to consider। thanks for reading, and happy earth awareness month. if anyone knows how to change the language in the title, let me know, it (blog universe) won't let me type in english up there. ~jessie


1) Earth Share of California has designated the month of April as Environmental Awareness Month (EAM!) in order to increase public awareness about the importance of living an environmentally sustainable lifestyle. Though we realize that taking care of the earth is quite essential all year round, we are focusing on this month ~ with the highlights of Earth Day (4/22) and National Reusable Bag Day (4/21). The goal, of course, is to encourage citizens from every walk of life to conserve, recycle, and reduce the carbon footprints they create in their everyday lives. Details at

2) Put your money towards bonnets not bombs, a great new project... made by real people, not machines. each stitch has a unique thought/feeling/mistake/joke/secret... behind it. check out the website to see the pre-made bonnets or email for details on getting a custom-made one.

3) It's April, which means it's another Rainbow Grocery Co-op coupon month. You can shop at Rainbow on Wednesdays, Thursdays, or Fridays and get 20% off your whole purchase, simply by using the coupon found in the back of the Yellow Pages. It's well worth the trip, if not in your neighborhood.

4) Raw vegan food luck (a potluck alternative) coming up, on a Sunday evening in April... of course it will be on the list above when the details are finalized.

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