Monday, February 25, 2008

noise pop ~2/26-3/2~ plus more garden, movement, & music events


first of all, thanks to everyone who came and participated in the simple pleasures lunar eclipse february birthday celebration on wednesday. it was lots and lots of fun and hopefully worth the trek (for most of you) to the outer richmond... an extra special thank you to the botticellis, trainwreck riders, and michael musika for making time to play some of my favorite songs! it was a real treat.

secondly, for those of you who live in SF, don't forget to use your rainbow grocery coupon this month - they are found in the back of the yellow pages and are good for 20% off your whole purchase - such a deal. but only on wed, thurs, and fri, so plan accordingly if you want the discount. :) let me know if you need a coupon -i have a few extras.

thirdly, you may want to clear a space for noise pop (independent semi-local music festival) this week - tuesday through sunday! you can visit for the full schedule. some recommended shows are highlighted below... and, as a reminder (because i'm really excited about this show): conspiracy of venus, the 1-year-old all-women acapella choir i'm in, is singing at the independent on saturday march 1st, with david dondero, tulsa, and the mountain goats... it's sold out, but if you can somehow find a ticket, you should come! if you have a ticket, please get there early cuz we go first!

fourth of all (?), a reminder/recommendation to join the city garden registry at!

and now, please check out the events above!


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