Thursday, January 17, 2008

swap salvage, rescue animals, walkmen absurdists, conspiracy of venus, & alemany farm


we have a ton of clothes & stuff (a small tv, blue puff balls for crafts) at our house leftover from sunday's swap. let me know if you want to look through it all before we bring it to the thrift store. thanks to everyone came to make it our biggest one yet!

click this link daily to help The Animal Rescue Site meet their quota of getting free food donated to abused and neglected animals.

if you have a walkman or discman to lend or give to jeremy for his tour adventure through golden gate park this weekend, let him know! and find out more about sunday's ambient park tour at the

if you have a myspace account, please add conspiracy of venus and alemany farm to your friends list! (or if you don't, please just check out the links) and

thanks, and hope to see you soon at the events listed to the right,

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