Friday, July 5, 2013

Michael Musika & Eric Kuhn's Ghosts:: New Cadence TODAY at Viracocha (CD RELEASE)


I'm writing an overdue email to you all, to remind you of a few things I mentioned last time. Mainly, I want to urgently ask you all to give to Michael Musika & Eric Kuhn's album Kickstarter campaign here There are only 4 days left; help make it happen (please)! If you've already given, please share the link. There is an intriguing and thrilling and entertaining and true story entitled "What does a practical musician have to do with Axl Rose?" that Michael told about a magic trick from beyond the grave, told from Michael's home, that weaves incredibly into the album & thus this fundraising campaign. I am going to share the links to those videos below, for your viewing pleasure, and to inspire you to give generously, or if nothing else, to amuse you. Thomas Edler & Jen Kulbeck graciously filmed the story series. Michael is a gifted storyteller as well as musician.

Also, if you're in town this Saturday nightJuly 6th, I'd love to see you at Viracocha for New Cadence's album release! It's taken awhile to manifest this show - to pick the right night and place - and we are happy to have it at one of the most beautiful, intimate, & community-run spots in town. Also, we are lucky to have two solo musicians who are incredible (sweet sweet folk music - new to my ears) opening the night. Dwight Smith & Julia Lucille. They are on bandcamp if you wanna listen (link below). Also! As a bonus, DJ REAL, is going to do a short ten minute set, because we all need a lot more humor in our lives (well I do at least). Here's a little snippet to entice you, entitled Pushups: It's an early start, so please come & support these wonderful touring bands followed by New Cadence's big show. :) 8pm. $10-15.

New Cadence: a fun cover, performed at viracocha
Dwight Smith:

PRESS RELEASE/WATCH 2ND: "What does a practical musician have to do with Axl Rose?"
WATCH/LISTEN 3RD: "1. The Next Time We Play Chess"
WATCH/LISTEN 4TH: "2. How to Join the Circus by Pointing"
WATCH/LISTEN 5TH: "3. You're a fool Michael. What do you have to sell?"
WATCH/LISTEN 6TH: "4. Some Fortune Teller Shit and a contract with Dan Coakley"
WATCH/LISTEN 7TH: "5. I pointed."
WATCH/LISTEN 8TH: "6. Checkmate, Motherfucker!"
WATCH/LISTEN 9TH: back story, filmed at the Vanessa Verlee Variety Show awhile back:
ALBUM PREVIEW, so you know what you're funding:
...very WORTH your precious time!

A few other things:

Occupy The Farm: is still having an event tomorrow, Friday, July 5th - we were unable to pull together the music portion of the event in time, but it should still be a great time for a worthy cause:

Kids Yoga Update: we are going to consolidate the two new classes into one, for ages 9-14, Fridays 3:45-4:45. Ongoing! $100 for 10 classes, thru July. $20 drop-in.

Last but not least, I don't quite understand the way America celebrates this holiday, however, I definitely am grateful for my freedom. There is a hunger strike happening soon amongst prisoners in solitary confinement, and learning about this reminds me how much I take for granted - going outside, interaction with friends, or anyone really, good healthy food, getting to choose what I want to do with my time. (Here's a website that talks more about it: Anyway, I'm especially grateful for community, and folks with whom I can share these words.

Thanks, & please let me know your update too! Oh & if you want a letter, please send me your address! I'm on a letter writing kick in attempt to cle

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