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dec 1&2 axis syllabus dance workshop! dec 13 el rio food film benefit show!

Dear friends,

Please save the date for the NEXT "In Search of Good Food" benefit: DECEMBER 13th. It will be an EARLY show at El Rio (5-9pm), starring Cotillion (psychadelic folk, side project with members from Botticellis & Bright Eyes), Conspiracy of Venus (acapella unique women's choir), Jeremy Dalmas and You (interactive musical experimentation). Details are below.

Also, as a reminder, please check out a blog I just wrote, called "The Farm Bill, The Food System, and What You Can Do To Make It Better":

Want to know about even MORE worth-your-time SF Bay Area events? Check out my friend Lea's blog here: I am going to attempt to post updates to events at .

Last but not least, please keep scrolling to see a short list of upcoming food & farming, music, dance, and miscellaneously themed events!

See you soon,

PS - Please pass this list onto people you know if you're in the Bay Area. I am sending this events list about once a week now, so if that's too much for you, just write me back to tell me to stop sending you so many emails.

Event Summary:

11/28 Wednesday Food Security & Urban Agriculture Talk @ Counterpulse 7:30pm, Free (donations welcome)

11/30 Friday Conspiracy of Venus Women's Choir, Singing at A.Muse 8-10:30pm

12/1 & 12/2 Saturday & Sunday Axis Syllabus Dance Workshop in SF 11-3:30 (w/ break), $65 or $50 for dancers

12/2 Sun Alemany Farm Workday 12-5pm free

12/11 Tues California Food & Justice Coalition Meet-Up 3-6pm free

12/13 Thursday Benefit Show for "In Search of Good Food", Cotillion & Conspiracy of Venus at El Rio, 5-9pm, $5-$1000


11/28 Wednesday
Food Security & Urban Agriculture Talk @ Counterpulse, 7:30pm: Free (donations welcome though), Description: Our food system is being refashioned by new urban farmers, farmers markets and community-supported agriculture, and importantly, by savvy shoppers who demand local, organic and safe food. Still, food security is tenuous for too many of our neighbors. Speakers: Amy Franceschini (Victory Gardens, past and present), Willow Rosenthal (City Slicker Farms), Jason Mark (Alemany Farm, and editor of Earth Island Journal).

11/30 Friday
Conspiracy of Venus Women's Choir, Singing at A.Muse, 8-10:30pm: this will be our first performance of the new season. we have a couple of new songs (soldier's things by tom waits, venus as a boy by bjork), and a few old songs (blue by joni mitchell, i'm your man and who by fire by leonard cohen, and karitas habundat by hildegard) to sing to you if you are able to join us.

more details:
Peter Foucault The Drawing Project
Veronica Van Gogh The Magari Project

a. Muse Art Gallery is pleased to welcome two outstanding
multimedia artists, Peter Foucault and Veronica Van Gogh.

Peter Foucault is a multi-media artist who creates
self-perpetuating systems responding to elements of chance.
In his current body of work Foucault has created a series
of "drawing-projects" that produce complex abstract
compositions, and videos that reference the act of drawing.
At the root of these projects is a constant tension between
control and the loss of control. His work is concept driven,
and often utilizes objects that reference printmaking and
the multiple.

Veronica Van Gogh's The Magari Project releases and
liberates hidden truths, passionate yearnings, secret
fears, and private confessions. Through thought-provoking
photographs with mysteriously charged texts, it is a
project that travels to surfaces like telephone booths,
bank machines, cars, and buildings. The Magari Project
expresses and exposes raw emotion and internal thoughts
in a public way – with the goal that people will recognize
their own emotions in some of the works.

You are invited to attend the opening Reception
Friday, November 30th
8 pm – 10:30 pm
614 Alabama Street at 18th
Second Floor
San Francisco, California
Info: (415) 279-6281

Musical guest, singer/songwriter Carrie Baum,
whose provoking punk lyrics set the perfect scene
for this rollicking night of mind-expanding sites
and sounds. The a cappela women's choir,"The Conspiracy
of Venus," sister group to the "Conspiracy of Beards,"
will also be playing a set at the reception.

