Wednesday, December 14, 2011

conspiracy of venus 2x (thurs+sun, win tix), ash reiter & foxtails brigade xmas albums, jascha returns, tiny cupcakes, sat & mon yoga, NYE @ amnesia!

hope you have been looking up at the sky a lot lately. shooting stars, lunar eclipses, bright white moon, red too, or maybe orange. meteor shower tonight. there's a lot to see!

this week there are two seaweedsway shows which are also conspiracy of venus performances, thursday in berkeley and sunday in sf. the choir has shifted a bit this year, and i feel like i've had to step it up a little and learn the songs more (ha. ah.), so i'm even more excited to be singing w/ the group. we are bringing back some old songs, and sharing some of the newer ones too. by leonard cohen, joni mitchell, tom waits, rufus wainwright, & even one by our director joyce todd mcbride herself. both nights will be holiday themed. if you're into that. would love to see you there!! 

<< there's a ticket giveaway just ending for thursday's show - get in on it quick! go to >>

<< and one for sunday's show will be announced on today >>

thurs. dec. 15th: the 21st century, conspiracy of venus, & the northerlies @ the starry plough! berkeley! 1st east bay seaweedsway show! new bands (for my world). saw the northerlies 2x last friday & they rocked my world. 
doors at 8, show at 9

sun. dec. 18th:
 foxtails brigade, ash reiter (christmas cd release), jascha, & conspiracy of venus @ the make-out room!  seaweedsway showcase holiday style.
doors at 7, conspiracy of venus on first at 7:30 sharp, show goes til 11

poster by ash reiter

+++ sunday surprises: ash reiter will be handing out her new christmas cd for free to all who come. foxtails brigade just came out w/ an amazing new christmas cd too, and - if all lines up - will be premiering a video for one of the songs "i'm not really in the christmas mood this year". tiny cupcakes on sale for $1. (locally made in small batches, just how you like 'em)

sat. dec. 31st NYE!
 little wings, the range of light wilderness, magic leaves, & au dunes (from portland) at amnesia! a night to remember. in addition to all the other nights to remember! end of the year party for seaweedsway, loving cup, & songbird. magic leaves album release!!!!!!!!!!
*check out the amazing posters that jeff milton made! 
doors at 8:30, little wings on first at 9, show goes til 2am!

                                                                     posters by jeff milton

*some big news... my position at earthshare california is ending in 2-3 months. i will be looking for new ways to earn some $, and am open to all suggestions. top interests are music, yoga, dance, healthy food & farming, & hanging out with kids! am in giant brainstorm mode, so thanks for any ideas.

*new website - thanks to hear it local for making the site. it's still in the works, so please keep checking back... it has a community calendar as well as a listing of seaweedsway's upcoming shows!! & songs from local bands! please check it!
& please create a page & if you're in a band, then your shows will show up on the community calendar, & your songs will be in the online mix.

*the winter mix is allllmost here.
 it will have lovely snowy art from reagan louise wilson! & songs from assateague, ramon and jessica, bob thayer & indianna hale, jeremy rourke, devotionals, arborea, sleepy todd, tiny home, vanessa verlee, waiting room, fpodbpod, obo martin, erica fink & pierce siebers, foxtails brigade, DAD (christine hucal), buxter hoot'n, yesway, collin ludlow-mattson & the folks, passenger & pilot, steffy sue, fox & woman, & jascha. will post it on bandcamp soon so you can hear the seasonal songs!

*ongoing yoga classes:
-saturday gentle yoga at the loft sf. 321 divisadero st. @ page. 10:45am-12pm. $10.
-monday restorative yoga, 7:30-9pm, regular class prices apply.
(after this week, i'll be out of town + holidays, so both classes resume in 2012)

*2012 shows so far: 

thurs. jan. 5th: fox & woman, the driftwood singers, & the traveling kind @ amnesia

sun. jan. 15th: trails & ways & assateague @ the make-out room, seaweedsway showcase.

sat. jan. 28th: dresses, the range of light wilderness, & eight belles (jessi phillips) at the starry plough! seaweedsway in the east bay!

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