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TUESDAY AUGUST 23RD at AMNESIA, SEAWEEDSWAY PRESENTS: DRESSES Debut! with ERICA FINK, Bob Thayer of Rad Cloud, Sean Olmstead of FpodBpod, Indianna Hale, & Matt Adams of the Blank Tapes SAINTSENECA from Columbus, Ohio VIKESH KAPOOR from Pennsylvania & PERHAPSY's Debut! Derek Barber of Bells & Anna Ash's band 853 Valencia St. betw. 19th & 20th St. $5-7 at the door gets you into the show + a beaded necklace made by Erica! 9pm
RSVP/Invite Friends if you please: http://on.fb.me/aug23rsvp
story of the night: the MidWest is well-represented with this show. Erica Fink, founder of DRESSES, is from Michigan - now located in the East Bay. She'll be joined by a supergroup line-up of Bob Thayer (Rad Cloud) on bass, Sean Olmstead (FpodBpod) on guitar, Indianna Hale on drums, & Matt Adams (the Blank Tapes) on shaker & percussion. She grew up listening to Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez, Rufus Wainwright, Lucinda Williams, & Gillian Welsh... whose influences she combines with a fun, whimsical, at times humorous & always honest & intriguing sense of music & life. In Erica's words: "Imagine a modest, two-bedroom home in West Virginia. There is a vegetable garden, one specifically placed sunflower and a kitschy ceramic duck peeping out behind a well-behaved shrub that lines the sidewalk to the front door. The door is dark red and decorated with a wooden, rustically painted "Home Sweet Home" sign. You are not home. You open the door, walk inside and find a family disco dancing on hand-made wooden tables in the living room. Barry White is playing on the family's out dated stereo system. The man of the household is belligerently singing into a vessel that could easily be mistaken for a miniature urn. He is singing to someone that isn't in the room. The daughters are lying on the floor, face down, pounding the dirty carpet with their feet, covering their ears while pleading with their father to turn down the music. They are embarrassed. The woman of the household frivolously pushes the furniture to the edges of the room as to make more room for the cartwheels she will inevitably incorporate into her disco-dance routine. The son, the youngest of the bunch, is fixated in a permanent headstand against the back wall of the living room. Each member of the family has a gentle disregard for the other. Barry White is on repeat and there is no end in sight. Dresses sits on the hill beside this home and patiently watches this curious situation unfold." http://soundcloud.com/dresses Dresses will be preceded by one of my new favorite bands, SAINTSENECA, who are touring through from Columbus, Ohio. Hear their new album - released last week - here! http://tunes.mamabirdrecordingco.com/ (Listen on repeat recommended.) I'm hearing a Modest Mouse sound, others hear Neutral Milk Hotel, and they seem to be kin of the Dovekins. Basically: “Foot-stomping psych folk of the highest order.” – yvynyl I may be biased cuz they're from Ohio (my homestate), but please come see 'em & decide for yourself. http://tunes.mamabirdrecordingco.com/ (new album streaming!) https://www.facebook.com/pages/Saintseneca/188015902193 http://paperbrigade.com/saintseneca-saintseneca http://paperbrigade.com/saintseneca-grey-flag (listen to the last song grey flag on repeat!) http://www.ifyoumakeit.com/video/saintseneca/beasts/ VIKESH KAPOOR hails from Pennsylvania - though he's on the west coast often now - recording in Portland, OR w/ producer Adam Selzer (who has also recorded favorites M.Ward, Langhorne Slim, the Decemberists, Jolie Holland). I'm hearing a Nick Drake meets Bob Dylan sound, & he's been compared to the great Woody Guthrie. In his traveling & touring, he has supported the likes of AA Bondy, Willy Mason, Tim Fite & The Felice Brothers. Preview: http://vimeo.com/21179857 http://vikeshkapoor.com/epk PERHAPSY is Derek Barber, who is opening the night (early arrival encouraged). He also happens to be from Ohio (Ohio represent!) & has landed in the East Bay now too (East Bay represent!). He regularly plays in new sensations BELLS & ANNA ASH's bands, but here we will finally get to hear his own sounds. In Derek's words: The name Perhapsy comes from an E E Cummings’s poem entitled “warped this perhapsy.” The particular poem is somewhat disjointed and filled with words that end abruptly, run together, and letters that capitalize at random intervals. Listening to the self-titled debut of Perhapsy, one could draw comparisons to Cummings’s poetic stylings. The short, mostly instrumental songs bring to life a genre filled with run-on fragments and songs layered by guitar harmonies — often quick in pace yet also cyclical in form and structure. Rarely do debuts like this evoke so much hope, but of course this isn’t Derek Barber’s first project. After spending several years playing guitar in The Winston Jazz Routine and Every Gentle Air, Barber continued writing and playing shows with a revolving cast in Ann Arbor, MI while persuing dual degrees in jazz guitar and English. After wrapping up his degree in music, he felt it was time to properly document the songs — booking studio time in the hometown of Mansfield, Ohio with the goal of making the very first record for Perhapsy (with the help of some old friends). Currently Barber is putting together new works in his new home of Berkeley, CA. While an attractive contributor to East Bay's own BELLS and Anna Ash projects, Barber continues to write under the Perhapsy moniker. This music, while performed in both solo and ensemble format, sees Barber experimenting beyond previous instrumental work and into the territory of looping guitar effects, rhythmic experiments, and a newfound embrace of singing. The result has even been called a kind of "post-post rock" yet not without intentional humor or quantified definition. Instead, there is a hope that Barber's music might not only reveal something about the artist previously unknown, but also help the listener by conceiving it with utmost honesty. http://myspace.com/perhapsy http://soundcloud.com/perhapsy you will be graded on how well you retain all of this info & recite it back. dresses are not mandatory for this show, but will be for the next. thanks & really hope to see you there! xo jessie ...a Seaweed Sway Presents production... encouraging community around music, yoga, & environmental happenings http://facebook.com/theseaweedsway http://seaweedsway.blogspot.com http://groups.google.com/group/seaweed-sway (weekly email list of events)

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