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AXIS SYLLABUS WORKSHOP with Frey Faust & Kira Kirsch

From: Kira Kirsch <>
Date: Jan 25, 2008 2:40 PM
Subject: AXIS SYLLABUS WORKSHOP with Frey Faust & Kira Kirsch

hey movers and shakers,

a little reminder for this upcoming workshop where i will be collaborating with Frey Faust who is the originator of the Axis Syllabus and who i studied with for 7 years. There are a few places left. This will be the last chance to catch a workshop with him here in the Bay Area before he leaves for Europe till next winter! The early registration discount will end on January 28th.
Let's dance together!
sunshine & warmth


w. Kira Kirsch & Frey Faust

@1345 A 17th Street (@Connecticut), SF Muni Bus 22

Sat & Sun February 2nd & 3rd 11 – 4.30 pm (5hrs w half hour break)

SECRET AGENTS - extremity assistance & navigation f. floor work (taught by Kira)
Study supportive angles for shoulder and hip joints as well as healthy motion pathways for arms & legs. Learn to generate and use centrifugal force to help you hover in, above and out of the floor. The proximal driven use of your periphery amplifies axial movements, permits you to expands into space and leaves the adventurous taste of flight .
TIME CURVES - rhythm for coordination (taught by Frey)
The length of our limbs and their mass provide us with intrinsic inertial values to use as guidelines for musicality. Practice keeping time without losing yourself. This class focuses on optimal choices for the use of time, while dancing; specifically the utility of curved ramps that accelerate at the third quarter.

pre-reg fee: $85
after jan 28th $ 95 415-724-6778
checks payable to Rene Alvarez and send to 669 24th st. unit B, oakland, ca-94612
cancellation policies & info at:
lack of funds? please don't hesitate and call or write me!

click here for demo video of the axis syllabus and slide show

The Axis Syllabus is a method of teaching people how to move safely. It uses basic physics, applied anatomy and a spiraling, circular vocabulary that proposes smart use of built-in landing pads in the body, harnessing your own mass and momentum to get into and out of the floor and air. The Axis Syllabus heals by helping you harmonize your movements with universal physical principles and your own skeletal architecture. It reduces stress on the joints and organs by offering logical transitions for the transfer of weight through muscles and bones, helping to locate and restructure harmful habits. These principles are for everyone, from the office-worker to the break-dance.

Frey Faust was given direction, discipline and the chance to develop a passion for his chosen muse by his mother, Shekhinah Mountainwater, a known author and leading figure in the women's spiritual movement of America. He worked under her direction from age 8 to age 15,performing as a pantomime-dancer-actor in all manner of circumstances, from the street to the theater. Nita Little, co-creator of Contact Improvisation, initiated him to its liberating concepts at the age of 14. At Marcel Marceau's invitation he then went to Paris to study intensively at the former's Ecole de Mimodrame for one year. Afterwards, he returned to California to pursue his personal education through the practice of Afro-Haitian dance, Aikido, Capoiera and Percussion. In 1980, he decided to try his luck in New York. Ten years later, having worked with some of the best of the NY movers and shakers such as David Parsons, Donald Byrd, Randy Warshaw, Gina Buntz, Ohad Naharin, Meredith Monk, Merce Cunningham and Stephen Petronio, he was granted the opportunity to be the artist in residence at the Werkstatt, Düsseldorf, Germany for two years (now the Tanzhaus NRW). There he was able, with the generous support of the German government, to create six solos and three evening-length works and to begin the consolidation of his pedagogical ideas. He is the author of the book and the originator of the Axis Syllabus-universal motor principles; a method for teaching movement through which he aspires to assist his students to deepen their understanding and use of nature's gift to us.

Kira Kirsch
born in Berlin, studied modern dance and pedagogy at the conservatory of Vienna. She was granted with scholarships of tanzpool and the Austrian Arts Council to deepen and furthering her movement studies and artistic development. She studied with Frey Faust for seven years and is a certified Axis Syllabus instructor. She gets invited to lead wksps and classes in both dance technique and contact improv all around Europe and California and among others has performed with Half Machine(DK), Frey Faust's ABCD Collective(EU), PARTS(B) and Cie Anna Tenta(A). She is currently dancing for Erika Tsimbrovsky in San Francisco. Recent productions where 'IRational' for ODC Pilot and the 'Garden' at NOH space and Stanford University.

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