Monday, July 20, 2009

botticellis @ knockout wednesday for mission creek music festival, blank tapes friday in berkeley, intro to greywater saturday @ GFE

7-22 wednesday.

botticellis @ the knockout for mission creek festival.

7-24 friday.

the blank tapes @ Yeah Live! Television in Berkeley. 2239 MLK. from matt: we're playing in studio with a couple other bands from 5-8pm.  i don't quite know what to expect but it should be very interesting. they film the show & interview the bands. everyone's invited!

7-25 saturday.

INTRODUCTION TO GREYWATER at Garden for the Environment.  10AM - 12Noon  Location: Garden for the Environment, 7th Ave at Lawton Street, San Francisco. $15.  Interested in learning how to reuse your greywater in your own garden? Residential greywater, which is wastewater generated from domestic processes such as washing dishes, laundry and bathing, is a valuable water resource that can be recycled to irrigate plants! Join GFE and the Greywater Guerrillas for this workshop where you'll learn about the best low-tech, low-cost systems, and how to maintain them. You'll also get practice with the components as you plumb a demo greywater system! To pre-register, please call (415) 731-5627, or email

Alemany Farm Workday.  12-5pm.  http://alemanyfarm.or

7-26 sunday.

hatha yoga w/ june (camille) gregoire.  5-6:30pm at the yoga loft.  321 divisadero st.  this is part of a series where the teacher training class of '08-'09 and '07-'08 takes turn teaching community classes, for fun and for practice.  donations go towards the sound dampening project in studio B.

7-28 tuesday. 

FREE YOGA CLASS for total beginners @ the yoga loft, with Jane Dobson. Tell your friends & neighbors.  Learn the basics.  Feel your breath.  Open your chest and your hamstrings.  Feel better.  And, you can even borrow a mat, for free.  No experience necessary.  6-7:30pm. 321 divisadero st. @ page st.

7-29 wednesday.

songbird festival show at bollyhood venue in SF w/ heather normandale from stitchcraft... details to come.

7-30 thursday.

helena handbasket (small group ensemble from conspiracy of venus), brass liberation orchestra, & charming hostesses at el rio for songbird festival. joni mitchell tribute! check for future details.

7-31 friday.

sonya cotton cd release + devotionals (tyson of two gallants, anton ofjudgement day) & honeybodymoonbee @ noe valley ministry.
bay bridged benefit w/ adam stephens, french miami, & more.

8-1 saturday.

URBAN COMPOSTING workshop at GFE. 10AM - 12Noon. Location: Garden for the Environment, 7th Ave at Lawton Street, San Francisco. Free.  Give your summer garden a boost that will guarantee vibrant colors and delectable veggies for the months to follow! Aside from encouraging beneficial soil organisms and conserving a non-renewable resource, composting makes an excellent fertilizer that releases nutrients slowly at a rate which the plants can use them. This fun, hands-on class teaches methods for backyard and worm composting for home and community gardens. Come learn what you can do to improve your garden and prevent organic waste from ending up in the landfill! Rot On!  To pre-register, please call (415) 731-5627, or email

8-2 sunday.

Alemany Farm Workday.  12-5pm.  http://alemanyfarm.or

hatha yoga w/ jessie.  :)  5-6:30pm at the yoga loft.  321 divisadero st.  i'll be teaching this one! this is part of a series where the teacher training class of '08-'09 and '07-'08 takes turn teaching community classes, for fun and for practice.  donations go towards the sound dampening project in studio B.

8-8 saturday.

Alemany Farm Workday.  12-5pm.  http://alemanyfarm.or

8-9 sunday.

foxtails brigade 7" release w/ devotionals, agent ribbons, & garrett pierce @ cafe du nord. foxtails brigade: devotionals: 

8-16 sunday.

Alemany Farm Workday.  12-5pm.  http://alemanyfarm.or

8-20 thursday.

The Blank Tapes @ the Rickshaw Stop in SF w/ campo bravo & mantra!!
8-21 friday.
The Home Heart House presents Magic Leaves, Taught Me, & Sonya Cotton. $5 donations.  Marin Headlands. email Josh at to RSVP and get the address.

8-28 friday.

yoga loft show w/ lauren brown and more!  benefit for major studio renovations. 321 divisadero st. @ page st.  

9-3 thursday.

conspiracy of venus season opener show, with kirk hamilton and blue rabbit at the rickshaw stop ,

9-26 saturday.

Sean Hayes @ Tour de Fat.  Golden Gate Park in SF. 11am-4pm.   Event Info:
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