12/1 & 12/2 Saturday & Sunday
Axis Syllabus Dance Workshop in SF:

a x i s s y l l a b u s - workshop with kira kirsch
dec 1st & 2nd in san francisco

"As a student of the Axis Syllabus I experience the A.S. classes as highly celebrated moments with potential for
deep physical and spiritual experience. I find the fusion between empowering physical dance training and dance class as a communal ritual itself extremely powerful and particular for the Axis Syllabus Teachings." Julia Caprez (dancer & clown)

Times: 11am - 3.30 pm (with 1/2 hr break)
Location: @1345 A 17th Street (@Conecticut), SF Muni Bus 22
Costs: $ 65 or $ 50 (for dancers and if you register before nov 15th)
I would like to offer three places for 25$ each. This is for those of you who really cannot efford the entire fee.
Please apply with short letter of motivation.

Pre-registration is highly recommended & deeply appreciated!!!

Learn more about concept and philosophy
of the Axis SyllabusTM and see info video clip at


Focus of the first part is dedicated to dance/movement fundamentals. Theoretical examinations are directly blended into physical relevant applications. We will explore and analyze healthy parameters for joint and muscle function, logical falling and walking reflexes and kinetic efficiency regarding conditions imposed by gravitational, centrifugal, centripetal and coriolis forces.

Precise study of transitions, sequential moving or side-bending principles will stimulate your analytical mind and establish healthy ninja reflexes.

Recognizing our skeletal architecture and further the whole universe as non-linear entities we will encounter the sensation of flow, ease and liberation when moving in tri-axial and undulatory patterns proposed in floor and standing case-studies (phrases).

In the second part the practice is extended with more electric, dynamic challenges, You are invited to accelerate into spinning, upside downs, higher falls, breaks or jumping.

12/2 Sun... and on every first & third Sunday of the month, plus Saturdays in between
Alemany Farm Workdays, 12-5pm: everyone is welcome! just show up. bring water, a snack, and sunscreen if you want. location: Alemany Farm in/near Bernal Heights, off highway 280, accessible by bus and bike as well. harvest distribution at 4:30 for volunteers. calendar, map, and details are here: or email with any questions.

12/11 Tuesday
California Food & Justice Coalition Member Meet Up in Oakland, 3pm – 6pm:

Help guide our work to transform California's food system

We invite you to attend the California Food and Justice Coalition's
San Francisco Bay Area Member Meet Up on Tue. Dec. 11th, 3pm – 6pm,
1000 Broadway, 5th floor, Oakland. (BART Stop: 12th Street, Oakland)

This meeting is for YOU – our members and allies - to learn about
and help guide our coalition in its path towards becoming a more
powerful political force and creating an equitable, just and
sustainable food system for all of us.

Learn about and provide feedback on our coalition's new training and
mentoring program.

How can our emerging training and mentorship program best support
groups like yours?

Determine our campaign and policy priorities on a local, state and
federal level for the next two to three years.

What should we advocate for over the next two years?

This meeting is one of up to a dozen member meetings that CFJC will
be hosting around the state over the coming two months in order to
answer these two questions. This event is co-hosted by Alemany
Farm, Food First, University of California Cooperative Extension and
the Eco Village Learning Center.

The California Food and Justice Coalition is a statewide membership
coalition committed to the basic human right to healthy food while
advancing social, agricultural, environmental and economic justice.
Through advocacy, organizing and education, we collaborate with
community-based efforts to create a sustainable food supply for the
residents of California. We envision a California food system in which
all activities, from farm to table, are equitable, healthful,
regenerative and community-driven.

We encourage you to contact us prior to the meeting and give us your
opinion on what our policy programs should be over the coming years.
RSVP to, 510-704-0245.

12/13 Thursday
Benefit Show (part 2) for "In Search of Good Food" (the film), at El Rio, 5-9pm:

Cotillion will be playing Psychadelic Folk (side project with members from Botticellis and Bright Eyes) & Conspiracy of Venus (unique women's choir, see above) will be performing too. Jeremy Dalmas and You (interactive musical experimentation) opens!

"In Search of Good Food" is a film-in-the-making about CA's emerging sustainable food system For details or if you want to help, contact Good Food Productions (Antonio & Jesse) at, and check out their official webblogsite Come early to this one (starts at 5); you may even have time to go to your next event afterwards (ends at 9 for Brazilian dance band)!

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