Sunday, June 8, 2008

amnesia circus show tonight + solstice + organic farming benefit concert

dear friends,
summer is almost officially upon us... and above is an updated list of music, food, farming, & yoga events for the season. i still have more to add (yoga classes, farm days, & music shows), so please check back for updates!

a few events of note: **criss-cross "eco-punk" circus, stitchcraft, & honey.moon.tree tonight at amnesia. **multiple solstice parties & a retreat, june 20th & 21st! **conspiracy of venus, cotillion, & still flyin' at cafe du nord thursday july 3rd. **benefit concert for the organic farming research foundation on july 30th with po' girl, in santa cruz.

since i'm going to ohio for two weeks, leaving tomorrow, i will miss seeing people around the neighborhood(s). however, i really hope you go to some of the events i will be missing. also, i wish to see you tonight at amnesia to say bye and at cafe du nord july 3rd when i get back. thanks! ~jessie

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