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The Blank Tapes 7" Release, Collin Ludlow-Mattson & the Folks, Ash Reiter, & Pat Hull: Friday 7/20 @ Amnesia, Seaweed Sway Presents

Friday July 20th, Seaweed Sway Presents:
The Blank Tapes (7” Release Show)
Collin Ludlow-Mattson & the Folks
Ash Reiter
and Pat Hull
at Amnesia

The title of the new Blank Tapes’ 7”, “I’m Back,” has real sentimental resonance for San Francisco’s indie-rock community. Matt Adams, the Blank Tapes’ front person and songwriter, decamped from San Francisco (which he called home for a large part of the 2000s) to Los Angeles about a year back, leaving a palpable void in his wake. As the great William Bell song says, “You don’t miss your water till your well runs dry.” And you don’t miss the heart of a music scene till he’s gone and said goodbye. While this show does not mark Mr. Adams’ return to the City By the Bay, it will be a reunion for him and a number of his old San Francisco cronies—among them Sean Olmstead, Collin Ludlow-Mattson, and Indianna Hale, who he will be playing with in the group Collin Ludlow-Mattson & the Folks (the folk-rock band whose 2011 self-titled album he co-produced and played many instruments on). The album is being put out on 20 Sided Records, a label run by David Mitchell, who is a buddy of Matt, Collin, and Ash as well - a true community-spirited entrepreneur who does what he does for the love of great songs.
poster by matt adams (find it at - leave a comment - possibly win tix)
The song “I’m Back” is a reminder that while Matt Adams may come and go, his songs aren’t going anywhere. They’re always right back where his friends and fans left them—in their hearts. A soulful burner of a song with Motown catchiness and Grateful Dead grooviness, “I’m Back” exudes timelessness and tastefulness. Also back is Ash Reiter (San Francisco’s top-tier chanteuse of sweet-rock). This is her first gig in San Francisco since returning from her very-successful East Coast tour. Tagging along from the East Coast with Ms. Reiter is Brooklynite troubadour Pat Hull, who will be starting the night off with a batch of well-wrought songs in the singer-songwriter tradition. 

Address: 853 Valencia St. @ 20th St. RSVP/Invite Friends: Tickets: $8-10 at the door Venue: Time: 9pm Images for the Show (Amazing Flyer by Matt + Band Photos) here: Press Inquiries, please contact Jessie Woletz, (415) 515-7604 Please find the band descriptions below. 

"We discovered this lo-fi unsigned band—which somehow evokes Belle and Sebastian, Pavement, and the Black Keys—in a San Fran coffeehouse (just like the old days). Quick, somebody sign them!" -ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE

THE BLANK TAPES is the moniker of LA/SF-based multi-instrumentalist-singer-songwriter Matt Adams, who has produced 8 albums of "winsome pop tunes" (OC WEEKLY) & "Kinks-plus-Credence roots-rock ‘n’ roll" (LA RECORD), recorded almost entirely by himself on an 8-track cassette tape recorder in garages, basements, & sheds across the coast. Along with Pearl Charles, DA Humphrey, & Will Halsey, they recently toured Japan, Brazil, & Europe with upcoming tours all over the USA promoting their new album, SUN'S TOO BRIGHT (Burger Records), and an upcoming 7” coming out this Summer on 20-Sided Records called “I’m Back.” 
#3 on the LA WEEKLY TOP 5 LA Garage Rock Band list 2012
"The last time I saw him my most fundamental confidence in myself was shaken because half his set was songs so good I knew they had to be covers of bands I already loved, yet I did not know them and if I can't even remember songs by the bands I love then why am I even going out at night when there are a lot of boring forms I could be filling out instead? But these were all Adams originals and they pretty much sounded perfect, and I even went home and listened to everything Ray Davies ever recorded on his own just in case there was something I missed but there wasn't. He wears sloppy sweaters and his band showed up looking like they just rolled out of men's central holding and it was the first best show of the year." -LA RECORD
Parlour to Parlour interview/video:
"A Bergine":

“The vocally endowed Collin Ludlow-Mattson laces and grinds his Neil Young-esque voice across melodic, organ-laden, folky psych tunes with help from the Folks, combining the talents of a group of friends who’re productive musicians in their own right.” –DIRTY HIPPIE RADIO

Collin Ludlow-Mattson and the Folks is a group of sometime libertines who play writerly, folk-rock-y songs reminiscent of songs from a few decades back. To deny the wistfulness, the yearning, behind the songs’ sounds would be disingenuous. This non-denial, though, must be qualified—qualified with a slightly obfuscatory simile: Yes, the songs are nostalgic; they are nostalgic like a trip into space to capture the images of past events shooting laser-like through the cosmos would be. What this simile is getting at is that old sounds are more in motion, are more dynamic, than sounds sans historical perspective. They have greater momentum than their cloyingly up-to-date counterparts.  
The songs on the group’s eponymous, first record were recorded in a shack in west Oakland. The isolation of the shack was ideal for making an intimate-sounding album. The fact that Collin recorded the lead vocal tracks all by himself late at night with a case of Pabst was, likewise, conducive to intimacy. When Collin wasn’t alone with the case of Pabst, he was with Matt Adams (from the Blank Tapes), who played many, many instruments; Lucas Boilon (of Sterling Says), who played mandolin and sang; Indianna Hale, who sang; and Sleepy Todd, who sang—with a new case of Pabst.   The fun that the group had together in the shack is plain to hear on Collin Ludlow-Mattson & the Folks. You can’t miss all the musical high jinx and giggles. There is certainly pathos in the lyrics (as well as many other moods, of course), but that did not dampen the party in the studio; and it does not dampen the party at shows. A greater emotional palette just makes for a better party. ASH REITER
“Even among its more-famous peers, Ash Reiter stands out with its high-energy performances. Collectively, the musicians have a clear pop sound and a playful vibe, akin to Tilly and the Wall or Architecture in Helsinki. More importantly, Ash Reiter has substance, both in terms of her musicianship and the depth of her lyrics.” –EAST BAY EXPRESS

Bay Area's indie darling Ash Reiter brings you pop tunes that bring to mind a modern Fleetwood Mac rift with soaring vocal harmonies and catchy guitar lines. From their home and part time recording studio in the idyllic Berkeley hills the band captures an undeniably California sound—the perfect sound track for a day at the beach or foggy San Francisco morning. Ash Reiter has had the priveledge of preforming alongside MGMT at Seattle's Capitol Hill Block Party and sharing the stage with new favorites like Head and the Heart. - !/ashreiter

"The Brooklyn based songwriter's alto and his intimate melodies are evocative of Luke Temple's solo records before he started Here We Go Magic, and although the instrumentation, cadence and atmosphere of this material scream ‘country,’ Pat's melodies and guitar parts go in the direction of gently reinventing the genre rather than obeying to its exhausted axioms." –DELI MAGAZINE

In 2012, Pat is in the midst of traveling and promoting his newest CD Light (2011), recorded and produced in Bennington, VT, with engineer JJ Beck and vocalist Michael Chinworth. Michael and Pat performed as a duo throughout the United States and Europe in the beginning of 2012. This new collaborative effort between Pat and Michael has brought a vocally and lyrically charged center to Pat’s songwriting.
20 Sided Records

...Seaweed Sway Presents... (project background)
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